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The Multimedia University (MMU), formerly the Telekom University (UniTELE; Malay: Universiti Telekom) and the Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technology (ITTM), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

Faculty of Business (FOB)1)

  • Bachelor of Business and Knowledge Management (Hons)**2)
  • Bachelor of Knowledge Management (Hons)**2)

Faculty of Management (FOM)

  • Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Knowledge Economy**

Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI)3)

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Knowledge Engineering**

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Faculty of Business (FOB)1) / Faculty of Management (FOM)4) ( Graduate School of Management (GSM)* Centre of Excellence for Knowledge and Innovation Management (CEKIM)5))

  • FOB/FOM | Master of Business Administration (by coursework) (Specialization area: Knowledge Management)6)
  • FOB/FOM | Master of Philosophy (Management) (by research) (Research area: Knowledge Management (Sub-clusters: Soft Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Community & Disaster))
  • FOB/FOM | Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Management) (by research) (Research area: Knowledge Management (Sub-clusters: Soft Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Community & Disaster))
  • FOM | Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (mixed mode: by coursework and dissertation) (research field: Knowledge Management)**

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) ( Knowledge Management (Postgraduate) Centre7))

  • Master of Science Creative Multimedia (by research field: Multimedia Knowledge Management (was: Knowledge Management))
  • Masters of Knowledge Management with Multimedia (by coursework)** 6)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Creative Multimedia (by research) (Research field: Multimedia Knowledge Management (was: Knowledge Management))


  • i-knowmedia Centre of Excellence*7)

Faculty of Management (FOM)

  • Centre of Excellence for Knowledge and Innovation Management (CEKIM)
      Knowledge Management Special Interest Groups: Soft KM, KMS, Community & Disaster

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM)

  • Knowledge Management (Postgraduate) Centre*7)
      Special Interest Groups: KMSoft SIG


Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) > Knowledge Management (Postgraduate) Centre*7)

  • Jan 2008: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe: How do we create enthusiasm and buy-in for Knowledge Management in our organizations and motivate ourselves as Knowledge Management practitioners? (in partnership with the Multimedia University (KM Centre), the Gurteen Knowledge Community and KM Talk)
  • Knowledge Fair (Pasar Ilmu)
    • Mar 2002: #1 eLearning Colloquium
    • Oct 2002: #2 Knowledge Fair: Learning Management Systems Colloquium
    • Jul 2004: #3 The Future of e-Learning in Malaysia: Sustainability for the Present & Challenges for the Future
    • Nov 2004: #4 From the Fountain of Knowledge, Let’s Drink to Success: Sharing Best Practices and Success Stories
    • Aug 2005: #5 Life Long Learning – The Journey Begins Here
    • Apr 2006: #6 KM4SMEs – Knowledge Management for SMEs: SME Going Beyond the Horizon
  • Aug 2003: Knowledge Management Interns Showcase 2003
  • Apr 2003: Knowledge Management: The Story So Far
  • Apr/Aug 2002: Knowledge Management Workshop
  • Jul 2002: Design Workshop on “Knowledge Workplace” with Interface Design Students


Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) > Knowledge Management (Postgraduate) Centre*7)

  • Short Courses
    • Knowledge Management Awareness (History and Concepts of Knowledge Management & Knowledge Management Applications)
    • e-Knowledge Management
    • k-Project Management
    • Organizational Learning
    • Learning Theories and Strategies
    • Strategic Knowledge Management (including Knowledge Management roadmap)
    • e-Learning in Organization
  • Jun 2004: Knowledge-based e-Learning Training Course for MAS: Knowledge Management Course
  • Jul 2004: Academic Leadership Programme lectures: Risk and Knowledge Management – The Leadership Issue; Knowledge Management – The Key to Risk Management

MMU Cnergy (Unitele Multimedia Sdn Bhd) Short Courses

    BMS 005 Essentials of Enterprise Knowledge Management (2 days)

    CSM20 Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Worker in the New Economy
    Strategies for Knowledge Developments in the Knowledge Economy
    Emerging Issues in the Knowledge Economy


Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) > Knowledge Management (Postgraduate) Centre*7)

  • (International) Knowledge Management Conference, 21-22 February 2006, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Institutes of Higher Learning
    (Co-organizer: Suan Dusit Rajabhat University)

      Moving Towards a k-Universities: The Multimedia University Experiences; Knowledge Management in the Global Economy ; Online Education – Knowledge Management Challenges; High Educational Institution – A New Mode for the Initiative Adaptation to Knowledge Management (guest speaker)

      Impact of Knowledge Management in IHL
      Perspectives of Knowledge Management
      Ontology Based Language Translation
      Managing Knowledge Transfer among Academic Staff of Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL): Lessons from Public Universities in Malaysia
      An Integration of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Knowledge Management (KM) Models for Thai Communities Knowledge Management Systems
      Element and Principle of Design as a Visual Presentation Guideline For Lecturers Who Have Non Design Background
      The Utilization and ICT Readiness for Supporting Knowledge Management in Thailand s Universities
      Establishing a method of measurement towards developing quality information in a Knowledge Management System
      The Process and Management of Archiving of Alpha Design Fundamental Projects from Analog Works to Digital Form
      Analysis of Knowledge Management (KM) Impact in Higher Learning Institution
      Environmental Knowledge Management “Waste Reduction”
      Constituents for Incorporating Learning Companion into Peer Instruction
      Knowledge Management In Indian Higher Education : Perspectives And Challenges
      Impact of Cultural Barriera on the Effectiveness of Knowledge Management in Thailand
      Strategic Management and Strategic Decisions
      Evidence of Effective Knowledge Management System in Providing Quality Education
      Competitive Effectiveness in Higher Educational Institution
      Corporate Innovation: Achieving Superior Profitability
      Antecedents to Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education: Effective Teaching
      Managing Knowledge through a Web Portal: Does Information Quality Matter in Users Satisfaction
      Relationship Between Job Stress, Organizational Commitment and Work Performance
      Knowledge Sourcing Practices in Higher Education Institution: A Malaysian Case Study
      Development of Efficient Knowledge Management Composite Indicators
      The Globalization Process: An Integrated Framework
      Knowledge Management Via University – Industry Collaborative Partnerships: The University Teknologi MARA Experience
      Knowledge Management
      The Developing of Computer-base Information Systems Project as an Initiative of Knowledge Management
      The Initiative Knowledge Management Project for Senior Project at ASIAN University
      Knowledge Externalization Using Concept Mapping
      The Big Five Personality and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
      Revisiting Knowledge Creation: An Explorative Discussion on Syllabus Development
      The Implementation Knowledge Management to Develop Competitive Advantage of Thai Commercial Banks
      Impact of National Culture on Management Practices : A Study of Thais Firms
      Knowledge Transfer Systems in Film and Animation Department at Multimedia University
      Relationship between Explicit and Tacit Oriented Knowledge Management Strategy and Firm Performance : A Study of SMEs in Thailand
      Outsourcing Strategies in Thailand
      Knowledge, Information and Communication Technology Strategic Planning Methodology for Malaysian Public Institution of Higher Education : A Study
      About the Growth of Knowledge
      Management Practices of Thai Family Business and Multinational Enterprises in Thailand : A Comparative Study
      Raising Intellectual Capital: A Case -Study in Knowledge Worker Motivation
      Strategic Information Systems Planning among Public Institutes of Higher Learning in Malaysia
      Effect of Franchisor Motivation, Competitive Advantage, Service Quality and Relationship on Franchisee Performance, Satisfaction and Commitment
      Knowledge Sharing among Undergraduate Students in a Group Context
      Reflections on Teaching Foreign Beginners Chinese Phatic Language
      Sales Person Behavior, Service Quality and Customer Loyalty
      Knowledge Management in a University Environment Relevance of University Library and Librarians
      The Congruence Mixture of L1 to Motivation in L2 Learning
      Corporate Rebranding and the Study of Giant Brand Repositioning in Thailand
      Using Digital Photography as a Tool in Delivering Knowledge of Basic Design Elements in the Teaching and Learning of Design Fundamental Classes
      An Ontological Approach in Higher Learning Institute Strategic Planning
      Does e-Branding Affect Consumer Pruchasing Decision?
      E-Learning for Knowledge Management of Computer Aided Design
      Towards Building Unified Ontology for Semantic Web in Institute of Higher Learning
      Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Brand Equity
      Quality of Service in the Health Care Industry : A Comparison Between Private and Public Hospitals in Thailand


Faculty of Management (FOM) > Centre of Excellence for Knowledge and Innovation Management (CEKIM)

  • Jun 2014: Visit to Knowledge Management Centre of Bank Negara
  • Mar 2014: Visit by UNITEN’s Knowledge Management Research Centre
  • MMM 2012: National Security Council, KMS for Disaster

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