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The Knowledge Network UK (KN-UK) 1), formerly the Knowledge Network West (KNW) in Bristol only, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Cities: Birmingham (since 2016), Bristol (since 2008), Manchester (since 2016) lawyers interested in Knowledge Management



  • Sep 2018: Learning from other Knowledge Management sectors – what can law firms learn from engineering
    Jul 2018: Conversation in Knowledge Management
    May 2018: Artificial Intelligence & cognitive computing
    Apr 2018: Improving knowledge sharing culture

    Sep 2017: KM: The Scores – a long-lunch workshop on Knowledge Management metrics
    Jun 2017: Innovation for Knowledge Managers in Law Firms
    Apr 2017: Knowledge Management Strategies for Law Firms
    Mar 2017: Goal setting and prioritising

    Sep 2016: Understanding clients – new ideas for customer engagement
    Jul 2016: Are you ready for change?
    Jun 2016: Avoid lethal writing
    May 2016: Technology trends in law firm Knowledge Management
    Mar 2016: Are you ready for change?


  • Jun 2018: Intranets that work
    May 2018: Artificial Intelligence & cognitive computing (The human -v- the machine – AI and new technologies in professional servs)
    Mar 2018: Innovation in business (POSTPONED)
    Feb 2018: The new Data Protection Regime – GDPR for professional services

    Oct 2017: Innovation in Law Firms
    Sep 2017: KM: The Scores – a long-lunch workshop on Knowledge Management metrics
    Apr 2017: Process Management for law firms
    Mar 2017: Goal setting and prioritising

    Sep 2016: Understanding Lawyers Personalities
    Jul 2016: Customer engagement
    Jun 2016: Who is leading who? Leadership workshop for law firms
    Apr 2016: Be a TV lawyer !
    Mar 2016: Managing International Projects

    Nov 2015: Programme of events for 2016 released at lunchtime social event
    Sep 2015: Mastering ‘The One Constant’ – The Challenge Of Cultural Change (training lunch)
    Jul 2015: Online Marketing – How to Bring Expanding Visibility to You and Your Firm
    Jun 2015: Knowledge in technologies of freedom
    Mar 2015: Conversation for Knowledge Sharing and the Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT)

    Oct 2014: Embedding change – how we can make change stick in our Knowledge Management projects

    Mar 2013: LinkedIn Masterclass,
    Jan 2013: Using social media for knowledge-sharing
    Twitter in law firms
    The Knowledge Imperative
    Social media and Sharepoint
    Linkedin for Lawyers
    Knowledge Management Strategies
    PSL Skills

    May 2012: The Knowledge Powerhouse
    Feb 2012: The Legal Future and IS delivery

    Oct 2011: Knowledge best practices to improve client focus, risk management and cost reduction
    Jun 2011: Knowledge Management Strategies

    Dec 2010: Lunchtime on the topic of incentives or RSS feeds, depending on members’ preferences
    Jul 2010: Training workshop on Professional Support Lawyer (PSL) skills
    Apr 2010: Sharepoint
    Jan 2010: The new Knowledge Management system of Burges Salmon

    May 2009: lunchtime presentation & discussion on “Metrics – measuring success”

    Dec 2008: workshop on motivation/the chargeable hours problem
    Oct 2008: First event


  • TBA 2018
    Measuring Knowledge Management Projects
    Conversation and the randomised coffee trial (RCT)
    Knowledge Management Strategies
    Social Media for KMers


    Sep 2016: ???
    Jun 2016: Measuring Knowledge Management Projects
    May 2016: Change Management in law firms
    Mar 2016: Avoid lethal writing

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