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The Queen’s University offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Smith School of Business

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • PhD Program (Concentration: Management Information Systems – Knowledge Management)

Smith School of Business > The Monieson Centre for Business Research 1)


Knowledge Impact in Society Showcase Conference (KSI Showcase)

  • 2011 KIS Showcase, April 12, 2011, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme: New Horizons in Rural Economic Development
  • 2010 KIS Showcase 2010, April 23, 2010, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • 2009 KIS Showcase 2009, April 8, 2009, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Knowledge Summit & Doctoral Consortium (fall conference)

  • 5th Knowledge Management Doctoral Consortium 2006, November 11-13, 2006, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Knowledge Summit 2006, June 2006, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    (invited symposium)
    Conference Theme: Making Knowledge-Based Organizations a Reality
  • 4th Knowledge Management Doctoral Consortium 2005, October 30 – November 1, 2005, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • (Summit CANCELLED?) 5th Knowledge Summit 2004, November 15-16, 2004, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme:
    Workshops: 3rd Knowledge Summit Doctoral Consortium 2004, Nov 14-15
  • (Summit CANCELLED?) 4th Knowledge Summit 2003, October 16-17, 2003, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme:
    Workshops: 2nd Knowledge Summit Doctoral Consortium 2003, Oct 15-16 (Oct 17 wrap-up)
  • 3rd Knowledge Summit 2002, October 17-18, 2002, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Leadership and Learning: Leveraging Canada’s Knowledge Resources
    Workshops: 1st Knowledge Summit Doctoral Consortium 2002, Oct 16-17
  • 2nd Knowledge Summit 2001, October 9-10, 2001, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme: Innovation and Economic Growth: Canada faces the 21st Century
    Workshops: Creating an Action Plan (Working Session)
  • 1st Knowledge Summit 2000, October 10-11, 2000, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Conference Theme: Creating Wealth in the Knowledge Economy
    Workshops: Creating an Action Plan (Working Session)

Knowledge Roundtable (spring conference)

  • 5th Knowledge Roundtable 2005, April 20-22, 2005, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Knowledge Transfer and Management in Healthcare: Quality, Safety, Accessibility and Affordability – Finding the Balance
  • 4th Knowledge Roundtable 2004, May 5-7 2004, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    e-Learning: From Practice to Profit
  • 3rd Knowledge Roundtable, April 16-17, 2003, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Roundtable Topic: Customer Knowledge Management (CKM), 2 days
  • 2nd Knowledge Roundtable, March 4-5, 2002, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Roundtable Topic: Health Care & Knowledge Management: Building Bridges to Better Patient Care
  • 1st Knowledge Roundtable, March 12-13, 2001, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Roundtable Topic: From .com to .profit


Creative Economy Seminar Series

    May 2010: The rural creative economy: Agenda for research
    Apr 2010: The creative economy: Rural policy implications
    Mar 2010: The creative economy In Ontario: A Prince Edward County case example
    Feb 2010: The rural creative economy: Issues and challenges
    Jan 2010: The creative economy: Fact and fiction

Knowledge Exchange Seminars (interactive, multidisciplinary lunchtime seminar; successor of the Knowledg Cafe)

    Mar 2011: Enabling Innovation – How Rural Areas Can Optimise their Economic Futures – A UK Perspective
    Sep 2010: Intellectual Capital

    Jan 2010: Using a community before going it alone: Incubating institutions and entrepreneurial occupations
    Dec 2009: How common knowledge impacts the effectiveness of knowledge management processes: Insights from empirical studies
    Nov 2009: Green phoenix: How green energy investments can renew old manufacturing regions; Human capital and leadership
    Oct 2009: Knowledge processed through a model in order to enhance performance; A model of the tacit knowledge lifecycle for decision-making: From creation to utilization
    Sep 2009: The diffusion of knowledge inside the organization

    Jun 2009: The Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    May 2009: Research centres and knowledge: The good, the bad and the ugly
    Apr 2009: The industrial city in transition: A cultural and environmental inventory of greater Saint John
    Mar 2009: Social entrepreneurs in journalism
    Feb 2009: Knowledge translation in healthcare research
    Jan 2009: Multimodal Knowledge Sharing Networks: A Research Agenda
    Dec 2008: The alignment of business and knowledge strategies and structures
    Nov 2008: The Harris Centre, Knowledge mobilization, Regional development
    Oct 2008: Political economies of knowledge, with an example
    Sep 2008: Individual, group, and organizational learning; A knowledge management perspective

    May 2008: Knowledge Sharing in Charities
    Apr 2008: A New View of Knowledge Management
    Mar 2008: Social Networking in Corporate Environments
    Feb 2008: Using IT To Support the Discovery of Novel Knowledge in Organizations
    Jan 2008: PELA (Prince Edward/Lennox & Addington Community Futures Development) Research on Physician Recruitment; Mobilizing Knowledge: From Knowledge to Action
    Dec 2007: Knowledge Management Capability and the Role of Information Technology
    Nov 2007: The Firm’s Assets and Their Measurement; Every User Tells a Story
    Oct 2007: Leadership: Knowledge Management by a New Name?; Measuring the Value Added of Management: Management’s Dark Matter
    Sep 2007: Socialization in Open Source Software Communities: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

    May 1, 2007: Repertory Grids and Narrative Inquiry (Overview & Workshop)
    Mar 2007: Urban Spaces: Real, Virtual, Possible; Overview: Knowledge Value-Added (KVA) & Leveraging Knowledge Assets: Knowledge and Value Added
    Feb 2007: Learning Styles
    Jan 2007: How do we Succeed at Organization Innovation? And Co-ordinate our Problem-Solving Capabilities?; Championing the Innovation Process – and Developing our Leadership for Innovation and Change

Fulbright Scholar Lecture/Seminar Series

    Oct 2009: Knowledge management and business intelligence: Resource competitors or synergistic forces?
    Apr 2008: Concepts and knowledge typologies that underpin the seperate segments of the knowledge management (KM) field
    Feb 2006: When Knowledge-Based Enterprises Collaborate: Building Complex Infrastructures for Interorganizational Information Sharing

Speaker Series

    Apr 2004: Developing knowledge management/human capital strategies

    Apr 2003: Successfully introducing new technologies
    Feb 2003: How organizational culture influences knowledge management initiatives
    Nov 2002: The blogging phenomenon: What the Internet may have to teach corporate managers

    May 2002: Ggroup-to-individual Transfer of Learning
    Jan 2002: Knowledge Based Theory of the Firm
    Oct 2001: Knowledge Management: View from the Field

    Jan 2001: E-commerce jurisdiction and international issues surrounding e-commerce (E-Commerce Research Program speaker series)
    Oct 2000: The Knowledge-Based Economy: Facts and Theories
    Sep 2000: Larry Prusack on topics such as connectivity, visibility of knowledge, localism and time and space

    (CANCELLED) Nick Bontis: Assessing Knowledge Assets: A Review of the Models Used to Measure Intellectual Capital
    Apr 2000 (1st): Total Value Creation: a new approach of assessing value within knowledge-based enterprises


  • Jun 2009: Knowledge Mobilization and Grant Proposal Writing: A Researcher’s Guide
  • Weekly 1 hour Knowledge Café (2001-2006; successor. Knowledge Exchange Seminar series)
  • Impact of Knowledge Mobilization Discovery Workshops (part of the two-year Impact of Knowledge Mobilization in Rural Economic Development project)
    Nov 2011 – Jul 2012: 11 Workshops in 11 cities
  • Knowledge Impact in Society Discovery Workshops (part of the Knowledge Impact in Society (KIS) project)
    2008-2009: 15 Workshops


  • Queen’s Knowledge Management (KM) Forum (Industry Forum for Practicing Knowledge Managers; Est. in Nov 1999)


Queen’s KM Forum Meetings

  • May 2001: Current issues in knowledge management (with CEST Knowledge Management Forum from the UK in Toronto)
  • Mar 2000: Creating and Facilitating Communities of Practice
  • Nov 1999: Exploring the possibility of creating a regular forum for practicing knowledge managers

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