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The livepro (Livepro and livepro Australia), formerly livepro Australia and livepro, a registered trademark of Web Systems Integration (founded by IMC Communications), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Livepro Customer Experience (CX) Knowledge Management Forum*
    (in conjunction with the Customer Experience (CX) Knowledge Management Awards)


Lunch & Learn sessions

  • Sep 2023: Knowledge Management for Contact Centers (2x, Boston)

Business Networking Breakfast

  • May 2019: Knowledge Management Systems for Customer Service (CSIA & livepro, Sydney); Knowledge Management for Compliance & CX (Adelaide)


  • Mar 2024: livepro’s LightspeedAI Unleashed – Transfer your Knowledge with AI (2x)
  • Nov 2022: How to make the most out of knowledge owners, page containers, and bulk assign in your livepro system (New Feature Spotlight)
  • Aug 2022: Best Practices for your livepro Knowledge Management Categories
  • May 2022: The Importance of Knowledge Management in Contact Centers
  • Nov 2021: The Importance of Knowledge Management in Contact Centers
  • MMM 2020: How to increase staff engagement and customer satisfaction using a customer service knowledge management solution from livepro


livepro Customer Experience (CX) Knowledge Management Awards

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