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Consortium for Service Innovation Member Summit (CSI Member Summit)*

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The Consortium for Service Innovation Member Summit (CSI Member Summit), officially: Consortium Member Summit, formerly the Customer Support Consortium Members Conference and Customer Support Conference (CS), is a gathering where the CSI delves into the work of the previous year and explore what’s coming next on such topics like customer service, success and engagement (Knowledge-Centered Service), collaboration (Intelligent Swarming), leadership in networks/adaptive organizations, or communities, social networks & support. A full day open space conference is included.

In addition to the Member Summit, which is also open to non-members, CSI is organizing a so called Consortium Executive Summit on an annual basis at least since 2008. This event is smaller, discussion-based, and by-onvitation only.

Since 2014 the Consortium Member Summit is usually organized in the spring, the Consortium Executive Summit in the fall. Before 2014 it used to be the other way around.

A few days after the summits there is usually a recap/summary session for both events which is recorded and available to the public.

From 2018-2020 the member and executive summit was supplemented by the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Academy World Tour, a one day conference focused on bringing the US and European KCS community together for Knowledge-Centered Service content, conversations, and connections.

World Tour Dates & Agenda

KCS Academy World Tour, Late September 2020, East Coast, USA


KCS Academy World Tour, 4-5 June 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


KCS Academy World Tour, March 3, 2020, Santa Clara, CA, USA

    Pre-conference Workshops (Mar 2):
    Aligned KCS Coach Development Workshop

    Benefits of KCS
    The KCS Community, Resources & Certification

    KCS in Action with…
    Upland Right Answers – KCS Implementation Best Practices & Lessons
    Coveo – Improving Training Effectiveness with KCS and Coveo
    MindTouch – Lessons learned and insights for successful KCS adoption
    Acrolinx – Knowledge Management + KCS: Paving the Path to Enterprise Knowledge
    ComAround – History, best practices, reporting tools, and future plans for KCS

    KCS Roundtables:
    Generating buy-in for KCS
    Measuring KCS success
    Intelligent Swarming
    Launching and sustaining your KCS and coaching programs
    Improving the effectiveness of your self-service experience

KCS Academy World Tour, September 23, 2019, Boston, MA, USA

    Welcome and Benefits of KCS
    Next-Level Engagement with Intelligent Swarming™
    The KCS Community, Resources & Certification

    KCS in Action with Coveo
    KCS in Action with Acrolinx
    KCS Success with Salesforce
    KCS in Action at Waters with MindTouch

    Planning for Self-Service Adoption and Success at athenahealth

    KCS Roundtables:
    Generating buy-in for KCS
    Measuring KCS success
    Keeping momentum within a KCS implementation

KCS Academy World Tour, June 7, 2019, London, UK

    KCS: The Great Enabler
    KCS as Agile Knowledge Management
    Organizing a support organization who is dealing with mostly new issues: an overview of the Intelligent Swarming Guide

    KCS in Action with MindTouch
    KCS in Action: Shifting the New vs Known ratio, Autodesk
    KCS in Action with ComAround
    KCS in Action with ServiceNow

    KCS in Action: Ten years into the PTC KCS journey
    KCS in Action at Coveo

    Networking Activity:
    Meet the KCS Community: Topic tables for discussion groups

KCS Academy World Tour, March 7, 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA

    KCS: The Great Enabler
    KCS as Agile Knowledge Management
    Knowledge and Emerging Digital Automation

    KCS in Action with Upland RightAnswers
    KCS in Action with Coveo
    KCS in Action with ServiceNow
    KCS in Action with Salesforce

    Indicators to maximize the benefits of KCS

    Networking Activity:
    Meet the KCS Community: Topic tables for discussion groups

KCS Academy World Tour, October 25, 2018, Seattle, WA, USA

    Overview and Benefits of KCS
    KCS: The Great Enabler

    KCS Powered by Mindtouch
    KCS Aligned tool Coveo: How to Improve KCS Program Success by Giving Agents & Support Engineers What They Need Next
    KCS Powered by ServiceNow Customer Service Management
    KCS Powered by Upland RightAnswers
    Artificial Intelligence and KCS

    Leading Change: Making KCS a Success at Clio

    Networking Activity:
    Meet the KCS Community: Topic tables for discussion groups

KCS Academy World Tour, April 11, 2018, Munich, Germany

    Overview and Benefits of KCS
    KCS Memory Game Review of KCS concepts
    KCS v6 Verified and Aligned tools
    The KCS Community, Resources, and Certification

    KCS at Red Hat
    Getting Started with KCS Adoption: Case studies of (not quite) successful adoptions
    KCS Powered by RightAnswers: User case study from KCS Verified tool RightAnswers
    KCS and Artificial Intelligence: Overview of what Consortium members are doing AI and KCS

KCS Academy World Tour, March 1, Boston, MA, USA

    Overview and Benefits of KCS
    KCS: The Great Enabler
    The KCS Community, Resources, and Certification

    Creating a KCS Center of Excellence at DTCC)
    KCS Powered by Coveo: User case study from KCS Aligned tool Coveo
    KCS in Higher Ed
    How PTC is using Artificial Intelligence and KCS
    KCS Powered by RightAnswers: User case study from KCS Verified tool RightAnswers

In 2017 the CSI together with the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) organized a working Discovery Summit on Digital Transformation with industry experts and leading academic researchers to explore how companies are driving digital transformation by leveraging cognitive computing and predictive analytics to better understand customer experience and drive innovative improvements in customer engagement, productivity, and growth.

Summit Agenda

ISSIP – Consortium Discovery Summit on Digital Transformation, May 23-24, 2017, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Cognitive Analytics for Predictive Customer Engagement
(Co-organizer: International Society of Service Innovation Professionals; Sponsor: San Jose State University, Lucas Graduate School of Business)


    Group discussion: Build a summary of current capabilities and a list of opportunities
    Open Space Sessions: Develop ideas on how to approach the challenges and opportunities identified on day one
    Group discussion: “Building an Outline” on how cognitive computing/AI & predictive analytics play in assessing and improving the customer experience

Conference History:

CSI Member Summit 2025, Date TBD, Atlanta, GA, USA

    Conference Program TBD

CSI Member Summit 2024, April 9-11, 2024, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Explore the intersection of empathy and AI-assisted knowledge sharing

    Note: Members and non-Members alike are invited to join.

    General Session:
    Welcome, overview of the Consortium’s work, and Context (AI, Adaptive Organizations, and the Feeling Economy)
    Driving Employee and Customer Efficiency and Experience with Generative AI
    Supporting Humans Through Change
    Embracing & Improving Collaboration: Tending to Remote Teams
    Art, Empathy, and Artificiality

    General Session: Member Perspectives
    KCS in Pre-Sales at Oracle
    Cultivating KCS Buy-in
    Outside the AI Box
    Navigating, Supporting, and Advocating for Major Change

    Breakout Sessions:
    Intelligent Swarming By the Book: Adopting in Waves at Autodesk
    Empowering Champions: the KCS Journey at proALPHA
    Course Correcting: When Conversations Go Off the Rails
    Doing More with Less: Dealing with Outsourcing, Machine Translation, and Innovation in a World Full of Constraints

    Open Space Sessions: (35; full day)
    Open Space Topics:
    Integrating Al with Knowledge Management & Customer Support
    Sustaining Human Skills & Creativity in an Al-Dominated Environment
    Ethical, Moral, & Philosophical Considerations in Al Deployment
    Leadership, Coaching, & Culture
    Future of Work for Adaptive Organizations

    Associated Events:
    Member Summit Recap, Apr 24

CSI Member Summit 2023, March 28-30, 2023, San Diego, CA, USA

Launch the next generation of knowledge sharing with forward-thinking practitioners and leaders

    Note: Members and non-Members alike are invited to join.

    General Session:
    Co-Creating Space Together
    Member Collaboration + ChatGPT: How the Work Gets Done
    Unleashing the Power of Presence
    What Could AI-assisted Knowledge Work Look Like?
    Practicing Good Judgment: Leveraging “Leadership in an Adaptive Organization”

    Executive Sponsorship – how they evaluate and make decisions on key projects and initiatives for the organization

    Breakout Sessions:
    “I don’t have time.” Handling Doubts and Objections
    Building a Unified Knowledge Sharing Structure (was: Unified success portals – KCS across the organization)
    KCS is Just an Acronym: Distilling the Practices Guide
    Success with Intelligent Swarming

    Open Space Sessions: (full fay)
    Open Space Topics:
    Intelligent Swarming smorgasbord
    Buy-in and participation for KCS across the org
    Change management for KCS
    In-product knowledge for customer experience
    Journey design to improve our customer service interactions
    Knowledge enablement for large enterprises
    Phone call spikes due to incidents
    Consultant approach to problem solving
    Inner brilliance and intuitive sense of knowing
    GPT-based community moderator
    KCS as assessment of organizational culture
    Article machine translation
    AI use cases for customer service
    Coaching for managers
    Knowledge owner collaboration
    Customer self-service adoption
    Capture vs. create
    Governing multiple LOB’s knowledge platform
    Next-gen self-service
    Measuring significance instead of success
    PAR for different support tiers
    Legacy knowledge when starting KCS
    KCS in less structured work environments

    Associated Events:
    Member Summit Recap – Collectively Reimagining The Way We Work Together, Apr 11

CSI Member Summit 2022, September 27-29, 2022, Virtual venue

    Note: This event is open to Consortium Members only.

    General Session:

    Open Space Sessions:
    How to best connect multiple repositories/platforms when expanding KM across the larger enterprise
    The importance of SEO for knowledge journeys
    Will we trust AI to create KCS articles?
    WIIFM for Knowledge Workers
    Rewards and recognition – encouraging folks to do the right thing
    Ensuring capacity for Intelligent Swarming
    How to better support KDE and Coaching Activities
    Communications supporting the more you share the more you learn
    Shifting from product to business process (taxonomy) in a SaaS world
    Coaching Managers
    KDA Methodology
    Incorporating video content into KB articles
    Predictive knowledge delivery through AI/ML
    How does ubiquitous and opaque computing change how Support (and Success) need to work?
    Brand new future-proof system
    Why relationships are the key to existence
    Knowledge in a SaaS Environment – leveraging in-product Support to maximize customer success
    Process Adherence Reviews (PAR) – when and who/how are others doing PAR?
    Authoring in the workflow
    Multi-vendor ticketing system integration and knowledge sharing
    How will AI/ML evolve service desk workers and align with customer expectations?

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2022, March 2022, Virtual venue
    Cultivating Trust Through Leadership

CSI Member Summit 2021, September 28-30, 2021, Virtual venue

Nurturing an environment where adaptive people thrive

    Note: This event is open to Consortium Members only.

    General Session:
    Welcome and Introductions:
    Our Adaptive Organizations
    The Allure of Intelligent Swarming: the big why for Alteryx
    Nurturing an Adaptive Workforce: culture considerations for current and future workplaces
    Adapting KCS for the Context of Use: embracing a knowledge culture outside support
    Understanding Success by Channel: including Communities in our conversations about knowledge success

    Transforming Limiting Beliefs in Times of Change: an interactive workshop

    Open Space Sessions:

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2021, March 16-17, 2021, Virtual venue

CSI Member Summit 2020, September 23-25, 2020, Virtual venue

Future innovation in services will be about people

    Note: This event is open to Consortium Members only.

    General Session:
    Welcome and Introductions: Overview of the Consortium’s Works
    Co-creation of Value
    Supporting our Healthcare Heroes: KCS during COVID-19 at athenahealth
    Architecting an Intelligent Swarming framework that transforms your business
    Communicating Across the Enterprise
    Self Service Measurement

    Breakout Sessions: (member experiences)
    Badging Program for sustaining KCS activities
    A Human First approach to the organizational network
    Finding the FLOW: identifying the perfect balance between skill, challenge and employee motivation
    Quantifying the impacts of KCS

    Open Space Sessions: (16; full day)
    How should support leaders be thinking differently about their business?
    KCS in the age of automation
    Nuts and Bolts of Intelligent Swarming
    Knowledge:Time Continuum
    KDE/KDA Nirvana
    Getting the bigger picture between the ears of knowledge workers

27th CSI Member Summit 2019, April 8-11, 2019, Cape Neddick, ME, USA

Big Knowledge and Digital Automation

    General Session:
    Overview of the Consortium’s Work: The Five Initiatives
    Intelligent Swarming Framework
    Emerging Digital Automation in Services
    Automation as an Enabler at Cisco
    Communicating the Value of Knowledge: New Demand and Value Models
    Looking Forward: Planning for a Digital World

    Breakout Presentations:
    Using machine learning and KCS to evolve the right products, processes, and content
    Blending content strategy and KCS
    Augmented human intelligence and Predictive Customer Engagement
    KCS is Agile for knowledge management
    Using a predictive model to detect which customers are on a dissatisfying journey in order to take proactive action
    Sustaining a KCS program with KDEs and Coaching

    Open Space Sessions: (full day)

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2019, October 2019, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

26th CSI Member Summit 2018, 19-21 March 2018, Napa, CA, USA

Harvesting knowledge: distinguishing the fertilizer from the fruit

    General Session:
    Overview of the Consortium’s Work: The Five Initiatives, KCS v6 Adoption Guide
    Agile Knowledge Management
    KCS Success Across the Organization
    Leveraging AI for Customer Success
    Leadership Framework for Service Excellence
    Customer Engagement Models & A

    Breakout Presentations:
    “I Never Thought a KCS Adoption Could Go So Smoothly!”
    Swarming at Red Hat
    KCS Center of Excellence
    Advanced KCS Measures: Velocity and Impact at Blizzard
    Practical Application of AI Capabilities

    Intelligent Swarming Panel

    Open Space Sessions: (full day)
    AI and KCS, Automation for self-service
    How to change the mindset: are there any tips?
    Applying KCS Principles to non-support groups
    What concrete things should the Consortium do to align with Agile, Lean, DevOps?
    Online support community, how to do it right
    Data types and connectors for an effective AI environment
    KCS for startups
    How to adopt KCS across multiple outsource partners, tip/tricks, do don’ts
    How do you make product documentation part of KCS methodology, integrate KCS and product content
    How do we give our KCS authors the ability to publish articles for external visibility (customer facing)
    Measuring self-service success
    How to use KCS to centralize support

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2018, 22-24 October 2018, Seattle, WA. USA

CSI Member Summit 2017, April 3-5, 2017, Monterey, CA, USA

Change is turbulent. Maintain stability by following the old sailor’s advice: keep your eyes on the horizon

    Agenda n.a.

22nd CSI Member Summit 2016, April 19-21, Orlando, FL, USA

Creating a Success Story

    General Session:
    Set the Context , Review the Agenda
    Envisioning the Future of Support: a Member’s Story
    KCS v6 Overview: Principles, Core Concepts, and Updates
    Expanding the Role of Leadership
    Evolving the Role of the Knowledge Worker
    Intelligent Swarming Update
    Transformational Measures: An Updated Framework

    Breakout Presentations:
    KCS v6 Details: Changes, Additions, and Enhancements
    Knowledge Domain Expert Program at PTC
    The Supernova Effect: From Chaos to Business Value Through KCS
    KCS Adoption Center of Excellence
    KCS in Human Resources: Focusing on Culture and Technology to Improve Employee Engagement
    Knowledge Domain Analysis Techniques and the Role of the Knowledge Domain Expert
    Global Support Strategy
    Data Visualization and Analytics

    Creating a Success Story: Tools and Techniques for Telling a Story With Lasting Impact

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2016, October 12-14, 2016, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    Shared Services Strategies

21st CSI Member Summit 2015, March 16-18, 2015, San Diego, CA

The Collaborative Launch Pad

    Deciding to leave the atmosphere: managing the lack of oxygen and the energy needed to escape gravity.
    Value and trust: the ingredients for the rocket fuel needed to exit the atmosphere

    Session: Executive Perspectives on Support Transformation
    Breaking the Sound Barrier
    Mission Control: Optimizing KCS Benefits
    Rocket Fuel: Launching Intelligent Swarming – Marco Bill-Peter, Red Hat
    Plotting the Course: Skills development and facilitating collaboration
    Integrating Support Knowledge with Community Knowledge: the MathWorks Case Study

    Session: The Internet of Things
    Smart, Connected Products: Revolutionizing Preventive Support
    Predictive customer engagemen, Role of the Data Scientist and KDE

    Session: Calculating Your Trajectory: A Measurement Framework
    Measuring the value of KCS in supporting self-service
    Progressive radar charts for individual growth
    Holistic measure of the customer experience (assisted, self-service, communities, and social networks)

    Panel Discussions:
    Knowledge-Centered Services: the Evolution of KCS Beyond Support

    Deep Dive Discussions: Achieving and Maintaining Orbit (Breakoputs)
    KCS adoption and success: details on how to implement, maximize and sustain KCS
    Implementing Intelligent Swarming: details on implementation considerations and lessons learned

    Open Space Sessions: Escaping Gravity

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2015, September 30 – October 2, 2015, Chatham, MA, USA

CSI Member Summit 2014, Mar 17-19, 2014, San Diego, CA, USA

A 2020 Vision for Customer Engagement

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2014, November 3-5, 2014, Sonoma, CA, USA

CSI Member Summit 2013, September 25-27, 2013, Orlando, FL, USA

The Customer Success Initiative: Leveraging Support Knowledge, Experience, and Data to Better Design the Customer Experience

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2013, April 29 – May 1, 2013, Watch Hill, RI, USA
    What’s the Next Big Thing

CSI Member Summit 2012, November 7-9, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA

20th Anniversary Celebration

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2012, April 30 – May 2, 2012 in Tucson, AZ, USA
    A Framework for Service Excellence

CSI Member Summit, September 19-21, 2011, Park City, UT, USA

Collaborate on a Higher Level!

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit, 2011, May 11-13, 2011, Chatham, MA, USA

CSI Member Summit 2010, November 10-12, 2010, Orlando, FL, USA

Engaging the Empowered Customer

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2010, May 24-26, 2010, Phoenix, AZ, USA

15th CSI Member Summit 2009, November 11-13, 2009, Plano, TX, USA

Optimizing your knowledge management investment – measuring the health and effectiveness of the support network

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit 2009, April 27-29, 2009, Washington, DC, USA
    Maximizing customer productivity and experience while minimizing support costs

CSI Member Summit, November 10-13, 2008, Sonoma, CA, USA

    Agenda n.a.

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit, April 30-May 1, 2008, Phoenix, AZ, USA

13th CSI Member Summit 2007, October 17-19, 2007, Orlando, FL, USA

Wikinomics and Wikiemotion – the economics and social elements of mass collaboration

    Agenda n.a.

    Pre-Summit Consortium Overview Session, Oct 16

12th CSI Member Summit 2006, October 11-13, 2006, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

The Journey Continues

    Agenda n.a.

    KCS Pre-Summit Session, Oct 10

11th CSI Member Summit 2005, November 2-4, 2005, Orlando, FL, USA

Optimizing Individual Performance … Through Improved Collaboration

    Agenda n.a.

10th CSI Member Summit 2004, October 13-15, 2004, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Don’t Gamble with your Future!

    Agenda n.a.

9th CSI Member Summit 2003, October 26-28, 2003, New Orleans, LA, USA

The Power of Interaction

    Shift Happens!
    Moving from the funnel to the cloud: Setting a context for the Adaptive Organization
    Where ever I go… there we are
    The salt in the stew

    KCS: how are we doing and what have we learned?
    Mostly it’s the same… just way better…: Adaptive Organization value proposition and metrics
    Envisioning the future state

    Case Studies:
    Capture in the workflow – it really works!
    Timing is everything: HP NonStop and its KCS experience
    Create it once… use it often: Knowledge Re-use and Managing Solution Visibility to Improve Users’ Success
    Bottom-up Knowledge Management
    Fostering High-Value Interactions for Customer Support

    Group interaction:
    Collaborating across boundaries

8th CSI Member Summit, October 24-25, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA

    Welcome, introductions, setting the context
    The SOE operational model

    Concepts & Reality Checks:
    Interaction Management – how we connect and interact
    Knowledge Management – structure and context
    Performance Management – reflection, assessing and rewarding the creation of value
    Resource Management – optimally aligning resources to work

    Tying it all together
    Member case studies – Novell and Microsoft
    What’s next? The focus of the Consortium for the next 12 months

    Associated Events:
    CSI Executive Summit, June 10 – 11, 2002, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA

8th CSI Members’ Conference 2001, October 8-10, 2001, San Diego, CA, USA

Relationship Models for the New Economy


CSC Meeting 2000, October 2-4, 2000, Palm Springs, CA, USA

A New Science for Powerful Relationships: Managing in a Highly Connected World


CSC Member’s Conference 1999, October 5-8, 1999, San Antonio, TX, USA

Are you an Accomplice to a Crime?

    Agenda n.a.

CSC Member Conference 1998, October 7-9, 1998, Palm Desert, CA, USA

Get W.E.T in the Desert!

    Agenda n.a.

CSC Conference, 1997, September 27 – October 1, 1997, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Gateways to Adoption

    Agenda …

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