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TheKnowledgeBusiness offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Open training

  • KM 101 (was: Knowledge 101; KM: The Works – a foundation course in knowledge and learning; Law Firm Knowledge Management Foundations course)
  • Knowledge metrics (was: KM: The Scores) – measuring knowledge and learning projects (was: Law Firm Knowledge Management Measurement course)
  • Measuring Knowledge Management in Law Firms (MBL Seminars Seminar)
  • Creating Your Knowledge Strategy (was: KM: The Strategy – Create your knowledge strategy and get it into law firm practice!)
  • KM: The Culture – (Building) / (Improving) Knowledge Sharing Culture in law firms
  • Value & visibility: get your Knowledge, Info & Learning work appreciated (was: Add value and raise your profile – making Knowledge Management visible)
  • Collaboration, Innovation and Knowledge
  • Learning before, during and after – Knowledge Management for businesses which need to learn
  • Learning & Knowledge Sharing in Law Firms (MBL Seminars Seminar)
  • Deep Knowledge – uncovering and circulating the deep knowledge (in your law firm organisation)
  • Project Management for KMers
  • Change Management for KMers
  • Adding value: Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs) and Knowledge Lawyers (company/commercial; property)
    (incl. Pre-event workbook; Three post-event online coaching sessions)
  • The new Knowledge Management standard – what’s it all about and what do you need to know?
  • Organisational Storytelling in Law Firms

Online Training

  • Organisational Storytelling for Information and Knowledge Management
  • Design thinking in Knowledge Management
  • After Action Reviews – a practical guide
  • Communities for knowledge sharing
  • Process improvements for law firms
  • Course: Law firm knowledge management – the beginner’s guide
  • Webinar: Avoiding the Cost of Knowledge Loss – A Guide for Law Firms
  • Psychological safety for knowledge sharing – a workshop
  • Knowledge Management – A Guide for Law Firms (MBL Seminars Webinar)
  • Avoiding the Cost of Knowledge Loss – A Guide for Law Firms (MBL Seminars Webinar)

In-house and bespoke training

  • Organisational Storytelling (CILIP training 10/2021)
  • KM: The Works Foundation Course (1 day/6 hrs CPD equivalent)
  • Knowledge sharing (up to 2hrs)
    – Understanding knowledge-sharing / Improve your knowledge-sharing culture
  • Measurement for Knowledge Systems / Measure your success – measurement systems for Knowledge Management (4hrs)
  • KM Strategies – for your firm and your departments (up to 2-4 hrs)
  • Effective training and learning (4 hrs)
  • Intro to Social Media for Knowledge Workers and Lawyers (up to 2hrs)
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers and Knowledge Workers (4hrs or 2hrs)
  • Twitter for Lawyers and Knowledge Workers (4hrs or 2hrs)
  • Conversation for knowledge sharing and the RCT (Random Coffee Trial) (up to 2 hrs)
  • Process and Applied Knowledge Management / Applied Knowledge Management and Process Improvement (4 hrs)
  • Project-based lunchtime sessions (up to 2 hrs each)
  • Presentation skills – Parts 1 and 2 (2hrs each)
  • Writing for e-newsletters (up to 2hrs)
  • Networking and selling for the unwilling (up to 2hrs)
  • Demystifying Knowledge Management
  • Demystifying Business Process Improvement Management (Lean, Agile, Six Sigma)


  • Knowledge Network UK (KN-UK) 1)
    Cities: Birmingham (since 2016), Bristol (since 2008), Manchester (since 2016) lawyers interested in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge For Lawyers book club / KM Handbook owners club – Exclusive to those who have “KM Handbook” or “Practical Projects”

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