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The Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (JSIK; Japanese: 情報知識学会) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Study/Working Groups

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Subcommittee (est. 1989)
  • Technical Terminology Study Group (est. 1988)
  • Senior Information and Knowledge Study Group (est. 2011)
  • Knowledge, Art and Cultural Informatics Study Group – Kansai Section (est. 2012)
  • Open Science and Open Data (OS-OD) Study Group (est. 2019)
  • SGML/XML Working Group*


  • Kansai Section/Division (est. 2004)
  • CODATA Subcommittee – Japanese branch of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)
  • JSIK Youth Association*


  • Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Conference (JSIK Conference)*
      The two days Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Conference (JSIK Conference; Japanese: 日本情報知識学会大会), until 2005 the one day Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Research Report Meeting, is the annual research report and general assembly meeting of the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (JSIK).
  • Information & Knowledge Forum*
      The Information and Knowledge Forum or the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Forum (Japanese: 回情報知識学フォーラム), formerly the SGML / XML Training Forum, is an annual forum organized by the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (JSIK) addressing current topics in information and knowledge. It consists of invited lectures/talks and research presentations (oral or poster presentations) from academic members.
  • Technical Terminology Symposium** (1988-2009)


Information & Knowledge Online Seminar Series

  • Oct 2022: #04 Information Technology Supporting Japan Search
      Policy and Technology for Metadata Coordination in Japan Search
      ColBase as a linker
  • Jun 2022: #03 Examples of Development of Products and Services at Dai Nippon Printing Utilizing Information Technology – Application of Interface Design and Operations Research
      Trial of Japanese layout design to improve reading efficiency
      Interface construction from the user’s perspective
      Development and Application of Combinatorial Optimization Solver Using Annealing Method
  • Feb 2022: #2 Knowledge Base Formed Behind and Inside CiNii Research, an Academic Information Search Platform – New Information and Data Search Technologies Essential for Research Activities by Students and Researchers
  • Nov 2021: #01 Challenge and fruition of knowledge and information technology in Toppan Printing
      Current status and issues of Kuzushiji OCR
      Efforts of the Printing Museum Centered on Printing Culture Studies
      Case Study of Machine Learning Efforts in Toppan Printing

Knowledge, Art, and Cultural Informatics Study Group

  • Knowledge, Art, and Cultural Informatics Studies Seminar*

    The Knowledge, Art, and Cultual Informatics Seminar is addressed to students and young researchers who are interested in information and knowledge research in art, culture, and other related fields. This research meeting is positioned as a place where participants can discover new research themes and methods through exchanges of people from different fields. It is co-organized with the Kansai Section of the Art Documentation Society in co-operation with the Ritsumeikan University’s Art Research Center (“Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures” project).

    12th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 18, 2023, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan / virtual venue

      Improvement of learning support system based on sutra copying programming
      Development of an image search system for kao
      Visualization research on “maai” in Japanese dance – Cubic and local
      Kabuki actor information from classical documents using named entity extraction method
      Miyako Odori and its publication database construction
      Analysis of factors contributing to the progress of digitalization and openness of local government newsletters
      Possibilities of Nara research utilizing cultural resources
      Practice of digital archive at Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum

    11th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 12, 2022, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan virtual venue

      Creation of digital content based on 3D measurement data of armor
      Borobudur temple mural relief by deep learning – Semantic Segmentation
      Study on support for creating comprehension tests for information processing subjects
      Is the for statement necessary? Questions and analysis in programming class
      Research on the role of documentation in video production
      Practice of building a digital archive related to local government video materials – Case study of digital archive construction of “Kyoto News”
      Analysis of trends in CGM by generation based on web content database creation
      Heroes and villains seen from American comic original movies – Research on Transition
      Analysis of Waka and Paintings of the Lotus Sutra through Text Analysis

    10th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 13, 2021, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan virtual venue

      Improvement of Multiple Choice Question Generation Support System for Information Processing Subjects
      Examination of location information correction of databases on ruins
      Progress in digitization and openness of local materials such as local government history - Differences between Kanagawa Prefecture City Areas and Town and Village Areas
      Study on Support for Effective Browsing of Genealogy Contents
      Virtual exhibition using social VR service “VRChat”: Development of production system – Ritsumeikan University Art Research Center reading room
      Using a large-scale point cloud obtained by 3D measurement: Collision Visualization of Tangible Cultural Properties
      Construction and construction of an archive of historical dramas as Japanese cultural resources
      Theater Archive Research: Theory and Practice Focusing on Contemporary Theater
      Development of Ukiyo-e Image Retrieval System Based on Deep Learning Model
      Towards a cross-modal multilingual search for ukiyo-e records: Trial of feature embedding extraction of work information by Multilingual-BERT

    9th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 15, 2020, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Construction of C language learning support interface based on sut
      Kamikoto for Digital Archives of Traditional Japanese Music
      Issues in Archiving Internet Art ― From the Discussion of Participatory Art
      Progress in digitization and openness of local materials such as local government history — From the case of Yokohama City
      A comparative report of deep features and human perception

    8th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, January 26, 2019, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Generation and Analysis of Comprehension Tests for Information Literacy
      e-learning system for C language learning support
      Relief Relief of Borobudur Temple Site Using Deep Learning: Three-dimensional digital reconstruction from old photographs
      Recommendation system based on relevance of Works for Ukiyo-e Digital Archive
      Research on urban development in modern Kyoto”
      Research on game information requirements for thematic access – Quantitative Text Analysis of Q&A Sites
      Document length for Japanese author identification”
      Large-scale reprinting of historical materials through online citizen participation (invited)
      Current status and prospects of Kuzushiji OCR (invited)

    7th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 10, 2018, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Verification of time-series data of search hits and its impact on indicators – Using Google Normalized Distance
      About CBT for information processing education
      High-quality visualization of tangible cultural properties by improving the quality of 3D measurement point clouds
      An Attempt to Recognize the Characters of the Library Seal Using Tenshotai
      Digital information on cultural properties obtained through restoration and research: Conservation research through database construction
      After creating TEI metadata for Japanese materials in Cambridge University Libraries
      How to Complement Each Other in Holding Institutions and Research Institutions ― Work at the Kyoto Prefectural Gaku Rekisaikan
      Efforts toward utilization of classical texts at the National Institute of Japanese Literature (invited)

    6th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, January 21, 2017, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      New Inheritance of Cultural Properties – Nullification of Terrorism
      Interactive Art Using 3D Scanning Technology – Space-Time Archive
      Appearance Archives of Modern Japanese Literature: Woodblock Frontispieces
      Building a database system for genealogy
      Analysis of blog articles on disasters for article provision
      Misinterpretation of statistical data in electronic publication research
      Metadata core set of game package DB

    5th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 6, 2016, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Bibliographic Framework for Describing Information on the Establishment of Classical Books
      Study of Japanese literary works using text mining — About Yasunari Kawabata’s simile expression
      Development of a search system for providing disaster and disaster prevention article information
      Construction of a Digital Archive System for Training Materials ― Focusing on Transcription Support and Database Management
      Concept of a database of Japanese engravings and Chinese classics from the perspective of the Far East
      Reading the Dressing Image Database

    4th Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 7, 2015, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Special Presentations:
      Master craftsmen and craftsmen from early modern and modern Kyoto: Construction of a digital atlas of masters and arts
      Optical measurement and Creation of Image Analysis Fundamental Technology
      Managing Collaborative Research on Humanities Databases: About building the platform

      Construction of disaster/disaster prevention article information provision system
      Building an information management system for personal use
      Construction of a Digital Archive System for Training Materials
      Social Reading for Modern Digital Libraries
      Biwa Shimbun database and regional comparisons: the era of both world wars: The Development and Trends of Modern Biwa Music in East Asia
      Method for automatically extracting expressions related to characters from actors’ reviews
      Image measurement for plate type discrimination in board books ― Focusing on the comparison of the housing height
      Characteristics of Noh writers as seen from the frequency of occurrence of parts of speech: On the verses of Noh song
      Studying one factor of the publishing recession from sales trends of game-related books and magazines
      Demonstration experiment on linking library materials and learning process using IT ― Trial of hybrid reading environment design in the University of Tokyo new library project”

    3rd Workshop on Knowledge, Art and Culture Informatics, February 8, 2014, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Special Presentations:
      Difficulties in Collecting Performing Arts Data
      Dawn of Quantitative Analysis of Traditional Performing Arts: Kabuki, Rakugo, and Sumo
      Considerations on the Transformation of Art and Culture in Japan from the Present to the Past: Utilization of Mathematical Approaches and Databases

      Web information search support system considering browsing time
      Building an information management system for personal use
      Management of medical documents using digital tablet terminals
      Method for identifying the same work in different language ukiyo-e databases using metadata
      How to classify patterns expressed on stencils
      Construction and Utilization of Kitahida Folklore Knowledge Base Using Modern Product Magazines and Folklore Materials

    2nd Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, February 9, 2013, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Examination of Saikaku’s manuscripts from the viewpoint of bibliometrics
      Behavioral Characteristic Survey of Web Information Search Considering User Type and Browsing Time
      Characteristics of Tenpyo Culture as Seen in Patterns on Jewelry Mirrors
      Construction of full-text search engine selection support system – focusing on search accuracy
      Improving research efficiency by developing an automatic indexing tool for actor reviews
      Concept of a comprehensive digital archive of early-modern publications centered on woodblock digital archive
      Supporting the inheritance of intangible cultural assets (Japanese dance) using motion capture

    1st Workshop on Knowledge, Art, and Culture Informatics, January 21, 2012, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka, Japan

      Program n.a.


Senior Group: Table Talks

    Oct 2023: #21 Will online education take root in Japanese universities?
    Mar 2023: #20 From chemical information to digital archive

    Nov 2022: #19 Looking back on my six years as head of school

    Dec 2019: #18 Operation of Digital Archive System ADEAC
    Oct 2019: #17 Over 30 years in the library in the museum

    Dec 2018: #16 Informatization and Problems in the Field of Geology
    Oct 2018: #15 Meeting between economic and industrial research and information – My work and interests -” – From the standpoint of looking at information from the standpoint of the economy and companies since the time of Mitsubishi Research Institute
    Mar 2018: #14 Open data situation in Europe (in the case of philosophy)

    Nov 2017: #13 Data Thinking, Fast and Slow
    Mar 2017: #12 The World of Banned Books in the Prewar Period

    Sep 2016: #11 Fact data, fact databases
    Feb 2016: #10 History and Future of Toyo Bunko

    Oct 2015: #09 Recalling Naming in Chemistry and Afterwards

    Dec 2013: #08 Getting Started with Information Search – Recollection of Introduction of Overseas Database Service
    Sep 2013: #07 Modern Information & Knowledge Environment – Interpretation and Appreciation
    Mar 2013: #06 Memories of the design and implementation of the “JICST Terminology Management System”

    Nov 2012: #05 How library services should be in response to the aging information society
    Aug 2012: #04 Toppan Printing’s VR efforts, information equipment and services in an aging society

    Nov 2011: #03 Information activities at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Jul 2011: #02 Beginning of database

    Dec 2010: #01 OCLC Founder Frederick Kilgour and I

Kansai Division: Research meeting (w. Organizing Technology Research Group, Japan Library Research Association)

    Sep 2013: Fundamentals of Linked Open Data and Future Use of Information

    Sep 2012: Japanese localization and trial use of an open source archive material information management system (provisional)

    May 2011: Regarding MLA (museums, libraries, and archives) collaboration: Conscious of information organization

    Jul 2010: Museum collection management system and exhibition guidance system using Nintendo DS
    Mar 2010: Functional understanding of information organization in the current Net.-based information distribution

    Sep 2009: Conservation, restoration, digital archiving and reproduction of works of art and cultural properties
    Jul 2009: Development of an information search support system that integrates a library classification system and Wikipedia (provisional title)
    Mar 2009: Latest Trends in Libraries, Archives, and Museum Collaboration in Europe: Focusing on the European Digital Project
    Jan 2009: Prospects of text mining technology in the field of medicine and biology (tentative title)

    May 2008: Overview of “clothing and Attire Culture Database”: Focusing on the interface, input rules, and controlled vocabulary
    Jan 2008: Extended thesaurus term relations

    Jun 2007: Aiming to realize an open source library system

    Sep 2006: Class Hierarchy and Thesaurus as Thematic Expressions
    Jun 2006: Construction of an ontology model for classical Japanese and Chinese studies

    Jul 2005: Construction of a thesaurus for large-scale Korean ontology development
    Jun 2005: Organize materials based on themes using topic maps

JSIK Monthly Social Gatherings (venue: in general in Tokyo)

    Sep 2007: Utilizing Cultural Property Contents for Educational Purposes – Efforts in the CEAX Project
    Mar 2007: How Much Scientific and Technological Information Do People Need?

    Nov 2006: History and Future of Printing (Lecture: Introduction to the Printing Museum and History of Printing, Tours: VR Theater Tour, Visit to the Printing Museum) (Tsukuba)
    Sep 2006: Digital Archive as National Storage Device – Based on the experience of the Center for Asian Historical Records and the National Archives Digital Archive

    Oct 2005: Toward new information use ― Geographic information/location information/full-text search system… (Tsukuba)
    Jul 2005: Terminology vs. Naming (Tokai region)
    Mar 2005: Is Information Science a study of tools?

    Nov 2004: Participant research report and get-together (Kansai region)
    Sep 2004: The history and the use of information
    Jun 2004: Information Culture Theory
    Mar 2004: Translation and communication
    Feb 2004: Databases and Japanese people

    Nov 2003: Research activities of the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (Kansai region)
    Oct 2003: Databases and Japanese people
    Sep 2003: Activities and plans for the future
    Jul 2003: Position of the Japan Society for Information and Knowledge – Requests for academic journals
    Jun 2003: How the Information and Knowledge Society Should Be
    Mar 2003: About “Information”, a new high school subject


  • Study tours (educational facilities, advanced information systems)

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