Redesigning the graduate program of LIS at Chiang Mai University

Abstract: Resulting from a redesign of its graduate program, the Department of Library Science, Chiang Mai University, with the assistance of a Fulbright Senior Specialist, has decided to change the focus of its graduate program from Library and Information Science to Information and Knowledge Management. This article describes the impetus for curriculum redesign, the planning process, the environmental scan, a new philosophy and objectives, recommended actions, and continuing efforts. Reasons for the change are based on findings from the detailed environmental scan beginning from the department, to the university, the country, and the world beyond.

Lamphun, R. N. and Lee, H.W.: Focusing on information and knowledge management: Redesigning the Graduate Program of Library and Information Science at Chiang Mai University, Information Development, Vol 18, Issue 1, 2002, pp. 47 – 59.

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