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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences > School of Communication > Digital Information Management area 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Graduate Diploma in Digital Information Management** 2)
    (with a focus on Information and Knowledge Management)
  • Master of Digital Information Management** (Core subjects: Information and Knowledge Management) 2)
  • Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Management** 2)
  • Master of Arts in Information and Knowledge Management (Streams: Knowledge Management)** 2)
  • Master of Arts (Research) in Humanities and Social Sciences (Specialisation: Information & Knowledge Management)**
  • Doctor of Philosophy (research area: Knowledge Management)**

Certificate Courses

Centre for Information and Knowledge Management

  • Executive Certificate in Knowledge Management (6 days)** 3)
      Unit 1: Understanding and maximising your knowledge assets (3 days)
      Unit 2: Building organisational capability (3 days)

Workshops & Seminars

  • “Information Innovation @ UTS” Seminar Series (by the Information Innovation Group)
    • Apr 2020: Chatbots – An introduction for Information Managers (webinar)
    • Mar 2020: Covid-19 & Digital Workplace (Special); Myths of Organizational Culture (pre-recorded podcast/videocast)
    • Feb 2020: Digital Literacy Reconsidered
    • Nov 2019: Games & Learning (virtual seminar)
    • Oct 2019: Right to Know (CANCELLED)
    • Sep 2019: Data ethics – making it real
    • Aug 2019: Ignorance Management (virtual meeting)
    • Jun 2019: Managing Video as an Information Resource; The Social Media Manager: More Than Memes
    • May 2019: Open By Design
    • Apr 2019: Machine Learning for Information Management
    • Mar 2019: The Future of Wikipedia and Wikidata
    • Feb 2019: Managing Knowledge & Information in Asset-Intensive Organizations
    • Dec 2018: Open Data & GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)
    • Nov 2018: Consumer Privacy Literacy and Data Rights
    • Oct 2018: Information and knowledge systems: Build it so that they will come (virtual and face to face joint session with ISKO Singapore)
    • Sep 2018: Engagement with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander knowledge & culture
    • Aug 2018: Preservation – Protecting Your Collection
    • Jul 2018: Design Thinking for Information Professionals
    • Jun 2018: Collaboration, Emotion, Medicine, Business, Romance (1st PhD Showcase)
    • May 2018: Leading Information Governance
    • Apr 2018: Knowledge, Learning and Analytics
    • Mar 2018: Security and Collaboration – Finding the Sweet Spot
    • Feb 2018: Government information accessibility: What are the issues and challenges?
    • Nov 2017: Designing Better Workplaces: Knowledge, Architecture, Change
    • Oct 2017: Artificial Intelligence for Law Firms: Managing legal knowledge in the age of AI
    • Apr 2017: What’s up with the International Knowledge Management Standard?
  • Knowledge Management Workshops Series / short courses (2003-04)
    • Introduction to managing an organisation’s knowledge assets
    • Analysing knowledge environments
    • Building and leveraging communities of practice
    • Organising knowledge: building, using and developing taxonomies
    • Knowing your external environment: acquiring knowledge assets
    • Records Management and Knowledge Management
    • Master class in working with communities of practice
    • Organising and Accessing Your Knowledge Repository
    • Your First Step in Managing Your Knowledge Assets
    • Masterclass on Strategic Knowledge Positioning
  • 1999/00: Demystifying Knowledge Management (together w. The Knowledge People (a division of The One Umbrella Group))
  • 2000: Knowledge Management in the Trenches: Making it Work for You (together w. Ernst & Young and The Knowledge People (a division of The One Umbrella Group))
  • 1999: Success in Knowledge Management (together w. The Knowledge People (a division of The One Umbrella Group)) 4)

Faculty of Business > School of Management


  • Australasian Conference on Knowledge Management (KNOW), 26th November 1999, Sydney, Australia
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: New Directions in Research, Theory and Practice

Faculty of Education > Research into Adult and Vocational Learning (RAVL) Group


  • Working Knowledge Conference, 10-13 December 2000, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Conference Theme: Productive learning at work

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