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Lex Witness Magazine offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Conference on Legal Knowledge Management (LKM)**
    The Conference on Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) is an interactive forum for the all those in legal community who would like to develop, promote and maintain a knowledge sharing culture that makes a significant contribution to the profitability and efficiency of their organization.

    • 2nd Legal Knowledge Management (LKM), 8-9 September, 2011, Mumbai, India
      Conference theme: HOW Legal Knowledge Management should be exercised!
      (Supporter: Mumbai Knowledge Management Community )

      Legal Knowledge Management in the World of Inhouse Counsels (opening)
      Essential Elements of Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) for Inhouse Legal Departments – Tomorrow’s Inhouse Counsel Today
      Knowledge Management in Law Firms – A Partner’s Perspective
      Organizing Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) in PSU
      Examining Different approaches for transferring & managing knowledge – Legal Knowledge Management Know How: An Introduction
      Convergence of Legal Knowledge Management with Business
      – An Entrepreneur Speaks
      – Law Firm Perspective
      – Corporate Counsel Perspective
      Legal Knowledge Management: From Inspiration to Perspiration to Innovation – A Knowledge Management Expert Speaks
      Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) Processes for In-house counsels
      – A Partner’s Perspective for an In House Counsel
      – An In-house Counsel Shares Her Approach
      Legal Knowledge Management (LKM): Essentials of a successful Knowledge Management (KM) Program
      Risks arising out of Knowledge Management – Session by KPMG
      Knowledge Management in Arbitral Institutions
      Innovative tools for Legal Knowledge Management for In-house Legal Counsels – The Technical Corner
      Legal Management Process: A paradigm shift as a Business Enabler – LKM & The Core Business: The missing balance
      Corporate In House Counsels: Role, Responsibility & Management of Legal Knowledge – An In House Counsel’s Vision
      Technological Interventions for Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) – Need to Know & Nice to Know
      Forming, Designing & Implementing Knowledge Management (KM) in Corporate Law Departments – An HUL Case Study

      Interactive Sessions:
      Implementing & Harnessing Knowledge Management (KM) in a Legal Consulting Framework
      Knowledge Café: KM is moving from connecting ‘people tocontent’ to connecting ‘people to people’
      Ice Breaker Session: Managing the Business Risks in Law Firms

      Panel Discussions: (2)
      Titles n.a.

    • 1st Legal Knowledge Management (LKM), 25-26 November, 2010, Mumbai, India
      Conference theme: The very business of law is based on knowledge
      (Supporter: Mumbai Knowledge Management Community )

      Conference program n.a.

      Knowledge Management strategies for the legal profession
      How can law firms and in-house departments work together in legal knowledge management practices
      Creating a legal professional work environment to drive efficiencies and increase work productivity
      Leveraging technology in managing documents
      Capturing and disseminating tacit knowledge
      Developing Knowledge Management models, framework and strategy most situated to your organization and department
      Knowledge Management and litigation strategies
      Role in networking, collaboration and social media

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