PoolParty Summit (PP Summit)*

PoolParty Summit (PP Summit)*

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The PoolParty Summit (PP Summit) is organized by the PoolParty Academy of the Semantic Web Company. Get Inspired by the PoolParty User Experience and learn about how you can enhance your experience with the PoolParty Semantic Suite, or how you can implement powerful semantic technologies in order to make your processes smarter.

Conference History:

3rd PoolParty Summit 2024, March 19-21, 2024, Online

Sub-title: Get Inspired by the PoolParty User Experience
Summit Theme: Unlocking the Full Potential of LLMs with Knowledge Graphs

    EU / Americas Date: March 19-20, 2024; EU / Asia-Pacific Date: March 21, 2024

    Opening Remarks:
    Unlocking the Potential of LLMs with Knowledge Graphs

    Customer Success Stories:
    “If we can SPARQL he may land tonight” – a Customer Success Story (CABI) (was: PoolParty to improve the search capabilities of the CABI Digital Library)
    Challenges in Creating Taxonomies for Learning & Development (Walmart)
    Taxonomy Classification Service: Automated Content Enrichment (Oxford University Press)
    10 years! The Healthdirect-PoolParty journey – from content discoverability to Semantic AI (Healthdirect Australia)
    Revolutionizing Data Discovery in Pharmaceutical Process Development with Semantic Web Technology – Challenges, Learnings, and Wins (Takeda)
    Semantic Technologies at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) (CANCELLED)

    Enhancing an Insight Engine with Graph Technology: A Deep Dive into Next-Level Data Insights
    Integrating Neuro-Symbolic AI in Sales Management: The Role of AI Knowledge Graphs and Conversational Intelligence
    Recommendations for a Sustainable Enterprise
    Property Modelling for Product Ontology using Vector Embeddings driven by LLMs and OCR
    How do different Graph RAG implementations for Knowledge Discovery compare?

    Roundtable Discussions:
    Using Knowledge Graphs to Bridge the Gaps in Generative AI
    What Makes Intelligent Content Indispensable? An Expert-led Roundtable Discussion
    Mitigating ESG Risk with Reliable Data and AI

    PoolParty Preview: Generative AI Product Bundle
    PoolParty 2024 Release Dive
    PoolParty for SharePoint: Optimizing the SharePoint Experience
    PoolParty Roadmap and Outlook

2nd PoolParty Summit 2023, 7-8 March 2023, Online

Sub-title: Get Inspired by the PoolParty User Experience
Summit Theme: The Power of Connectivity in Times of Transformation

    Portfolio knowledge discovery at the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
    Applying Semantic AI Platforms for Augmented Intelligence
    How to Train your (artificial) Brain: the IFC’s MALENA case
    Intelligent Authorisation with Knowledge Graphs
    Knowledge Management and the Great Resignation
    An Augmented Intelligence Approach using PoolParty and RDFox: The Recipe Recommender Demo
    How to Grow a Graph Community: Tales from the BT Graph Guild
    Data-Driven Content Management: How data can drive and automate the content supply chain
    Bringing Together Taxonomies and Terminologies
    The Vocabulary Extension for CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network)
    Taxonomy Linking
    Taxonomy: From Development to Deployment – and Beyond
    Semantic User Assistance for Big Content

    Woman in High Tech Panel

    PoolParty 2022 Release Dive
    PoolParty for SharePoint: An Integration for Smarter Search
    Deliver business critical semantic applications with PoolParty and GraphDB 10
    PoolParty Roadmap and Outlook

1st PoolParty Summit 2021, November 3-4, 2021, Online

Summit Theme: Let’s talk about Enterprise 360 and semantics!

    Product Insiders:
    Enterprise 360 – Creating Holistic Views of Heterogeneous Data
    Semantic Question – Answering
    Scaling up PoolParty with GraphDB
    Recommender Systems that Work
    PoolParty Semantic Suite: Roadmap and Outlook

    Customer Success Meetup – Team CAP
    Customer Success Meetup – Team TDP
    Customer Success Meetup – Team K2
    PoolParty Developers Meetup

    Partner Presentations:
    Knowledge graphs in machinery and plant engineering
    Why 360? – It’s All About Improving the Content-Driven Experience
    Employee 360 in Action
    Leveraging User Intent in Content Management

    Partner Gathering (invite only)
    Partner Use-Case & Knowledge Sharing

    Customer Use Cases:
    From Unknowable Chaos to Knowledge Graph
    Safety and Reliability in Industrial Operations using Semantic AI
    How PoolParty Helps Us to Model Our Product Knowledge Graph
    Moving to a Data-Centric World: Building a Consumer Health Data Fabric
    A PoolParty Use Case for Job Portals
    Open Slot

    3 Round Tables with 2 Panelists each

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