Knowledge Management for Development Conversa (KM4Dev Conversa)*

Knowledge Management for Development Conversa (KM4Dev Conversa)*

The Knowledge Management for Development Forum (KM4Dev Forum) and Online Open Space (KM4DevOOS) is a series of face-to-face and virtual meetings/workshops organized by the Knowledge Management for Development Community (KM4Dev).

Event history:

KM4Dev Conversa – Encuentro KM4Dev Latinoamérica y el Caribe, September 19-21, 2018, Medellin, Colombia
Conference Theme: Aprende – Comparte – Inspírate: Gestión del conocimiento y aprendizaje para el desarrollo en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

2nd KM4Dev Online Open Space, June 21, 2018

KM4Dev Harare Gathering, July 25–26, 2017, Harare, Zimbabwe
Workshop Theme: Learning from Invisible Communities of Practice: The role of informal actors and relationships in African food systems

1st KM4Dev Online Open Space, June 14, 2017

KM4Dev Seattle Gathering, April 6-7, 2017, Seattle, WA, USA
Workshop Theme: Practical Experiences of the Application of Communities of Practice (CoPs)

KM4Dev 2017 Geneva Open Space, 2 April, 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
(in conjunction with the Global Partnership Conference: Knowledge for Development, 3-4 April)
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management for Development, towards a Knowledge Sharing Society

KM4Dev 2016 Vienna Event, October 15, 2016, Vienna, Austria
(in conjunction with the Knowledge Cities World Summit (Theme: Knowledge for Development), Oct 12-13, and the Global Knowledge for Development Summit, Oct 14)
Workshop Theme: The Future of Knowledge Management for Development

2015 ???

KM4Dev Bonn Workshop, July 8-9, 2014, German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Bonn, Germany
Workshop Theme: Knowledge for Development (K4D): Galvanizing Opportunities of a Promising Theme for Improved Development Cooperation

KM4Dev Seattle Workshop, July 29-31, 2013, Seattle, WA, USA
Workshop Theme: Stocktaking on knowledge management for development

2012 ???

KM4Dev Rome Workshop, September 30, 2011, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome, Italy
(in conjunction with the Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair, Sep 26–29)
Workshop Theme: (1) Future of KM4dev and (2) Face to Face Fun, Sharing and Learning

KM4Dev Africa Special Session, October 19, 2010, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
(in conjunction with the Share Fair on Agricultural and Rural Development Knowledge in Africa (AgKnowledge Africa), Oct 18-21)

KM4Dev Cali Workshop, May 27-28, 2010, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Cali, Colombia
(in conjunction with the Latin America and Caribbean Knowledge Fair, May 25-27)
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management for Development in Latin America

KM4Dev Brussels Workshop, October 6-8, 2009, Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Sharing/ Knowledge Management in a World Of Change

KM4Dev Almada Workshop, 18-21 June 2008, Lisbon (Almada), Portugal
Workshop Theme: Open Space on Topics of Current Interest in Knowledge Management for Development

KM4Dev Zeist Workshop, 18-20 June, 2007, Zeist, Netherlands
Workshop Theme: Work on Collaborative KM/KS and Organizational Leaning Projects

Knowledge Management for Development Forum (KM4Dev Forum 2007), February 8–9, 2007, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines
Forum Theme: Strengthening Knowledge Networks for Development: Understanding Issues, Facing Challenges, and Seizing Opportunities

KM4Dev Brighton Workshop, July 10-12, 2006, Brighton, UK
Workshop Theme: Knowledge, Learning and Change in International Developmen

KM4Dev Geneva Workshop, June 20-21, 2005, ILO, Geneva, Switzerland
Workshop Theme: Culture and Knowledge Sharing: Making the Invisible Visible

KM4Dev Washington Workshop, June 24-25, 2004, World Bank Institute (?), Washington, DC
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Sharing for Development: A Learning Activity

KM4Dev Amsterdam Workshop, September 19, 2003, De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Workshop Theme: Transforming and sustaining inclusive development communities: an evidence-based approach

KM4Dev Kathmandu Workshop, July 16-18, 2003, Kathmandu, Nepal
Workshop Theme: Human Development Issues in South Asia: Identifying Practical Knowledge Sharing Approaches

KM4Dev Ottawa Workshop, May 12-13, 2003, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), OT, Canada
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management and International Development: Knowledge Sharing in Communities of Practice and in Globally Distributed Organizations & Networks

KM4Dev The Hague Workshop: The Hague, November 13-14, 2002, ISNAR, The Hague, Netherlands
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management Initiatives: Experiences of Development Agencies

KM4Dev African Workshop, May 29-31, 2002, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management (KM) and International Development: Knowledge Management Champions in Africa

KM4Dev Chennai Workshop, 18-20 September, 2001, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai, India
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Sharing for International Development

KM4Dev European Workshop (Knowledge Management Conference), June 26-28, 2000, Institute for Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, UK
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management for Development Organizations: Strategies, Policies, and Technologies

KM4Dev Washington Workshop, February 2-4, 2000, Benton Foundation, Washington, D.C
Workshop Theme: Knowledge Management – Implications and Applications for Development Organizations

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