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The Knowledge Management Association of Malaysia (KMAM) or Persatuan Pengurusan Ilmu Malaysia (PPIM) 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(Monthly talks)

  • April 2003: National e-Commerce Strategic Directions for Malaysia: Opportunities Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC); Driving the K-Economy; MATRADE Experience in Assisting & Facilitating Malaysian Companies
  • Jun 2003: MyKad : The Malaysian Experience
  • July 2003: BioValley : Understanding Its Impact & Opportunities
  • August 2003: Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Shared Services Initiatives; Mobile Enterprise Solutions-Maxis; Which one to Wear?; Image and Grooming
  • September 2003: Anatomi Jenayah Dalam Keluarga: Crime Prevention
  • March 2004: The Art, Science and Practice of Knowledge Management; Online SMS Solutions
  • June 2004: Strategic Selling & Global Marketing : The Shared Services & International Marketing Experiences
  • July 2004: AT Kearneys 2004 Offshore Location Attractiveness Index; Risk and Knowledge Management – The Leadership Issue
  • October 2004: Knowledge Sharing Forum with IBM

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