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The MASIE Center offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum (Learning)* 1)
  • Elliott Masie’s Learning Systems Forum (Learning Systems)*


  • Learning Labs (and Seminars)
    • 2018 Labs
      – Curation & Learning Lab
      – ChatBots for Learning Lab
      – Diversity and Inclusion Lab
    • Past Labs:
      – Learning Innovations Lab (New Year’s Retreat)
      – Agile Learning = On-the-Job & Performance Support Lab and Seminar
      – Video and/for Learning Lab/and Seminar
      – Learning Strategies Lab & Seminar
      – Gamification & Learning Lab
      – Learning MOOCs Lab & Symposium
      – Learning Essentials Lab & Seminar
      – Performance Support Lab & Seminar (Learning at the Moment of Need)
      – Social Learning Lab & Seminar
      – Extreme Learning Lab & Seminar (Gaming, Wikis, Simulation, Device & Mobile Learning)
      – eLearning Skills Lab
      – …
  • Learning Directions – interactive Blended Briefing
  • Learning Leaders/Leadership Academy – Leading Learning in a Changing World
  • Virtual Leadership: Skills for Leading Distributed Teams
  • LeadershipDev Design Studio
  • Seminars/Briefings & Roundtables
    – Learning & Government Briefing & Roundtable
    – Rapid Learning Development Seminar & Roundtable
    – Learning Systems Seminar & Roundtable
  • ….


  • Learning Talks
  • Learning Videos
  • Podcasts


  • Keynote Presentation & Briefing Topics: Learning in the Digital Age, New Models for Organizational Learning, Beyond Intranets: Knowledge Management in the Organization, The Learning Marketplace, Preparing Organizations for Living and Working on Internet Time, Learning Trends and Challenges
  • Briefings


  • Masie Learning Consortium 2)
  • Learning Management Systems User Group
    • eLearning Design & Development Special Interest Group*
    • Virtual Classroom & Collaboration Special Interest Group*


  • Learning Management Systems User Group meetings
    – In conjunction with the Learning Forum (Learning) and the Learning Systems Forum (Learning Systems)
    – …

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