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The Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI) 1), formerly the Knowledge Management Consortium (KMC), a non-profit member-based professional association, now a training and research division of Executive Information Systems and the Center for the Open Enterprise, resp., offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)** (now KMI)
    – Level 1: 1 week workshop
    – Level 2: 2 weeks workshop
    – Level 3: 3 weeks workshop
  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)** – Government
  • Certified Knowledge Management Professional (CKMP)
  • Certifed Knowledge Management Technologist (CKMT)
  • Certified Knowledge and Innovation Manager (CKIM)** – Commercial
    – Level 1: 1 week workshop
    – Level 2: 2 weeks workshop
    – Level 3: 3 weeks workshop
  • Certified Knowledge Management Engineer (CKME)**
  • Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer (CKEE)** (now eKnowledgeCenter)
  • Certified Innovation Environment Engineer (CIEE)**
  • Certified Innovation Manager (CIM)**
  • Certified KM / KMCI Instructor (CKMI)** (now KMI)


  • KMCI Certificate (Complete KM101-103)**
  • (online) Certificate in Knowledge and Innovation Management (CKIM™)
  • In-House (customized) Certificate in Knowledge and Innovation Management

Professional Development Program (PDP)**

  • Type 1 — Introductory
  • Type 2 — Specialized
  • Type 3 — Professional


  • Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB)* 2)
  • The Consortium is divided into two groups: Business and Science
    – Knowledge Management for the Business Community
    – International Knowledge Management Science Society (IKMSS)
  • Chapters around the World*
    • USA: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas Texas, Dayton Ohio, Florida, Greater Washington Area, Green Bay Wisconsin, Huston, Milwaukee, New Jersey Chapter, New York, North Carolina, Pacific Northwest (Seattle), San Francisco (continued: KM Cluster San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley), Tampa Chapter, Twin Cities (Minnesota)
    • Canada: Montreal (continued: KM-GC-Montréal), Toronto
    • Others: Australia (continued: actKM Forum), Brazil, Caribbean, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom
  • Virtual chapter @ YahooGroups


  • Enterprise Intelligence World Summit**
    (The Annual Knowledge Management World Summit and Exposition or the Annual KMCI Conference)
    The Enterprise Intelligence World Summit is an executive forum discussing the foundations of the Knowledge Economy. The summit will focus on strategies for the intelligent enterprise, overcoming cultural resistance, understanding technological challenges, and learning from leading organization’s best practices in knowledge management, business intelligence, intellectual property, collaboration and strategic planning. Loaded with networking opportunities, this is the premier meeting place to brainstorm with industry leaders on strategies for developing the intelligence enterprise!

    • Enterprise Intelligence World Summit, December 6-8, 1999, Orlando, Florida, USA
    • Enterprise Intelligence World Summit, February 19-22, 2001, Orlando, Florida, USA
      • Workshops: Sharpen Your Knowledge Management Skills: A Hands-On Challenge; Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) for Enterprise Intelligence; The Convergence of Portals and EAI in the Intelligent eEnterprise; Converting Knowledge to Value through CRM
    • Enterprise Intelligence World Summit, December 2-4, 2001, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • The New Knowledge Management: A Generational Shift (training conference), March 20, 2002, Arlington, Virginia, USA 3)
    Topic: Managing Information, Knowledge, and Documents for the Enterprise

One – Day Face-to-Face Workshops

  • The New Knowledge Management: KM Concepts and Strategy
  • The Open Enterprise


  • 1998-1999
    – Introduction to Knowledge Management and Selling it to your organization (one day seminar)
    – Enterprise Knowledge Portal Application Development (training)
    – KM101 A survey course for Knowledge Management
    – KM102 Sociology of Knowledge Within an Organization
    – KM103 Computer-Based Technology

Distance Learning Workshops

  • 2000 ff
    – Knowledge Portals (Starting March 30th)
    – Physical Space Design and KM (Starting May 15th)
    – Software Tools for KM (Starting April 30th)
    – Social Network Engineering (Starting May 15th)
    – Applying Economic Models and Simulation (August 15th)
    – eKnowledge and eCommerce (August 15th)
    – KM Concepts (Starting March 15th)
    – About KM Certification (Starting March 15th)
    – KM Case Studies (Starting March 15th)
    – KM Program/Project Management (Starting April 15th)
    – Calculating ROI for KM Programs/Projects (Starting May 15th)
    – Estimating KM Programs/Projects (Starting May 15th)
    – Knowledge Environment Auditing and Benchmarking (Starting June 15th)
    – Legal and Ethical issues in KM (August 15th)
  • Currently
    – KM, Measurement, and Metrics
    – How Is Knowledge Made?
    – What Is Knowledge?
    – The Open Enterprise: A Strategic Vision for KM
    – Risk Intelligence Metrics
    – Riskonomics: Reducing Risk by Killing Your Worst Ideas
    – Selecting Knowledge: Killing One’s Worst Ideas through Fair Critical Comparison
    – KM Methodology: K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 1
    – KM Methodology: K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 2
    – KM Methodology: K-STREAM and Wrap-up, Part 3
    – Knowledge Management Strategy and Case Studies
    – Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Management: the Gateway Workshop
    – The Open Enterprise
    – The New Knowledge Management: KM Concepts and Strategy
    – Knowledge Management and Sustainable Innovation
    – Critical Rationalist Knowledge Management
  • Coming
    – KM, Balanced Scorecards and Adaptive Scorecards
    – Knowledge Management and Information Technology
    – Enterprise Knowledge Portals and Knowledge Management
    – Knowledge Management Teams: What Kinds of Skills Do You Need?
    – Knowledge Management and Knowledge Retention in Organizations
    – Critical Morality: Developing Objective Knowledge about Facts and Values

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