Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe)*

Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe)*

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The biennial Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe), formerly the Knowledge Management International Conference & Exhibition (KMICE), is organized by the School of Computing in the College of Arts and Sciences at the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The conference is providing a platform for international presentation of research findings as well as discussions and sharing of recent advances in the field. This conference will bring together leading researchers and developers in a wide variety of areas, with a common interest in improving the state of the art of knowledge management (KM). This conference will also bring together people from the academia and industry to establish closer cooperation and ties, and the creation of a knowledge-based society.

Conference History:

10th KMICe 2020, 1 February 2021, Putrajaya, Malaysia Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Bridging Knowledge and Technology towards Humanization Bridging Knowledge and Technology towards Humanization and Management of Pandemic Issues

Note: The conference was scheduled for 17-19 August 2020 and 2 February 2021

9th KMICe 2018, 25-27 July 2018, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Knowledge Science Towards Social Harmonisation

    Sessions: Best Paper Session; Applications of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Assets; Knowledge Sharing, Impact & Integration; Knowledge Management Case Studies; Intelligent Information Systems; Networking Session (full day 3)

8th KMICe 2016, 29-30 August 2016, Chian Mai, Thailand
(Co-organizer: Rangsit University, RSU)
Conference Theme: From Big Data to Knowledge Discovery: A Difficult Journey

    Sessions: Knowledge Community; Knowledge Sharing; Case Studies on Knowledge Management; Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Enterprise ; Knowledge Management System and Knowledge Workers; Knowledge Management in E-Learning; Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer; Measurement and Impact of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Strategy; Organization/Corporate Memory & Process of Managing Knowledge Management Projects; Performance and Operation in Knowledge Management; Tools and Technology for Knowledge Management; Intelligent Information Systems

7th KMICe 2014, 12-14 August 2014, Langkawi, Malaysia
(Main Sponsor: Rangsit University, RSU)
Conference Theme: Harnessing Intellectual Capital for Competitive Intelligence

    Sessions: Knowledge Management in SE; Knowledge Management in Business; Knowledge Management in Health; Knowledge Management in Education; Knowledge Discovery; Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Workers; Knowledge Community; Intelligent Information Systems; Knowledge Management in Engineering; Knowledge Management in Quality Systems; Knowledge Government; Knowledge Management in Industry (oral)

6th KMICe 2012, 4-6 August 2012, Johir Bahru, Malaysia
(Partner: Ansted University)
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations

    Sessions: Best Papers (Special Session); Intelligent Systems in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Sharing; Social Media & Multimedia Technologies; Knowledge Creation & Governance; Innovation & Technologies; Knowledge Management in Business; Multimedia Technologies; Software Engineering in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management in Education; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Management in Governance; Knowledge Management in Health and Emergency; Multimedia and Software Engineering in Knowledge Management

5th KMICe 2010, 25-27 May 2010, Terengganu, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Theory, Research & Practice

    Sessions: Bridging Digital Divide; Organizational and Capacity Building; Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Management in Education; Knowledge Management in Industry; Information Theory; Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing; Network Technologies in Knowledge Management; Software Engineering in Knowledge Management; Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management; Miscellaneous Issues in Knowledge Management

4th KMICe 2008, 10-12 June 2008, Langkawi, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Transferring, Managing and Maintaining Knowledge for Nation Capacity Development


3rd KMICE & Exhibition 2006, 6-8 June 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Theme: Organizational and Inter-Organizational Learning: Creating, Retaining & Transferring Knowledge
(in conjunction with the International Conference on Computing and Informatics (ICOCI))

    Sessions: Knowledge Management Concept and Strategy; Knowledge Management Concepts, Strategy, and Methodology; Knowledge Management Methodology; Knowledge Sharing and Trasfer; Knowledge Management Tools and Technology; Organizational Learning; Knowledge Management Case Studies; Knowledge Workers; Knowledge Management Issues; Intelligent Information Systems; Software / System Development Initiatives; Evaluation Study; Special Topics

2nd KMICE & Exhibition 2004, 13-15 February 2004, Penang & Langkawi @ UUM, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Towards Intelligent and Co-operative Nations

    Sessions: Knowledge Management Surveys & Case Studies; Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Concepts; Knowledge Management Systems; Knowledge Management and Engineering; Knowledge Management and E-Learning; Poster Session

1st KMICE & Exhibition 2001, 14-15 May 2001, Langkawi, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Enriching the Nation with the Power of Knowledge

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