Knowledge management a viable and sustainable career path?

In the LinkedIn Group of the Gurteen Knowledge Management Community Art S. asks:

With the proliferation of KM certifications, certificates, master classes, and formal education one might think that becoming schooled in KM would lead to a long and exciting career as a Chief Knowledge Officer, Knowledge Manager, Knowledge Engineer, Knowledge Management Consultant, or some other such profession. Is this the case, or are KM skills better used by business, HR, Finance, IT, PM, etc. professionals to enhance knowledge flow and transfer in the course of their work? What do you think? Would you support your son, daughter, neice or nephew in their pursuit of becoming a KM professional and an aspring CKO?

Art S.: Is “knowledge management” a viable and sustainable career path? ‘Gurteen Knowledge Management Community’ LinkedIn Group, June 13, 2012

Note: 27 member comments so far (06/2015); Same discussions in the KM Jobs LinkedIn Group (52 member comments so far – 9/2015)

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