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The Knowledge Management Practitioners Group (KMPG or KM Practioners), formerly the Knowledge Management Practitioners Group of South Africa (KMPG South Africa), was founded in 2000 in Johannesburg South Africa and has since spread globally. The aim of the group is to share knowledge and experience of how practical knowledge sharing and management can be successful in organisations. The group is non profit and open to everyone who wishes to share and learn. Their mission is to continuously improve the skills of knowledge managers, and to elevate the profile of knowledge management as a profession globally. Since the roots are African, it focuses on knowledge sharing on the African continent.

The Knowledge Management Practitioners Group (KMPG) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Regional Chapters

  • …in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Western Cape (Cape Town)

Communities of Practice (CoP)

  • Knowledge Management Strategy CoP
  • Information technology CoP
  • Knowledge Management techniques and tools CoP


Johannesburg Chapter Meetings

    Jul 2010: Google, Facebook and YouTube – what do they tell Knowledge Managers about how people want to work, collaborate and learn?
    May 2010 : (?) Technology Stewardship
    Feb 2010: Case Study on Capturing Retired Experts’ Knowledge conducted at Rand Water
    Jan 2010: The good, The Bad and the Ugly of Communities of Practice

    Nov 2009: Research methods in Knowledge Management
    Mar 2009: tba
    Jan 2009: Book Launch – “The Art of Managing Knowledge – a Practitioners Guide”

    Jun 2008: Knowledge Management in Practice for Project Management: Deriving maximum benefit from Knowledge Management Practices as applied in Projects
    Mar 2008: Industrial Development Corporation – knowledge harvesting and knowledge transfer
    Feb 2008: The narrative lab will present on Complexity theory and narrative aspects of Knowledge Management
    Jan 2008: Metaphors for knowledge vs. Knowledge Management in organisations

    Oct 2007: Demonstration of IBM Intranet – Collaborative Tools, Knowledge repositories, Subject Matter Expertise location and Communities, How to establish, nurture and sustain communities

    Oct 2003: KM Meeting

Pretoria Chapter Meetings

    Oct 2009: University of Pretoria Library Service’s Web 2.0 journey
    Jun 2009: Why is KM working (better) in some organisations, and not (that easily) in others (Cafe Conversation / Fish Bowl)
    May 2009: Intelligence – it is a complex thing
    Apr 2009: Knowledge Retention – how NASA is preserving knowledge for projects on-hold & unlocking preserved knowledge
    Mar 2009: Energising the image and relevance of Knowledge Management Management (1st Cafe Conversation / Appreciative Inquiry)
    Feb 2009: Knowledge Management / Communities in Practise – the Fluor way
    Jan 2009: Promoting Knowledge Management in the organisation

    Jun 2008: tba
    May 2008: Software for knowledge sharing in a rural context
    Mar 2008: Supporting Communities of Practice and Tacit Knowledge Capture

    Nov 2007: Thinking / ‘Philosophy of Information’ In the Knowledge Management Context
    Oct 2007: SABMiller case study

    Jul 2005: Communities of Practice in an academic library: a run on the wild side?

Western Cape / Cape Town Chapter Meetings

    Oct 2010: Re-launch of the Western Cape KMPractitioners Group

    Nov 2008: tba
    Sep 2008: tba
    Jul 2008: tba
    May 2008: tba
    Mar 2008: Web Services (round table discussion)

    Oct 2007: Taxonomies and taxonomy (mini-workshop)

    Sep 2003: KM Meeting

Durban Chapter Meetings

    Nov 2009: Fundamentals of a Knowledge Management Strategy – practical session
    Oct 2009: Collaboration Trends, Understanding Web 2.0 and Content Management


  • Knowledge Management in Utilities Summit, 13-16 October 2009, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    By invitation only! This event will showcase success stories and challenges in knowledge management, presented by knowledge managers from African utility providers.


Courses with a discount for KMPG members

    Oct 2010: Certificate Course in Knowledge Management Certificate Course (4 days; Sandrock & Department of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Johannesburg)
    Mar 2010: Project Management for Knowledge Managers (5 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    Feb 2010: Short Course in Knowledge Management (14 week web-based; Sandrock & Department of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Johannesburg)
    Jan 2010: Knowledge management skills training (2 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)

    Nov 2009: Short Course in Knowledge Management (3 days; Sandrock & Department of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Johannesburg)
    Oct 2009: Collaboration Trends, Understanding Web 2.0 and Content Management (4 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    Oct 2009: 3-DAY FOUNDATION COURSE: Knowledge Management – Leveraging your Knowledge Assets for Competitive Advantage; 1-DAY SPECIALISATION COURSE: Step-by-Step Guide to Knowledge Management Implementation; 1-DAY SPECIALISATION COURSE: Knowledge Networking, Social Network Analysis & Communities of Practice (Knowledge Leadership Associates)
    Jul 2009: Web 2.0 and Open Source – Understanding to Implementation (4 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    May 2009: Knowledge Management Strategy (2 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    Apr 2009: Communities of Practice – Developing, Sustaining and Technology (2 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    Mar 2009: Internet Information Retrieval and Personal Information Management Tools and Techniques short course (3 days; Knowledge Leadership Associates); Knowledge Management – From Sound Theory to Practical Implementation (4 days; Sandrock, Gotfredsen & Associates)
    Feb 2009: Web 2.0 – How to practically implement the Web 2.0 technologies to support knowledge sharing and collaboration

    Nov 2008: Knowledge Café Masterclass with David Gurteen (in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town; Symphonia Leadership Development)

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