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The Strategic Industry Research Foundation (SIRF)1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

SIRF Roundtables


SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable Victoria / Tasmania (KMrt VIC/TAS) / 2006-20162)

  • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
    • Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing
    • Collaboration (was: Social Software/virtual collaboration, in collaboration w. RMIT)
    • Strategy and implementation
    • Intranets and portals
    • Library, information management & taxonomy
    • Enabling technology including web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 (was: Knowledge Management Enabler – Technology)
    • Organisational development, learning and development and workforce planning for success (was: Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces)
    • Business processes
    • Knowledge Exiting and Keeping Technical Knowledge
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Google Wave

SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable New South Wales (KMrt NSW) / 2007-2014*

  • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
    • Explore/Exploit Metrics
    • Knowledge Sharing Culture – Strategy
    • Knowledge Sharing Culture – Immediate Needs

SIRF Industrial Maintainance Roundtable (IMrt)

  • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
    • Knowledge Management in Maintenance


  • Roundtable (KMRt) Meetings: Full day Roundtable with presentations from industry leaders and practioners
  • Common Interest Workgroup (CIWG) Meetings & Site Tours: CIWGs topics are proposed at each Roundtable Meeting and confirmed as per Member interest after each Roundtable.
SIRF KMrt KMrt VIC/TAS meetings
SIRF KMrt NSW meetings
SIRF IMrt meetings
  • Sep 2015 (QLD): Joint IMRt/KMRt meeting
  • May 2009 (NSW): IMRt CIWG meeting: … (Knowledge Management in Maintenance)


(International Specialist Workshops, Training Courses)

SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable Victoria / Tasmania (KMrt VIC/TAS)

  • Feb-Jun 2016: KM 101 Training Course – Practical introduction to Knowledge Management Approaches, Tools & Methods3)
  • Sep 2015: Dinner with Collaboration expert Michael Sampson
  • May 2015: Masteclass: Conducting Knowledge Audits
  • Oct 2012: Value network analysis workshop with Verna Allee
  • Nov 2010: Expertise Mapping Masterclass
  • Oct 2010: Gurteen Masterclass: Lessons Learnt meets Risk Management; Root Cause Analysis Masterclass
  • Mar 2010: Masterclass /workshop: How to stimulate creative thinking, skills and environments

SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable New South Wales (KMrt NSW)*

  • Jun 2016: Masterclass: User Adoption Strategies
  • Oct 2012: Value network analysis workshop with Verna Allee
  • Feb 2010: MasterClass: Conversational Series: Innovation, Collaboration, Governance & Culture


  • National Forum

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