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Knowledge Management Summit (KM Summit)**

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The Knowledge Management Summit (KM Summit), organized by ARK Group and Ark Conferences, resp., emerged from a fusion of the Knowledge Management UK (KMUK) and Knowledge management for the legal profession (KM Legal UK) conferences in 2018. In 2018 and 2019, the KM Summit was therefore promoted as cross industry event bringing the Knowledge Management community together. In 2020 the cross industry streams including the legal Knowledge Management stream have been discontinued. KM Summit brings together knowledge management professionals to explore the hottest topics, developments and technology impacting Knowledge Management today and into the future.

The Knowledge Management United Kingdom (Knowledge Management UK or KMUK) conference on the other hand, between 2005-2009 re-branded as Knowledge & Content United Kingdom (KCUK), was a senior Knowledge (and Content) Management practitioner forum bringing together the UK’s top Knowledge (and Content) Management professionals and world-renowned experts to share their experiences, discuss the latest developments and design strategies to drive Knowledge (and Content) Management forward. KMUK was established in 2004 to complement the continental Knowledge Management Europe (KM Europe) conference which was established in 2000 and “incorporated” into KMUK in 2006. In 2005 and 2006, similar to KMUK, KM Europe was re-branded to Knowledge, Content & Collaboration Europe (KCC Europe) and Knowledge & Content Europe (KC Europe), resp. In 2013, “by popular demand”, there was another KM Europe separate from KMUK. The aim of KM Europe was to bring together current knowledge practitioners from leading corporate and public sector organisations from across the European continent and beyond.

KMUK Awards in 2010 and 2011:

2011 KMUK Awards' Winners
Lifetime achievement award for services to KM:
Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge

Best KM collaborator:
David Gurteen, Gurteen Knowledge Community

Best KM presentation at an Ark conference:
Nick Davies LLB (Hons), The Really Great Training Company

Best KM technology or solution/ initiative or implementation:
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (professional services firm)
Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (government/third sector organisation)
Mars (corporate enterprise)

2010 KMUK Awards' Winners
Lifetime achievement award for services to KM:
David Gurteen, Gurteen Knowledge

Best advance of KM as a scientific discipline:
Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge

Best KM presentation at an Ark conference:
Nick Davies, The Really Great Training Company (KCUK 2009)

Best KM technology or solution/ initiative or implementation:
Environmental Resources Management (professional services firm)
Welsh Assembly Government (government organisation)
Pfizer (corporate enterprise)

Conference History:

KM Summit, 15-19 June 2020, London, United Kingdom Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Innovating Delivery, Articulating Value and Delivering Results

    Note: The summit was scheduled for 24-25 March 2020 and 8-9 June 2020, resp.; The summit is branded as “Knowledge Management Digital”; No webinar is scheduled for Jun 19

    What is the future of Knowledge Management? Ask Siri
    Addleshaw Goddard: Our document automation journey (was: Knowledge Management and document automation)
    Professionalising Knowledge Management
    Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE) awards
    Covid Vs Construction Knowledge (was: Knowledge Management collaboration and architecture)
    Measuring Knowledge Management activities: it’s for life, not just for Christmas
    Data: from decks to dashboards
    Using Knowledge Management to deliver advice to lawyers
    Law Firms and LegalTech Adoption
    Data: Knowledge Management panel session (CANCELLED)
    People, process, technology…and data
    Knowledge Management: health and safety in the UK construction sector
    Ipsos case study: here, there and everywhere
    Opportunities for Knowledge Management during lockdown and beyond
    Knowledge Managers as Project Managers, implementing technology

    March 2020 Agenda: (Draft V3)

    People, process, technology…and data
    AI as a driver for productivity

    Plenary Sessions:
    Open peer-assist: Discuss a KM problem and possible solutions with your peers
    Tools and technology – networking drinks provided (interactive roundtable)
    Panel: KM – the culture of collaboration
    What is the future of KM? Ask Siri

    STREAM: Client delivery, tech and innovation
    Using KM as a marketing tool to support your clients
    Data is new oil – the KM refinery which adds value
    The role of data in driving change and adding value – from decks to dashboards
    KM and organisational resilience
    The KM function – delivering valued and valuable legal reports
    KM as project managers, implementing technology
    Implementing documentation automation
    Implementing AI – practical case study

    STREAM: Case studies and thought leadership
    KM and certification: to certify or not certify
    Case study: knowledge management and employee engagement
    Making the most of limited resources: charity case study on delivering KM
    KM – adding and articulating value – the digital case study
    Learning & development to achieve KM: metrics are for life, not just for Christmas
    Delivering KM for quick win and delivering on resources
    KM: Health and Safety
    Ipsos Case Study: Here, There, and Everywhere

KM Summit, 4-5 June 2019, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management 2019: Bringing the Knowledge Management community together

    Note: The summit was scheduled for 15-16 May 2019

    Achieving global standards of excellence in KM
    KM, harnessing big data, exploiting analytics and driving innovation
    KM open peer assist – extended session
    The rationale behind conversational leadership
    Panel Discussion: what can we learn from each other to achieve success?

    Defining roles and structure with KM governance
    Case Study: Implementing KM innovation
    Case Study: Extracting the value of KM at Arup
    Case Study: KM communities of practice in the public sector
    Extended questions and answers session (case studies)
    Accelerating and innovating KM implementation
    Making a success of virtual teams
    Case Study: collaboration in government KM
    Case Study: New building, new collaborative culture?
    Case Study: KM communities of practice at Syngenta
    Extended questions and answers session (case studies)
    KM Cookbook: Put into practice

    Cutting through the hype and going out to market
    Knowledge and learning: Successfully blending the two
    How KM can deliver efficient services
    KM people: A Baker McKenzie case study
    Driving up the client facing experience by using KM
    Case Study: KM technology implementation in a small to medium sized law firm
    Establishing a structure for a successful knowledge portal
    Panel Discussion: Digital transformation and legal knowledge management

KM Summit, 15-16 May 2018, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Uniting Knowledge Management professionals to turn knowledge into advantage
(Joint Knowledge Management UK (KMUK) and Knowledge management for the legal profession (KM Legal UK) conference)

    The evolving role of human expertise in knowledge management
    The Netix way: How to thrive in business development through eective knowledge management
    KM competencies: A day in the life of a knowledge manager in 2020

    Case study: KM as the axis of innovation
    Open space peer assist
    Change management: Getting stakeholder buy-in
    Case study: AI, documentation and the internal market
    Case study: AI – a KM perspective on implementation
    Innovation: Getting buy-in at all levels of the business
    Case study: Managing non-legal knowledge
    Case study: Global knowledge management
    Lawyer-led KM: A case study for mid-sized rms
    Panel discussion: How to blend human expertise and technology to deliver successful KM

    KM maturity models: Consultant nonsense or a valuable benchmarking and measurement tool?
    Optimising value from the ow of knowledge
    Professional accreditation and the KM workforce
    The ISO KM standard
    Using knowledge management to improve project quality
    What stops enterprise social from being a productive
    Case study: “A new vision for knowledge” – notes from a professional services business
    Case study: Using KM to transform a business
    Moving from tablet…to tablet!
    Case study: Embedding KM into the business (public sector)
    Case study: Using technology that is KM specic for KM benets
    Adopting the right technology to implement AI in your KM process

    Pre-conference Masterclasses:
    Equipping today’s knowledge manager for tomorrow: Mastering the skills of knowledge management

14th KMUK 2017, 14-15 June 2017, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Delivering Knowledge Management strategies and processes to improve your customers’ experiences

    Daily Themes:
    Knowledge Management strategy, standards (day 1)
    Knowledge Management tools, techniques, process, customers (day 2)

    Introductions and aspirations
    Reverse brainstorming exercise

    From theory to strategy to delivery: Developing a practical KM strategy
    KM assessment and knowledge flows
    Knowledge management and learning & development: BFFs (Best Friends Forever)
    Are challenging questions more powerful than answers?
    Killing knowledge management: What to look for
    An ecological approach to understanding impact in knowledge management
    KM: How to go from zero to innovation

    Case Studies:
    Network Rail, communities of practice
    Knowledge and learning: Successfully blending the two
    Public sector NHS – rebooting a flagging KM service
    Bringing our business processes to life
    The KM Customer Journey: Bringing a KM strategy to life
    Knowledge management and customer service

    Panel Discussions:
    Make the case of KM standards, but what do we really need?
    Artificial intelligence – the unstoppable shake-up; what’s the human response?

13th KMUK 2016, 15-16 June 2016, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: A place to connect and share

    Daily Themes:
    Implementing an Effective Knowledge Strategy and Connecting People and Processes (day 1)
    Knowledge Management Insights and Technology (day 2)

    Espresso Café (mini knowledge café)

    What does KM feel like when it’s working?
    The knowledge supply chain
    Semantic technologies for knowledge management
    Knowledge management technologies
    Artificial Intelligence: The new edge in knowledge

    Case Studies:
    From strategy to practice to podium: Managing knowledge in Olympic and Paralympic sport science and medicine
    Collaboration through communities of practice
    Influencing behaviour using KM activities (communities of practice) (practical exercise)
    Creating and leading a high-performance team
    Instilling a passion for learning and sharing in the Olympic Games organising committees
    Developing knowledge and information management capabilities in central government
    Creating a useful knowledge repository from a document storage site (interactive case study)
    Knowledge management in a project management environment
    Regulating the financial services industry – KM tools and techniques
    Conducting a knowledge audit
    An overview of how the British Army does KM and its recent history

12th KMUK 2015, 10-11 June 2015, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme:

    Daily Themes:
    Knowledge Management Startegy and Organisational Culture (day 1)
    Knowledge Management challenges 2015: People process and technology (day 2)

    Hidden innovation: How the power of culture often works against innovation
    Knowledge tools for your customers
    Shaping this year’s KMUK conference (interactive session)

    Get innovative or get dead: how to build a ‘responsive organisation’
    Measuring the value of KM culture
    Working across culture for successful information sharing
    The current status of knowledge management in the world today
    KM: working with high performance teams
    Magic and mayhem – the future of technology within knowledge management
    Cloud security: A government step-change
    Knowledge sharing as the prerequisite for collaboration: the undervalued role of digital and social media

    Case Studies:
    Overcoming the pitfalls to implement a successful KM project
    Help not hinder: How the law can empower and benefit a business undertaking a KM project
    How to build a proprietary knowledge library
    Social media usage at the BBC – Case Study (BBC Arabic)
    Managing virtual knowledge exchange

    Panel Discussions:
    Project management best practices

11th KMUK 2014, 11-12 June 2014, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Enhance your Knowledge Management strategies and engage your internal stakeholders

    Conference Program n.a.

10th KMUK 2013, 26-27 June 2013, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Collaborating as a social business to deliver competitive advantage and world-class results

    Punished by rewards (extended keynote with knowledge cafe)

    The culture word
    Punished by rewards (extended keynote with knowledge cafe)
    KM and social innovation

    International Industry University: Is it a new trend or just a collaborative team?
    Reflections on a personal journey: Making social “Knowledging” happen in global complex organisations
    Knowledge sharing strategy to embed sustainability in all that we do
    Championing knowledge from within: Using business unit professionals to promote knowledge
    KM technology evolution not revolution: Know the data already in your organisation
    Driving strategic behaviour through technological change
    Where should KM sit in an organisation?
    KM and ICT supporting performance and value in one another
    Managing knowledge in a virtual organisation: Remembering who knows what where when
    Adopting a collaborative approach to tackle 21st century engineering challenges
    Change and talking: KM and the move to flexible resource management at the Department for Education
    Collaboration, knowledge sharing and the role of KM in a global private equity firm
    The interactive dynamics of the knowledge economy
    Producing collaborative meetings and products at the Worl dHealth Organisation
    Measuring Proactive Reviews: A method of collaborative learning in organisations
    Fuelling future R&D projects with past learning
    Supporting transformation in the National Health Service
    La grande finale: Learning in action at KMUK 2013

    Panel discussions:
    KM, social business, collaboration and technology (Joint conversation session)
    Exploring the global trends in KM and collaboration

    Speaker clinics at KMUK 2013

KM Europe 2013, 24-25 April 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Streams: Knowledge Management Startegy, Organisational Learning; Conversation and Dialogue; Sharing and Culture; Retaining Knowledge

    Note: KM Europe is “Back by popular demand”.

    Conference Workshops:
    Open conversation: Who takes responsibility for knowledge sharing? Balancing hierarchy and organisation with individuals, departments and networks (open conversation)
    The Power of Conversation: Learning and Innovation through dialogue (extended interactive session)

    A new strategic role for KM: Stepping up tothe challenge of organisational agility (extended opening keynote w. respondent)
    Is conversation our most powerful KM tool?

    Successful KM for lawyers: A strategic insight into managing valuable intellectual capital atone of the world’s leading law firms
    Fuelling future R&D projects with past learning
    Spreading a knowledge management culture
    Knowledge continuity: Keeping the critical know-how in the organisation

    Case Studies:
    How a leading IT service provider bridged the widening gap between the field and headquarters
    The lessons learned process in Technip
    Leveraging KM for managing complexity
    Dimensions of global sharing in HEINEKEN
    Knowledge retention: A corporate demerger

    Panel discussions:
    Who takes responsibility for knowledge sharing? Balancing hierarchy and organisation with individuals, departments and networks (Open conversation)
    The power ofconversation: Learning and innovation through dialogue (extended interactive session/dialogue)

9th KMUK 2012, 13-14 June 2012, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: How Knowledge Management professionals can communicate with confidence at the most senior levels, engage with business issues and speak in the language of the business

    Conference Program n.a.

8th KMUK 2011, 21-22 June 2011, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The knowledge management function’s role as ‘business decision support’

    Conference Streams:
    People, Culture and Strategy (A)
    Tools, Techniques and Technology (B)

    Knowledge Cafe: Knowledge management has not lived up to its expectations over the past 15 years. What do we need to do to change this by 2026?
    After action review of KMUK 2011

    Learning from the Bene Gesserit

    Social Business: The role of KM in international development and climate change resilience projects to help poor and vulnerable people in Asia
    Learning from the engineering sector: Applying systems engineering practices to achieve your KM strategy
    Knowledge management as a logical outcome of business strategy
    Securing your strategic role in the business
    Sharing knowledge in a global corporation
    Realising the four dimensions of KM: Personal, team, organisational and inter-organisational
    The terrible time barrier and other stories
    Lessons earned. Inspirational stories from knowledgeable organisations who truly value what they learn
    Developing after action reviews to proactive reviews to improve business results of all kinds

    Case Studies:
    Using knowledge markets to support business-led KM
    Integrating internal and external knowledge assets to drive business insights
    Devising a global knowledge sharing strategy to make wise business decisions at Syngenta
    Driving customer experience excellency and long-term sustainability at Thomson Reuters with Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) (award shortlisted case study)
    Establishing a knowledge hub to enable evidence-based decision making in healthcare
    The Welsh Assembly Government’s business critical tool which has created cultural shift by connecting people (award winning case study)
    Control freaks look away now!
    Practical semantics – What can semantics do for me today? (award winning case study)

    2nd KMUK Awards

7th KMUK 2010, 15-16 June 2010, London, United Kingdom

    Note: Formely known as KCUK; KMUK is “Incorporating: KM Europe 2010”

    Conference Streams:
    People and strategy (A)
    Tools, techniques and technology (B)

    Business Strategy Workshop: Driving innovation and advantage through knowledge management (B)

    What is KM for?
    People 2.0; working in a 2.0 World

    What if there wasn’t any social media? How to get people to talk to each other in an organisation which doesn’t or cannot use social media (w. group exercise)
    Explaining the role of KM in the human capital lifecycle
    Creating a new Business Strategy at ERM: Knowledge Sharing, Communications and Staff Engagement all in one
    Effective storytelling techniques for business leadership, to bring about positive business change (w. group exercise)
    Adopting crowdsourcing techniques to solve business problems (w. group exercise)
    Knowledge transfer: London museums, libraries and archives supporting business innovation
    Getting the most out of networking at KMUK
    The Future is Uncertain, learn to live with it

    Case Studies:
    KM approaches to support innovation and stimulate cross-fertilization in a Research & Development environment
    How to fail in government KM (w. group discussion)
    The HEINEKEN Story: Explaining the KM process and the relationship between KM, the regulatory framework and business development
    Knowledge management in a professional services firm
    Enabling social learning and collaboration to meet business outcomes (w. group discussion)
    Internal experiences with social computing
    Knowledge creation tools and techniques
    Project eNotebooks – integrating information and knowledge across teams
    Utilising collaborative knowledge sharing technology at the MTR Corporation, HongKong (award shortlisted case study)
    Exploitation of technology to underpin organisational learning at BAE Systems

    Panel Discussions:
    Developing personal knowledge management skills for the super-networked world
    We’ve established what KM is for? Now where is it heading?

    2nd KMUK Awards

6th KCUK 2009, 8-9 June 2009, London, United Kingdom

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge Sharing and Content Management (A)
    Strategy, Management and Technology (B)

    Speed networking session
    Problem-solving clinic

    Managing your KM strategy to support the business

    Embedding KM as a cost-efficient working practice to support the business
    Establishing a more rigorous KM strategy with an ROI and review process
    Retaining essential business capital through retiring staff, redundancies and mergers
    Championing core business messages and inspiring your workforce through storytelling
    Utilising Communities of Practice to expand your organisation’s potential
    Re-selling your KM programme to the business
    Supporting the business: Redesigning and improving your intranet
    Making the most of employees’ time with efficient search technology for your KM systems
    Maximising business potential through text analytics software
    Realising the potential of your business’s e-communication assets
    Evaluating your current storage facilities to calculate potential long-term savings
    Maximising your online presence: Targeting key customers though your website
    Exploiting business intelligence systems to enhance your corporate strategy
    Identifying and managing potential information security risks in your business
    KM 3.0: Identifying the value of Semantic web to your organisation
    Optimising your organisation’s intellectual capital with integrated specialist content
    Gaining a competitive advantage with enterprise social software
    Revealing the true business benefits of SharePoint
    Building a change management strategy for employees

    Assessing the benefits of navigation, search and tagging to locate crucial business knowledge (B)
    Identifying the business purpose of using the right collaborative tools (A)
    Motivating your organisation: Engaging your workforce in training (Forum)
    The KM Q&A! (1st day round up panel)

5th KCUK 2008, 25-26 June 2008, London, United Kingdom

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge Sharing and Culture (A)
    Content Management and Technology (B)
    Strategy and Management Stream (For senior-level management only) (C)

    Workshops: (C)
    Fusing innovation and strategic knowledge management
    Advancing leadership: using narrative to inspire enduring action
    Building a change management strategy for employees
    Designing a dynamic communications strategy


    Developing a “KM strategy for beginners”
    Evolving KM through eLearning
    Implementing next generation information retrieval
    Pushing the boundaries of your communities of practice
    Ensuring effective knowledge retention
    Analysing the advantage of corporate blogging
    Promoting storytelling in your organisation
    Redesigning your intranet as an effective internal communication tool
    Choosing the best governance model for your business
    Unifying process and content; an implementer’s point of view
    Maintaining an effective tagging system
    Ensuring best practice accessibility and usability on your intranet
    Writing for the web: enhancing the quality of your content
    Determining ways to govern and manage user-generated content (UGC) alongside corporate content
    Knowledge Strategy: the Secret Sauce
    Exploring the real business value of wikis

    Case Studies:
    TBD (Industry case study)
    Exploiting enterprise–wide search (Industry case study)

    Roundtable discussion: What does “Knowledge Management” mean in 2008? (A)
    Roundtable discussion: Tailoring knowledge sharing for Generation Y (A)
    Roundtable discussion: Investigating knowledge capture methods (A)
    Roundtable discussion: Navigation v. Search (B)
    Roundtable discussion: Analysing the benefits of different publishing structures (B)
    Unwrapping the potential of Enterprise 2.0 (Forum) (C)
    The KM Debate!
    Roundtable discussion: Social software: knowledge sharing made easy ?
    Roundtable discussion: Understanding the internal importance of an efficient directory

4th KCUK 2007, 26-27 June 2007, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Working your information and knowledge assets

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge Management (A)
    Content Management (B)

    Engineers sharing knowledge; an innovative approach to knowledge management (Practitioner keynote) (A)
    Enterprise portal as the ‘workplace of the future’ (Practitioner keynote) (B)
    Knowledge Management: what has worked and what has not (Thought-leader keynote and extended Q&A session)

    Assessing the current and future KM landscape
    Communicating and demonstrating knowledge leadership
    Social software in a hard world: transforming KM in a global professional services business
    Communities of practice: keeping the momentum going
    Positioning knowledge management as a key enabler in achieving business objectives
    Creating and capturing the conditions for change through learning
    Knowledge on demand: unlocking the key to knowledge-sharing rewards
    Strengthening the knowledge economy; techniques to engage people in KM
    Promoting a knowledge-sharing culture
    From retrofitting to driving change and development with knowledge management
    Transferring and retaining knowledge from departing employees
    KM as a key component of business change
    Combining business intelligence and knowledge management strategy to transform knowledge worker productivity
    Tying in KM initiatives with long-term organisational objectives; embedding KM in the organisational mind-set
    Managing user-generated content
    Future total information enterprises; getting the right information, to the right person, in the right form at the right time
    Utilising global search at The National Archives
    Integrating content and document management to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing
    Weighing up the options to select the right CMS for your organisation
    Placing order on a chaotic intranet through a KM system
    Re-positioning content management on the business agenda
    Transforming your intranet into a value-added tool
    Undertaking content migration across disparate systems to enhance information flow
    Placing content at the heart of a multi-channel web delivery strategy
    Developing a centralised, searchable and collaborative means of managing information
    Indexing content across the enterprise
    Turning around a failing best-practice management system
    Taking web content management to the next level

    Open discussion forums:
    Embedding KM in your working practices (A)
    Safeguarding your vital information assets (b)

7th KC Europe 2006, 14-16 November 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Harnessing the power of vital information and corporate knowledge

    (CANCELLED and merged with KCUK 2007)

    Conference Workshops:
    KC Europe Fringe (EKMF/KnowledgeBoard event)


3rd KCUK 2006, 4-6 July 2006, London, United Kingdom

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Jul 6):
    Knowledge Management & Innovation: Fusing knowledge with innovation for a competitive edge
    Knowledge Transitions: Harvesting knowledge from people about to retire or in high turn over environments AND getting young people and new joiners to use the material
    When two worlds collide: Exploring the marriage of knowledge management and flexible working

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge Management (A)
    Content Management (B)

    Putting the knowledge of the day into action (Gurteen Knowledge Café) (A)
    Speed networking (A)

    TBC (Industry keynote)
    KM: evolutionary dead end or the shape of the future? (Thought-leader keynote)
    When two worlds collide; the marriage of KM and flexible working (A) (Practitioner keynote)
    Examining the new era of content management and its impact on the CM landscape (B) (Practitioner keynote)

    A new KM model, a new KM structure; the KM organisation of the future
    Developing a knowledge-sharing culture
    Developing an expertise location system for effective knowledge identification
    Knowledge retention from an ageing workforce
    “An apple a day……” (Get fit for KM)
    The empowered knowledge worker
    Empowering real world e-Business through the application of content & knowledge management
    Orchestrating people, processes and technology to improve collaboration and performance
    Integrating KM initiatives with existing processes and systems within a service delivery organisation
    Knowledge transfer networks: the value of a software platform approach
    TBC Client case-study
    Learning content management: current and next generation systems
    Solving the immediate issue of multiple content systems and repositories whilst taking a strategic view
    Maintaining a high-volume intranet within strict security and technological boundaries
    Deriving maximum value from your content
    Transforming your intranet into a wiki for a more collaborative user experience
    Delivering an e-presence to support and underpin business activities
    TBC Understanding the hidden 80%
    Search vs. searching: is it a technology or a user experience?
    The information highway – are you on the high road or the low road?
    Akzo Nobel case study: distributed corporate content management through syndication
    Managing multilingual sites
    Deutsche Post portal consolidation project
    Moving from one CMS to another: the hidden challenge
    Managing the approach to a global CMS project

    Open discussion forums:
    New trends in online content and information provision (b)

    Product demonstrations

6th KCC Europe 2005, 7-9 November 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Capturing, exploiting & sharing information assets

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Nov 9):
    The aging workforce and other vital but difficult knowledge capture and use problems
    Intelligent Complex Adaptive System (a new theory of the firm): Understanding the nature of knowledge, learning and collaborative leadership
    Egocentric pyjama-clad amateurs or besuited corporate collaborators?
    Downsides, upsides and sidesides – the real business value of blogs, wikis and other social media
    Beyond search to findability: trusting what you find is as important as finding it!
    How to bring value to your intranet through making it the trusted, authoritative information platform of your organisation

    KCC Europe Fringe (EKMF/KnowledgeBoard event)

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge Management: Culture and communities (A)
    Collaboration: Search, structure and share (B)

    The relationship between organisational learning processes and knowledge management (A)
    Focusing on the “management” part of KM – a managing partner’s perspective
    Portals-based business solutions that increase productivity, improve decision-making, automate processes, and create richer relationships with customers and partners
    KM systems and solutions at NASA
    The Vodafone Italy KM project
    From Red Room to KM
    Practical experiences of Knowledge Management in a large Dutch tax firm
    Symbiotic KM, embedding KM principles, targets, and concepts in the plans and strategies of organisational units
    Pushing KM into top gear – deploying KM at the enterprise level
    The difference between story telling and narrative
    Harnessing the collective knowledge of the marketplace
    Developing a knowledge-sharing culture at Aon
    The organisation of the future – a new model for success in a non-linear, complex and turbulent environment
    Measuring and demonstrating the value of knowledge management
    The rising use of wiki’s and blogs – trials and tribulations
    Practical knowledge-acquisition techniques that deliver tangible returns
    KM – a key enabler for achieving business objectives
    The vision, strategy, objectives and plan of a global KM programme
    Orchestrating people, processes and technology to improve collaboration and performance
    Optimising enterprise search from a user perspective
    Integrating and sharing organisational knowledge through topic maps
    Implementing an Employee Self-Service Programme
    Discovering gems at De Beers: taxonomies as a key to knowledge sharing
    The long tail of enterprise search
    Patterns in search – tried and tested recipes for managing information complexity
    Delivering personalised e-services to citizens
    Content Consumers and Content Citizens
    Integrating content management tools into workflow
    Developing and implementing an effective CM strategy
    The adoption of an innovative browser-based enterprise publishing solution by the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group
    Implementing a Weblog and RSS business strategy
    Strategic approach to enterprise search & retrieval
    Taxonomy: are we there yet? Developing a programme
    Best practice approach to implementing collaboration tools at Nissan
    Findability: the key to making your intranet a trusted utility
    A strategic approach to intranet development

    Conference-Expo with product demonstrations

2nd KCUK 2005, 4-6 July 2005, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Capturing and delivering business-critical information

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Jul 6):
    Learning to Fly: Experiential learning, Peer Assist and After Action Review
    Building knowledge systems which will assist you in meeting the needs of your organisation
    Storytelling in an entertaining and informative way
    Blogs that can propel knowledge sharing in your organization

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge-collaboration and communities (A)
    Content-structure and retrieval (B)

    Social networks: analysis and stimulation

    Case Studies:
    BP: Using KM techniques to tackle AIDS and save lives
    Unleashing the tacit power of social networks
    Linking knowledge management to corporate performance
    Merchant International Group
    Outokumpu: Keeping the web in line with your business strategy
    HBOS: Orchestrating people, processes and technology for improved performance and agility
    Unilever: Communities of practice: knowledge sharing in practice
    British Council: Applying sense-making methodology to design knowledge-sharing projects
    Dynamic enterprise publishing – next generation enterpise authoring and publication
    Effectively deploying knowledge sharing and mapping tools
    Capturing and creating expertise and enabling on-going information exchange
    Enabling employees to share insight, expertise and experience
    Jaguar: Building your knowledge capability
    The Rockley Group: Building an Information Architecture for effective Content Management
    The Bank of England: Effective information search and retrieval
    Implementing a Collaborative ECM infrastructure
    Using ECM to consolidate, collaborate and comply
    Criteria for effective enterprise search
    Capturing, structuring and applying your organisation’s assets to deliver business value
    Home Office: Managing enterprise content and information lifecycle management
    Buckman Laboratories: Enterprise Search snd Knowledge Sharing in a rapidly changing environment
    Leicestershire County Council: Implementing a successful taxonomy that reflects the evolving organisation’s needs
    Enabling employees, customers and partners to collaborate, contribute and access business-critical content
    Intranet Usability: putting people first
    Boye IT: Top five reasons why content management projects fail
    Optimising the content supply chain
    Prudential: Setting workable objectives for your content migration project

5th KM Europe 2004, 8-10 November 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Nov 10):
    Exploring and mastering high-value uses of storytelling: narrative as a leadership and management tool
    A knowledge café on intellectual capital focusing on tentative projects to prototypes (or: A step-by-step guide to demonstrate the value of intellectual capital)
    Apply knowledge-based thinking: featuring the KMAP tool
    Managing culture and change within a complex organization
    Situation-Handling and Mental Models/Stories Provide the People-Focus for Knowledge Management
    Build and sustain strategic communities of practice: responding to business demands and needs

    The future of intellectual capital: knowledge navigation now and in the future
    The business value of Collaboration – latest evidences from empirical research
    KM and governance: linking KM programmes and risk to organisational strategy
    People-focused knowledge management: how effective decision making leads to corporate success
    Knowledge at work: developing the ideal knowledge-sharing environment
    The knowledge management dilemma: do we confuse knowledge with knowing?

    Dstl’s Knowledge Agents: opening Pandora’s Box

    Case Studies:
    Successful KM in the Public Sector at Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC)
    BP’s story: the transition from knowledge management to operational excellence
    Utilising the Sasol KM pyramid of excellence for implementing and measuring KM,

    Communities Programme:
    Knowledgeboard – Building the European KM community
    The development of the knowledge agent: opening pandora’s box
    Communities of practice: Knowledge sharing in practice
    Developing and sustaining a system of good practice guides at Financial Ombudsman Service
    Increasing the usage of your electronic records management program
    Personal Knowledege Management? A collaborative exploration of personal experiences and business values, methods and tools

    EU Village:
    REWERSE – Web Data Management powered by Rules and Reasoning in the Semantic Web: Intelligent Solutions for Web-Data Extraction, Management & Accessibility
    CREATE – Creative Processes for Enterprise Innovation

    Sponsor Workshops:
    Integrator – Linking knowledge management to corporate performance
    Convera – TBD
    SAP – Enabling change: effective management of knowledge, processes and technology to foster sustainable growth
    Verity – Managing and Structuring your intellectual capital
    Endeca – Next generation search and guided navigation on unstructured content with an Endeca customer
    EMAX Consulting/TheBrain – Moving beyond search: using information visualisation and discovery
    Infolution – The power(s) of seven: giving end users what they really want
    MuseGlobal – Increasing the productivity of knowledge workers through metasearch
    Fast – A new perspective on enterprise search
    SAP – What does a business software vendor do in the realm of knowledge management?
    Inxight Software – Emerging technologies improve the accuracy of information retrieval
    Autonomy – Creating an automated approach to information management
    Objective Corporation – Developing an enterprise content management system: one version of the truth
    Mondosoft – Enterprise search and behaviour analytics: a unique window on customer needs and desires
    Sitescape – TBD
    Saperion – Integrated business process management for the enterprise
    iFramework – Knowledge intranets – It’s more than content its about engaging with your people
    iFramework – What is a knowledge intranet: it’s more than just content, it is about engaging with your people
    Kapow – Web integration: integrating applications has never been easier

    Technology Partner Program:
    Case study: From unstructured data to next generation search and guided navigation
    Using meaning to add structure to unstructured text
    Using knowledge management to consolidate, collaborate and comply
    Customer case study: Successful implementation of a KM methodology with SAP NetWeaver
    Knowledge management @ Siemens
    Start Finding: the value of the right taxonomy for your company
    Unleashing the business potential of implicit knowledge
    Content integration through metasearch
    The power and potential of turning social networks into value networks

1st KMUK 2004, 14-16 June 2004, London, UK

Conference Theme: Realising the value of Knowledge Management

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Jun 16):
    Developing working solutions based on the knowledge embedded in your system
    An organic approach to knowledge strategy and mapping
    Storytelling as a leadership tool
    Making knowledge management practical: tools and techniques to take away

    Making one’s way in the knowledge economy
    Knowledge and Innovation
    Families, clans, tribes and hoards: the use of social networks in knowledge and learning
    Managing Organisational Knowledge through Systemic Interventions using Constellations

    Practitioner Case Studies:
    BAE Systems – Best practice transfer through collaborative learning at BAE Systems Virtual University
    Pfizer – Using KM strategies to nurture innovation
    DTI Business Finance and Investment Unit – Critical success factors: Self assessment tool for business
    ABN Amro – Discovering the secrets of earning money with eknowledge
    Benfield – Aligning your information strategy to your business needs

    Panel discussions:
    Managing social and value networks in complex organisations (London Knowledge Network interactive panel discussion)

    Problem-solving workshops: (knowledge academy / sponsor workshops)
    Endeca – Stop searching start finding: how search and guided navigation is fundamentally changing KM (Technology Partner Workshop)
    IBM – A day in the life of a knowledge community (KM Advisory Centre Workshop)
    Object 1 – Advanced content exploitation (ACE): enabling enterprise agility (KM Advisory Centre Workshop)
    Hyperwave’s collaborative Enterprise Content Management infrastructure (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    The Morphix Company – Implementing KM solutions that work (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    Factiva – Maximising your information investment: the convergence of technology and content (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    Documentum – Knowledge is all about content (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    Zensar Technologies – Practical approach in KM; think big, start small, scale quickly (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    Convera – Taxonomies – Knowledge management glue (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    Corpora Software – Creation to analysis: the knowledge lifecycle (Gold Sponsor Workshop)
    WebAbacus – TBD (Silver Sponsor Workshop)
    TBC (2)

4th KM Europe 2003, 10–12 November 2003, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Challenges facing Knowledge Management and practical advice on managing the KM lifecycle

    Tacit and explicit knowledge: an organic approach to knowledge strategy and knowledge mapping
    Value Network Dynamics: How does knowledge create value?
    Making knowledge management practical: tools and techniques to take away
    Developing and nurturing communities of practice
    Demonstrating Knowledge Management as a generator of business value
    Releasing the value from knowledge management investments

    Conference Streams:
    Knowledge & Collaboration (A)
    Intranets & Portals (B)
    Content Management and Search & Retrieval (C)

    Keynotes: (A)
    Gaining Deep Smarts: Seven ways of Knowing During Innovation
    Complex Knowledge
    Creating and Retaining Knowledge: Lessons learned from Leading Firms
    Knowledge, Networks and Value Creation
    The Cultural Dilammas of Knowledge Management
    Managing the Knowledge Lifecycle

    Managing distributed workforces and dealing with the challenges of globalisation
    Improving client engagement and utilising customer knowledge and feedback
    Benefiting from business alliances and building on your partner relationships
    Seneka – Implementation of Holistic KM
    Empowering innovation and idea generation among your employees
    Developing an infrastructure and an environment conducive to learning and knowledge creation
    Knowing what you know – making the most of the intellectual assets and human capital at your disposal
    Aligning KM tools with a knowledge-sharing culture
    Unilever Research & Development Case Study
    ABN AMRO Case Study
    Strategic Performance through Intangibles Development (Sponsor presentation)
    Maximize the Return of your Intellectual Capital (Sponsor presentation)
    Facilitating community development “ Semantic Knowledge: A exemplary use case in tourism industry” (Sponsor presentation)
    Knowledge at the Speed of Need©: A Dynamic Visual Interface for Knowledge Access (Sponsor presentation)
    Improving client engagement and utilising customer knowledge and feedback (Sponsor presentation)
    Understanding the importance of portal and content/knowledge-system integration
    Knowledge at work: using portals to support people and processes in knowledge sharing activities.
    Choosing the right enterprise portal solution: build, buy or integrate?
    Evolving your intranet into a corporate porta
    An enterprise integration framework: the role of portals and web services.
    Driving ROI through successful enterprise-portal implementation.
    Aligning intranet redesign with you knowledge working strategy.
    Re-evaluating your CRM strategy
    Corporate portals: making knowledge accessible to all
    A strategic approach to applying taxonomy
    Underpinning your portal with an effective information architecture
    A simple way to uncover the tacit knowledge of a large organization (Sponsor presentation)
    KM at Renault; a contribution to the e-transformation of the enterprise
    Meeting compliance regulations with CM
    Incorporating content reusability into a CM strategy
    Creating and managing localised, multi-lingual content
    Using streaming media within a content strategy
    Migrating content into a CMS
    Migrating from Basic Search to True Information Discovery (Sponsor presentation)
    Turning enterprise search into a real-time strategic weapon with quantifiable results (Sponsor presentation)
    Are you ready to know more? (Sponsor presentation)
    Exploiting Corporate Taxonomies: An Overview (Sponsor presentation)
    Disclosing Unstructured Content for Integrated Communication and Knowledge Management (Sponsor presentation)
    Evaluating ROI of your content management strategy (Sponsor presentation)
    Co-ordinating content management strategies with search and analytics (Sponsor presentation)

    EC Village Programme:
    WISE project – Knowledge management in engineering: case studies on re-using and sharing knowledge
    KINX – Knowledge Integration Practice in High-tech SMEs: A Survey on the Use of External Knowledge for Product Development
    BEEP (Best eEurope Practices) – From hindsight to foresight
    KT Web – Connecting Knowledge Technology Communities
    INKASS – How an ontology improves knowledge asset sharing and trading
    EKMF: Knowledgebaord – From Knowledge to Value – from KM to Innovation Management. Why innovation? Why now?

    Sponsor Workshops:
    Successful Knowledge Management becomes part of the business process using an enterprise knowledge infrastructure
    Competencies in organisational networks – using synergies
    How to optimize search and managing of content through customer behaviour analysis
    Supporting strategy with appropriate competencies
    Managing large-scale digital data collections
    Why Knowledge Management is no different to selling soap…
    Driving Innovation with the Semantic Intranet
    From Knowledge to Know-How
    Pool the Knowledge in Companies by Means of Content Integration
    Resense, ‘The knowledge game.’
    Great Minds Working Together – Knowledge Management and Collaboration
    Using Search To Design an Intranet
    Implementation of Holistic Knowledge Management
    Mining tacit information

3rd KM Europe 2002, 13-15 November 2002, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Linking knowledge management to real business needs

    Overcome the Challenges of Globalisation with New Generation Knowledge Management
    The Wealth of Knowledge: Reaping Real Profits from Intangible Assets
    Complex Knowledge
    Using Knowledge to raise the value of work
    Strategy in the Knowledge Economy
    Baking Knowledge Into Knowledge Work

    Practitioner Case Studies:
    INSEAD – Passages from organisational knowledge to innovation: new economy dynamics, intangible assets and organisational design
    Aventis Pharmaceuticals – Developing and implementing a knowledge and knowledge management strategy including lessons learned
    ABN AMRO Trust – A practical, inter-disciplinary approach for implementing the learning organisation

    Case Studies:
    KPMG case study of Verity’s KM software

    Company Presentations:
    Making knowledge pay
    From Concept To Reality: The practical application of knowledge management, leading to the improvement of business performance
    Falling off the bicycle – KM lessons from the real world
    Collaboration, the key to successful knowledge management
    Effective integration of enterprise content, business processes and IT applications
    A practical approach to knowledge management
    Collaborative knowledge management: a key factor of innovation and competitive advantage the road to profitability
    Building Futures: competing through collaboration, learning and innovation
    Virtual community, real world problems
    Collexis®: your knowledge/intellectual assets at hand
    Knowledge networking: the future of knowledge management
    Building collaborative community content
    New rules for an old game
    Collaboration models: pure and hybrid
    KM software will be infrastructure software, not a new standalone enterprise application category
    Making Interoperability a Practical Reality: the role of persistent identifiers

    Developing and applying a real-life Knowledge Management audit and map (CILIP Event)
    TBD (CILIP Event)
    The theory of the Semantic Web and how it is applied to the enterprise
    Making Knowledge Work – a case study of a client driven organisation
    The theory of the Semantic Web and how it is applied to the enterprise
    How to motivate knowledge workers?
    Applying best practice processes for knowledge management: The Knowledge Sphere
    Advanced knowledge technologies
    Consideration of knowledge as a concept and the role of technology in its management (CILIP Event)
    They are very, very good at their jobs: Knowledge Agents at the DSTL
    Making communities work in a challenging professional environment (CILIP)
    Communities and information professionals (CILIP Event)
    Come and discover for yourself what the Sveiby Toolkit, Celemi and SKA Global can do for you
    Libraries as clusters of user communities
    Knowledge mobilisation and localisation in the health care domain: the role of communities of practice (CILIP Event)

    European KM Forum (knowledgeboard) Events:
    What is hot in the European KM community? (Open Meeting)
    Knowledge Angels – Setting up an European Network of Excellence for the Knowledge based Economy (Open Meeting)

    KM Learning Zone Activities: (MKM (Knowledge Management Masters) Events)
    Visualise your KM problems in LEGO
    Knowledge Cafe: The Strange Story of Knowledge in Four Pictures

2nd KM Europe 2001, 27-29 November 2001, The Hague, The Netherlands

    n.a. / Dave Snowden
    Building a Knowledge Sharing Organization
    The Knowledge Millennium: Harnessing the Innovation SuperHighway
    How to deliver 200 Million $ through mega-communities of practice
    When All’s Said and Done, Where’s the Weak Link in KM?
    Developing a Comprehensive Knowledge Strategy

    Knowledge: Driving Decisions Through Effective Collaboration
    Harness the Power of Social Networks for Corporate Portal & Intranet with Verity
    Every organisation has great minds
    Automatic Technical Knowledge capture with Semantic Software
    TBD Knowledge Park Presentation
    Organik for R&D: The Payoff from Expertise Sharing
    Five Key Competencies for Success in a Complex Organisation
    Making Knowledge Management Pay!
    From Products to Services:’s Syndication Strategy
    Silverpeas, First Collaborative Portal and Web Services
    Knowhow Mobilisation – the gathering, sharing and publishing of know-how
    From Vision to Results
    Maximise the value of your content!
    Insights from a Highly Successful Pan-European Deployment of Enterprise Knowledge Sharing
    Knowledge Management: “who needs content?
    So how would you define today’s Enterprise “Document”
    A Hard Nut to Crack
    Search Everywhere
    The Value of Collaboration
    Siemens Learning Valley, from awakening to action
    Knowledge Management – People, Process or Technology?
    Adaptive Intelligence – Beyond Knowledge Management and into the Adaptive World
    A Corporate Knowledge management system – in practice not just theory
    Knowledge Management – from Socrates to eEurope
    Business Information the Way You Want It
    A business rule approach to Knowledge Management
    …n.a. (3)

    Workshop TBD (British Telecommunications)
    “Knowledge management and the information professions” (2x lunchtime open seminar; Library Association)
    Lunch Meeting (Applied Psychology Research)
    Workshop TBD (Topical Net)
    The role of objects in the knowledge of organisations (3x; Sparknow)
    The Future of KM in Europe (European KM Forum’s Open Meeting & Workshop)
    KM Technologies Workshop
    Collaborative Knowledge Management, the next generation of KM Solutions? (Intraspect)
    Successful Knowledge Management Strategies (CIBIT)

1st KM Europe 2000, 20-22 November 2000, Brussels, Belgium

    Enemies and Enablers for KM
    n.a. / Steve Denning
    The Future of Knowledge management in the New Economy
    Perspectives in IC 2000
    From Heirachy to Network: Innovation in the Knowledge-based Economy
    The two faces of Knowledge Management: Towards a Holistic approach
    … n.a. (3)

    “KM Made in Europe”…The IST programme and the transition to the European Knowledge Society
    Building an Enterprise Focus on Knowledge Sharing
    Microsoft Exchange 2000 as a Collaboration Platform
    Collaborative applications on Microsoft Exchange
    Knowledge Tools for the Intranet
    Eliminate risky file attachments and e-mails – share your knowledge with Papirus!
    Using Knowledge to Compete
    Automating Knowledge Management – Yeah, Right!
    Real Time Knowledge Management as Social and Economic Challenge
    How to organize Knowledge in unstructured Document Sets
    Linking Knowledge to Knowledge
    “KM Made in Europe”…leading the way in Knowledge Management for the European design industry – The Klee & Co project
    Driving innovation from your intellectual capital
    Delivering Enterprise Strength Knowledge Management Tools; an introduction and case study
    Knowledge Management in Action: Theory and Practices
    Collaborative work by KM technology
    The Challenge of Change – Let your knowledge work!
    Preparing the Corporation for the global Knowledge Economy
    Hyperknowledge – a protocol for knowledge exchange
    Leveraging Knowledge for eService Success
    A Knowledge Brokers Network: The network that enables you to capitalize on your knowledge – in a profitable manner
    Learning Regions & Knowledge Clusters
    Knowledge Managing success in support
    Encyclopedia of Performance Support – That is the Question
    Capturing and Sharing Tacit Knowledge
    Successful implementation of KM Solutions at Global 2000 companies
    Net.Portal, the European leader in enterprise portals
    The Essential building blocks of an Enterprise Information Portal
    c-COMMERCE: A New Arena for Business on the Web
    Knowledge Management Tools to acquire and aggregate digital assets from disparate web-based information sources
    Corporate Portals – An excellent Knowledge Management tool for the future
    What Competitive Intelligences can teach Knowledge Management

    Workshops and Seminars:

    FOCUS: Knowledge Transfer enablers: Competitive Information and XML technology
    c-COMMERCE: A New Arena for Business on the Web
    uropean Commission Internal Seminar
    Introducing topic maps — the new enabling standard for knowledge management
    XML: Bringing Knowledge to the Web for E-Business Results
    Next generation interfaces for displaying, animating and navigating complex information

    FOCUS: “Made In Europe”…The European Commission
    How to balance re-use and invention – the NIMCube story
    Game-based Training of Knowledge Management
    An effective Corrporate Knowledge Transfer Platform
    The ENRICH approach to knowledge management
    Process oriented methods and toold for knowledge management
    Integrating the Product and Process perspectives in KM: The KNOW-NET & LEVER Projects
    Pragmatic Approaches for Knowledge Management – Case Studies
    The European KM Forum – A community for accelerating the development and capitalisation of Knowledge Management practices in European research and industry
    Intelligent Support for People Oriented Process Re-Engineering and Change Management
    Klee&Co;: The Art of Knowledge Management
    A model and platform for collaborative networks
    Leveraging Operational Resource Expertise
    KM Made in Europe – The European KM Forum

    FOCUS: Others
    Competitive Intelligence Services for Business
    Verity’s Portal One, how to build and manage corporate knowledge platforms
    SERware – An integrated product suite for Complete Knowledge Logistics
    The BT Global Challenge!

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