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The Bangkok University International (BUI), formerly the Bangkok University (BU), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Business Administration > Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia (IKI-SEA)

Graduate Programs

  • Ph.D. Program in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management
  • Dual Ph.D. degree (Ph.D. degree in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management; Ph.D. in Management) 1)


  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Certificate Programs
    (together with The World Bank Group’s South-South Facility KS4R program)

    • 2019: Knowledge Strategy Certificate Program (3 days), Knowledge Capture Certificate Program (3 days), Knowledge Dissemination Certificate Program (3 days)
    • 2017-2018: OKS Strategy Certificate Program (5 days), OKS Technical Certificate Program (5 days)
  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Certificate Programs, 6/18 Singapore Edition
    • OKS Strategy Certificate (2 days)
    • OKS Knowledge Capture Certificate (2 days)


  • Understanding Knowledge Management (#1)
  • Knowledge Management Strategies (#2)
  • The Human Aspect of Knowledge Management (#3)
  • Knowledge Management Processes (#4)
  • The IT Aspect of Knowledge Management (#5)
  • Knowledge Management Roadmap (#6)
  • Assesssing your companies readiness for Knowledge Management (#7)
  • Knowledge Management Metrics and Measurements (#8)
  • Communities of Practice (#9)
  • Knowledge Management & Innovation (#10)

KM World Seminar Series & Breakfast Talks

  • Knowledge Sharing Across Cultures, 10 February 2011
  • Designing the Innovation Process: Building, Managing, Communicating and Measuring, 28 October 2010
  • From Knowledge to Innovation, 22nd September 2010
  • Knowledge Management lessons learned from the USA and from Thailand, 30th July 2010
  • How can you identify and capture the critical knowledge of your experts?, 18th May 2010
  • What is your intellectual property worth?, 22nd December 2009
  • Shaping creative learning environments: Success Stories, 29th April 2009
  • Insight from International Knowledge Management Practitioners, 12th January 2009
  • The mapping of critical knowledge: A tool strategic management, 16th May 2008
  • Knowledge Management in competitive age, 15th May 2008

Workshops (Seminars on Demand)

(Examples of additional Knowledge Management topics)

  • May 2018: Leveraging Knowledge flows to co-create Strategy (ICMLG Pre-Conference Workshop open to public)
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Innnovation Management
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  • Identifying your critical knowledge (using MASK II method)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy and strategic alignment
  • Eliciting/capturing the knowledge of your experts and create a knowledge book (MASK I method)
  • Mapping Knowledge Processes and Knowledge Process Improvement
  • Learning tools and processes (After action review (AAR), Retrospect, Peer assist)
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Taxonomies, Ontologies
  • Social Networking Tools (Web 2.0)
  • Knowledge Cafés
  • Knowledge Portals
  • Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining
  • Becoming a Learning Organization
  • Document and Content management Systems
  • Storytelling
  • Knowledge Management and Project Management
  • The Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
  • Knowledge Management in your specific industry (Banking, Government, Healthcare, …)
  • Tools to boost you creativity
  • Team facilitation
  • Research methodologies (quantitative and qualitative methods)
  • Corporate culture assessment
  • Organizational trust


  • Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge Summit (G-LINK Summit), October 4-6, 2017, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand
    (in conjunction with the 2nd Global Learning Week; co-organized with the Knowledge Management Global Network)
    Conference Theme: Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation
  • Asian Symposium on Creativity and Innovation Management (ASCIM)**


  • Thailand Knowledge Management Network (TKMN) 2)
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub) & iklub Special Interest Groups on innovation and knowledge management issues* (2012-2015)


  • Bi-monthly meetings of the Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub)**
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management Club (iklub) special events (workshops, lectures, seminars, etc.)**


  • Topics in Knowledge Management, Innovation Management, Collaboration, Information & Communication and Technology Management, Organizational Learning, Enterprise and Web 2.0 Technologies, Change Management, Strategic Management, Intellectual Capital, Leadership, Organizational and National Culture


  • IKI Talks (Knowledge Management and Innovation Expert Interviews)
    • 2014 (Season 1; 34 Int’l Experts): Aurilla Aurélie Bechina Arntzen, Alex Bennet, Arthur Shelley, William E. Halal, Bruno Laporte, David Snowden, Eric Tsui, Francesco A. Calabrese, Geoff Parcell, Jean-Louis Ermine, Johann Kinghorn, Kate Andrews, Patrick Lambe, Manasi Shukla, Nancy Dixon, Rivadávia C. Drummond de Alvarenga Neto, Ron Young, Steve Barth, Thierry Isckia, Tom Young, Vincent Ribière, Waltraut Ritter, Michael Stankosky, Debra Amidon, Steve Newman, Rudy Garrity, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Annie Green, Denise A. D. Bedford, Mary Adams, Valerie Chanal, Peter Heisig, Michel Grundstein, ?
    • Season 2 & 3: not continued

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