Knowledge Management: 12K+ LinkedIn members studied this

On LinkedIn Education you can explore your desired field of study to find members who studied it (unfortunately this service is no longer available). The results show you where they work (employers), what they do (job functions), where they went to university, where they live (countries & greater city areas), and how you are connected to them. By clicking on items in the results it allows you to break them down by specific employer(s), job function(s), school(s), location(s), or level(s) of connection.

Currently more than 12 thousand LinkedIn members studied Knowledge Management. Most of them

  • studied at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Nanyang Technological University, and George Mason University (951),
  • live in the US, UK, and Finland (3,374),
  • work for IBM, Accenture, and HP (200), and
  • have jobs in IT, consulting and education (4,667).
Linkedin 'Field of Study Explorer'
Sample filter: Consultants from some major consultings in the DC area who studied KM

Boris Jaeger: Knowledge Management: 12K+ LinkedIn members studied this. KMedu Hub, Apr 05, 2015

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