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The Open Research Society (ORS) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS)**
    The World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS) is an international attempt to promote the dialogue for the main aspects of the Knowledge Society towards a better world for all. The summit will bring together Academics, People from Industry, Policy Makers, Politicians, Government Officers and active citizens to look at the impact of Information Technology, and the knowledge-based era it is creating, on key facets of today’s world: the state, business, society and culture.

    • (CANCELLED?) 6th World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2013), June 19-21, 2013, Aveiro, Portugal
        Conference Program n.a.

    • 5th World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2012), June 20-22, 2012, Rome, Italy
        “Knowledge” Papers:
        An Ontology-based Framework for Knowledge Capitalization in Communities of Practice of E-learning
        Collaborative Knowledge Processing
        Learning in Knowledge Society: the different roles of VLEs & PLEs
        Using analytical network process for assessing the degree of readiness of Iranian Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises for successful knowledge management implementation
        An Equivalent Architecture of Learner’s and Instructor’s Knowledge through the Matching of Intended Learning Outcome
        A process for Knowledge Management in Communities of Practice of E-learning based on the SECI model
        A model to measure the contribution degrees of the organization’s processes for Knowledge Management
        The Knowledge Intervention Integration Process: a Process-oriented View to Enable Global Social Knowledge Management
        Mining Performance Knowledge in User Logs
        How Individual Implicit Knowledge Sharing Impact on Team Performances in e-Learning Project? : The Case of HKNet
    • 4th World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2011), September 21-23, 2011, Mykonos, Greece
        “Knowledge” Papers:
        Paper Wrapping, Based on Knowledge about Face Connectivity among Paper Fragment
        Intellectual Capital Management in SMEs and the Management of Organizational Knowledge Capabilities: An Empirical Analysis
        Current Trends and Difficulties in Knowledge-Based e-Health Systems
        PRIOR-W&K: A Collaborative Tool for Decision Making in the Knowledge Society
        Using a Crowdsourcing Knowledge Base to Support the Sustainability and Social Compromise Skill in Computer Science Engineering Studies
        Collaborative Consensus and Knowledge Creation: Computer-Mediated Methodology for Sign Language Studies
        Computer Science Teachers’ In-service Training Needs and Their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
        Guideline to Select Knowledge Elicitation Techniques
        Social Networking in Higher Education: A Knowledge Convergence Platform
        An Ontology-Driven Case Study for the Knowledge Representation of Management Information Systems
        Integrating Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining in e-commerce Fraud Prediction
    • 3rd World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2010), September 22-24, 2010, Corfu, Greece
        “Knowledge” Papers:
        Generic Competences for the IT Knowledge Workers: A Study from the Field
        Knowledge Services for Knowledge Workers
        PRIOR-WK&E: Social Software for Policy Making in the Knowledge Society
        ICT-Supported Education: Learning Styles for Individual Knowledge Building
        Semantically Enriched Tools for the Knowledge Society: Case of Project Management and Presentation
        Knowledge Management through the Equilibrium Pattern Model for Learnin
        A Web-Based Learning Information System Resource and Knowledge Management
        Building a Web-Based Knowledge Repository on Climate Change to Support Environmental Communities
        Crucial Barriers of Knowledge Society
        Ontology-Based Gap Analysis for Technology Selection: A Knowledge Management Framework for the Support of Equipment Purchasing Processes
        ‘Ethos’ Enabling Organisational Knowledge Creation
        Overcoming Interoperability Weaknesses in e-Government Processes: Organizing and Sharing Knowledge in Regional Development Programs Using Ontologies
        The Knowledge Society: Refounding the Socius
        Information Logistics for Incomplete Knowledge Processing
        Knowledge-Based Approach in Research Projects and Programs Evaluation
        Aggregation Procedure Based on Majority Principle for Collective Identification of Firm’s Crucial Knowledge
        Is Accessibility an Issue in the Knowledge Society? Modern Web Applications in the Light of Accessibility
        Organizational Knowledge Capitalization Based on Product Patterns and Web 2.0 Technology
        Knowledge Base Methods of Obtaining Preference of Dental Patients
        Managing Research Portfolios in the Knowledge Enterprise: A University Spin-Out Case Study
    • 2nd World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2009), September 16-18, 2009, Chania, Crete, Greece
        “Knowledge” Papers:
        A Mediating Algorithm for Multicriteria Collaborative Knowledge Classification
        Knowledge Modeling for Educational Games
        Innovation Management in the Knowledge Economy: The Intersection of Macro and Micro Levels
        Knowledge Artifacts Modeling to Support Work and Learning in the Knowledge Society
        Educatronics, New Technologies and Knowledge Society: A Critical Approach
        Educational Accountability and the Global Knowledge Society – What Can We Learn from the EU Experience?
        Capitalizing Knowledge in Communities of Practice of e-Learning: Ontology-Based Community Memory
        Defining Malaysian Knowledge Society: Results from the Delphi Technique
        New Forms of Managerial Education in Knowledge Society
        Managing Project Landscapes in Knowledge-Based Enterprises
        Understanding Organizational Learning via Knowledge Management in Government-Link Companies in Malaysia
        A Generic Core Knowledge Management Process: Locating Crucial Knowledge
        Applying IT Governance Concepts and Elements to Knowledge Governance: An Initial Approach
        The Concept of Embodied Knowledge for Understanding Organisational Knowledge Creation
        An Extended Model of Knowledge Governance
        Assessing the Value Dimensions for Customers in Knowledge Intensive Business Services
        An Interactive Medical Knowledge Assistant
        Elaborating a Knowledge Management Plan: A Multi-actor Decision Process
        Scouting for Drivers of the European Knowledge Society: The Role of Social Participation
        Operationalising the Sustainable Knowledge Society Concept through a Multi-dimensional Scorecard
        Extending Static Knowledge Diagrams to Include Dynamic Knowledge
        Developing e-Business Capabilities to Bridge the Knowledge Divide in Mediterranean Countries
    • 1st WorldSummit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2008), September 24-26, 2008, Athens, Greece
        “Knowledge” Papers:
        Inclusive Social Tagging: A Paradigm for Tagging-Services in the Knowledge Society
        Eye Knowledge Network: A Social Network for the Eye Care Community
        Human-Centric Design of Percipient Knowledge Distribution Service
        Modelling an Environmental Knowledge-Representation System
        User Information Satisfaction with a Knowledge-Based Virtual Community: An Empirical Investigation
        Supporting Effective Monitoring and Knowledge Building in Online Collaborative Learning Systems
        Approaches to Knowledge Management in Greek Firms
        An on Demand Business Context to Improve Software Development Process Based on Business Knowledge
        Organizational Knowledge Sources Integration through an Ontology-Based Approach: The Onto-DOM Architecture
        Knowledge-Intensive Interactive Systems Design in Cultural Context
        Significant Learning Communities – A Humanistic Approach to Knowledge and Human Resource Development in the Age of the Internet
        Wisdom Networks: Towards a Wisdom-Based Society
        The Knowledge Society Agenda in Romania: From Experts’ Vision to Public Perception
        A Framework for the Knowledge Society Ecosystem: A Tool for Development
        Bottleneck of Knowledge Society
        Emergent Innovation and Sustainable Knowledge Co-creation A Socio-epistemological Approach to “Innovation from within”
        Knowledge Management and eLearning in Professional Development
        Knowledge, Knowledge Security, and Meta-knowledge
        Learning to Invent: Let the New Knowledge Come
        King Saud University Drive toward the Knowledge Society: A STOPE View
        Metadata and Knowledge Management Driven Web-Based Learning Information System
        The Organizational Value of Tacit Knowledge Derived from Parenting
        Assessing Enterprise’s Knowledge Management Maturity Level
        A Critical Review of the Impact of Knowledge Management on Higher Education
        The Project Manager as Knowledge Creator and Communicator Analyzed with the Help of the Theatre Metaphor for Conscious Experience
        Software Engineering 2.0: A Social Global Repository Based on Semantic Annotation and Social Web for Knowledge Management
        Knowledge Agent Theory and Its Autopoietic Characteristics for Authentic Knowledge Management
        Framing Knowledge: Global Youth Culture as Knowledge Society (Research in Progress)
        Looking at the Knowledge Economy: Some Issues on Theory and Evidence
  • (CANCELLED?) 1st International Conference on Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Human Resource Management, Organizational Learning and E-Learning (KNOW-TECH), 1-3 June, 2011, TBD

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