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Osney Media has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


European Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Forum**

  • 3rd European Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Forum 2007, 19-20 September 2007, London, United Kingdom
      Case Studies:
      Collaboration: connecting our people within IBM and building a supportive culture
      Knowledge Management at Shell International
      Business cycle and Knowledge Management at Eni
      Using Communities of Practice to improve individual and organisational performance
      Linking Talent Management and Knowledge Management: a case study from Johnson Controls Global Mobility Network
      Applying Storytelling at Natural England
      Business Improvement through Knowledge Management – how the British Council implemented a Global Knowledge Sharing Strategy
      Interactive joint presentation: Knowledge Management at Jones Lang LaSalle
      Oral History and Reminiscence Project: Southbank Centre and Age Exchange
      Once upon a time, it might be tomorrow…narrative and knowledge management in development cooperation
      Embedding records management in a government department

      Interactive Sessions:
      Roundtable discussion and delegate feedback (5x)
      KM Thought Leaders Knowledge Cafe

      Themed Discussions:
      Measurement of successful KM and ROI
      Knowledge Management communication and engagement – strategy and delivery

  • 2nd European Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Forum, 28-29 September 2006, London, United Kingdom
    Conference Theme: Strategic Knowledge Management for World Class Companies

      Case Studies:
      Knowledge Management: Gaining buy in across the board
      Delivering and sustaining business value from your Knowledge Management
      Embedding Knowledge Management at Novo Nordisk
      The Fujitsu perspective on embedding Knowledge Management into the organisation
      Designing an organisation for effective knowledge flow
      Evolving Knowledge Management within your organisation: The BBC perspective
      Knowledge retention and transfer: Plugging the knowledge leaks at Severn Trent Wate
      Implementing Knowledge Management in a European context: The barriers to success Process oriented Knowledge Management at Siemens Medical Solutions – Funnelling market & competitive knowledge into idea & innovation management
      Communities of Practice – developing an established community culture

      Virtual Team working – the fundamental differences and why a knowledge based approach is vital
      What are leading knowledge sharing organisations doing? Innovative practices in CoPs
      The challenges of working in Knowledge Management: strategies and approaches

      Interactive Sessions:
      Roundtable discussions with delegate feedback (6x)
      Discussion pods – several themed table discussions

      Panel Discussions:
      The aging workforce and the knowledge time bomb

  • 1st Strategic Knowledge Management Forum, 28-29 November 2005, London, United Kingdom
    Conference Theme: Enabling organisations to engage in a holistic approach towards knowledge management for sustained success

      Case Studies:
      Knowledge management in 2005 – learning from past mistakes, and capitalising on the hidden knowledge and the wisdom of people
      Developing knowledge leadership
      Knowledge sharing and learning organisations: The McKinsey & Co experience
      Building trust as a knowledge sharing foundation
      Initiating knowledge sharing and re-using knowledge at Eli Lilly Critical Care Europe
      Managing knowledge transfer and sharing with outsourced service providers in pharmaceutical development
      Business process driven knowledge management
      Effective knowledge strategy at Linklaters: individual talent, collective expertise
      Building technology around the needs of your people – the BAE systems perspective
      Managing knowledge for better performance at Ericsson Global Services
      Ensuring your knowledge management initiatives deliver

      Limits of existing Knowledge Management approaches
      Removing the smoke screen – a holistic approach to achieving taxonomy ROI
      Valuing knowledge sharing

      Interactive Sessions:
      Roundtable discussions and delegate feedback (4x)
      Discussion pods – several themed table discussions
      The HSBC experience of Knowledge Management (interactive session)

      Post-conference Workshops (30 Nov):
      Becoming an effective knowledge worker and daring to share!

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