Learning Organisation Conference

Learning Organisation Conference

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The Learning Organisation Conference is organized by the School of Business and Management at the RMIT University Vietnam and partners. It intends to gather worldwide scholars’ perspectives to illuminate the different challenges, opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, as well as the current subject thought leadership about the Asia Pacific region. It seeks to extend existing knowledge while simultaneously bringing to the fore, key areas for development and enhancement as well as signpost analytical and critical thoughts on the learning organization/organizational learning.

Only presenters are able to attend the conference. The deadline for abstract submission is 26 November 2021. (BC) Selected papers will be published in “The Learning Organisation” journal.

Conference History:

Learning Organisation Conference 2022, 27-28 May 2022, Virtual Venue

Conference Theme: Contemporary Approaches of Learning Organization in the Asia Pacific Region
(Host: School of Business and Management, RMIT University Vietnam; Co-Organizer: International School, Vietnam National University Hanoi; Phu Xuan University; Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 12-14 May 2022 and for 12-14 January 2022.

    Conference Program:

    Learning Organisation for Innovation and Sustainability

    Conference Topics:
    Examining the Asian Pacific dynamics of the learning organization and organizational learning across different sectors and disciplines.
    Examining what contemporary trends are in use, developed or emergent from the region, which has enormous potential for the learning organization and organizational learning.
    Do regional differences and approaches to the learning organization and organizational learning exist? And what, if any, are their impacts?
    Do unique theoretical perspectives and frameworks exist with considering a localized regional dynamic, agenda or culture? 
    Does the Asia Pacific region provide opportunities for new tools, frameworks and knowledge to become professionalized or applied in real-world practice?
    Are there comparative differences in the learning organization and organizational learning as a product of being in the Asia Pacific region? Are there similarities in what we already know and how we can build from here?

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  1. I would like more information about this conference as I would like to take part

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