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The Practising Law Institute (PLI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Management & Innovation Attorney Summit (KM&I Attorney Summit)*
      The Knowledge Management & Innovation Attorney Summit (KM&I Attorney Summit) is a half-day conference, where you will learn from experienced KM&I attorneys about sophisticated best practices, techniques, and innovative uses of knowledge curation, legal technology, and data to drive efficiencies at law firms and legal departments.


KM&I Attorney Summit recordings (Video/Audio)

    2022 Panels
    Best Practices for Knowledge Curation & Attorney Engagement
    The Legal Innovation Life Cycle: How KM&I Attorneys can successfully introduce new practice technologies and attorney workflows
    Data, Data, Everywhere: How KM&I Attorneys Can Harness Data to Benefit Their Organization
    Attorney Careers in Knowledge Management & Innovation

    2023 Panels (TBC)
    Best Practices for In-House Knowledge Management
    How KM&I Can Prepare their Organizations to Use Generative AI Amidst all the Hype & FOMO
    How to Collect Better Data for Knowledge Management and Generative AI Initiatives

One-Hour Briefings

    Jan 2019: Knowledge Management for In-House Counsel

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