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ASIS&T SIG-KM International Research Symposium (KM Symposium)*

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The ASIS&T SIG-KM International Research Symposium (KM Symposium), organized by the Association for Information Science and Technology’s Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management (ASIS&T SIG-KM), showcases the works of scholars and practitioners researching the knowledge management field. The primary goal is to encourage and empower participants who are new in knowledge management. Through this symposium

Graduate programs related to Knowledge Management

Abstract: Knowledge management spans numerous disciplines, so it is not surprising that graduate level programs in KM have their roots in diverse fields. Some have emerged from library science and focus on the management of information, including records management. Others come from an IT perspective and offer enterprise information systems or database management programs.

Moving from Librarian to Knowledge Manager

Abstract: Embracing knowledge management (KM), or at least learning how to align one’s work with knowledge management vocabulary and processes within an organization, can prove beneficial to librarians whether they are working inside or outside of a library setting. For library and information science (LIS) professionals seeking opportunities outside of library settings, knowledge management projects,