Knowledge Management certification: Worthwhile? Standard? Vendors?

In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Ann H. asks:

What are your thoughts on pursuing Knowledge Management certification? Worthwhile? Is there an industry standard certification process? Which certification vendors can you recommend?

Ann H.: Knowledge Management certification. SIKM Leaders Community @, Jan 29 2018.

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4 Replies to “Knowledge Management certification: Worthwhile? Standard? Vendors?”

  1. Without a national (or international) governing body, any KM “certification” is a recognized vendor offering two things: some curriculum, and the opportunity to put some letters next to your name.

    Sadly, in a lot of places, even this cursory identifier is needed to be deemed “credible”.

    Beside the KSU masters or grad cert I’m highly likely to start soon, i am looking at a CKM as a hedge in this burgeoning field.

  2. Yes, KM certification is important. A starting point for the KN industry, however, is to define what knowledge is. Without a knowledge science, KM is just another opportunist activity as viewed by many in the C-Suite. This.has been The case since the 1990’s. Richard L Ballard, Ph. D, a Berkeley experimental physicist and the founding Associate Professor of the UC, Irvine Computer Science department, defined knowledge as: KNOWLEDGE = THEORY + INFORMATION (data). Theory,. especially applied theory, represents sbout 85% of the knowledge formula.

    1. Hi Dennis, it seems that the importance of certification (in Knowledge Management) varies from region to region. Currently, certification in Knowledge Management does not go beyond simple training. You just get a training with a title “Certified…”. That’s it. As for knowledge I think the ones who implement and apply Knowledge Management should define what knowledge is for them. Nevertheless, an interesting definition of knowledge. Maybe you could explain it in more detail or link us to a reference where we can digg deeper into it? – Boris

      1. Hello Boris, I have written an article on Knowledge Science and a blog related to instinct and intuition. Both should be helpful in moving the discussion forward. From my point of view, there is an a scientific explanation for knowledge and and empirical methodology for anyone to identify how people communicate with lessons-learned knowledge. The blog: and the article: Home page, just after the fold, Downloads – Knowledge Science: The Great Big Beautiful Puzzle. I look forward to further discussion. DL Thomas

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