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The Strategic Industry Research Foundation (SIRF) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

SIRF Roundtables


  • SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable Victoria / Tasmania (KMrt VIC/TAS) 1)
    • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
      • Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing
      • Collaboration (was: Social Software/virtual collaboration, in collaboration w. RMIT)
      • Strategy and implementation
      • Intranets and portals
      • Library, information management & taxonomy
      • Enabling technology including web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 (was: Knowledge Management Enabler – Technology)
      • Organisational development, learning and development and workforce planning for success (was: Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces)
      • Business processes
      • Knowledge Exiting and Keeping Technical Knowledge
      • Stakeholder Engagement
  • SIRF Knowledge Management Roundtable New South Wales (KMrt NSW)*
    • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
      • Explore/Exploit Metrics
      • Knowledge Sharing Culture-Strategy
      • Knowledge Sharing Culture-Immediate Needs
  • SIRF Industrial Maintainance Roundtable (IMrt)
    • Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG)
      • Knowledge Management in Maintenance


(Roundtable Meetings, Common Interest Workgroup Meetings & Site Tours (eight times per year))

  • NSW KMrt
    – Feb 2014: CIWG Business Sustainability; CIWG Knowledge as a resource and of economic value
    – Nov 2013: CIWG Building a corporate taxonomy: benefits and challenges; RT Resilience & Future Proofing Roundtable Event
    – Oct 2013: CIWG Strategic Knowledge Management and innovation in law firms; CIWG Organizing Content & Expert Knowledge without Spending a Million Bucks
    – Sep 2013: CIWG Promote a knowledge-sharing culture that fosters idea creation and competitive advantage for your organisation; CIWG Knowledge Management Project Measurement
    – Aug 2013: CIWG Building Collaborative Organizational Cultures; RT Innovation & Knowledge Management
    – Jul 2013 (Leaders’ Dinner): Knowledge Management: Maximixing the Return on you Intellectual Asset (Case Study); – CIWG Value Stream Mapping & Value Networks – Do We Need Both?; CIWG Social and Collaboration Trends
    – Jun 2013: KMRt CIWG 5th 2013 (TBA)
    – May 2013: CIWG Value Stream Mapping -The Benefits and Pitfalls; CIWG Knowledge Management – Overcoming Challenges when Implementing Knowledge Management Initiatives; CIWG Risk Management & Concept Mapping
    – Apr 2013: KMRt CIWG 1st 2013
    – Mar 2013: Premier Event 2013
    – Jan 2013: Future Proofing
    – Nov 2012: RT
    – Oct 2012: CGWI Learning Management Systems and E-learning
    – Sep 2012: CGWI Explore/Exploit metrics; CGWI Fostering collaboration across geographically diverse worksites
    – Aug 2012: CGWI; CGWI Building and measuring the success of Communities of Practice
    – Jul 2012: CGWI Collaboration tools
    – Jun 2012: CGWI Approaches to document management
    – May 2012: CGWI Developing an intranet with Sharepoint; RT
    – Mar 2012: RT
    – Oct 2011: RT17-CIWG 2: Retirement & Knowledge (Workforce Planning around Retirement)
    – Sep 2011: RT17-CIWG 1: Metrics (Revisit the Explore/Exploit Metrics and past CIWGs)
    – Aug 2011: RT 17
    – Jul 2011: RT16-CIWG 2: Learning & Knowledge
    – Jun 2011: RT16-CIWG 2: Libraries, Taxonomies, EDRMS
    – May 2011: RT15-CIWG 2: Intranet Site Visit; RT #16
    – Apr 2011: RT15-CIWG 1: CoP Site Visit
    – Mar 2011: RT #15
    – Feb 2011: RT14-CIWG 2: Change project
    – Jan 2011: RT14-CIWG 1: Tools for Workforce Planning
    – Nov 2010: KM RoundTable meeting #14; RT13-CIWG 1: Knowledge Strategy Frameworks; RT13-CIWG 2: Business Processes
    – Aug 2010: KM RoundTable meeting #13 (Caltex Sharepoint Intranet Design and Implementation Case Study); RT12 CIWG 2: Communities of Practice-building engagement and making them sustainable
    – Jul 2010: Rt12 CIWG 1: Using Social Media within organisations – why, how, when & what
    – May 2010: KM RoundTable meeting #12 (Business Excellence Framework, EDRMS, Knowledge Sharing Initiatives in Local Government)
    – April 2010: TBA KMRt #1 CIWGs-Knowledge Sharing Culture: Ways you can share and why; CIWG 2: Sharepoint Site Visit – intranet design, development, implementaiton
    – Mar 2010: KM RoundTable meeting #11 (Theme: High Performing Cultures and the Role of Knowledge; Atlassian (Innovation and Collaboration Culture); Roche (KM Initiatives); NSW Govt Chief Information Office (apps4nsw and open government); DuPont (Innovation Culture); Knowledge Sharing in Action – The Melting Pot)
    – Feb 2010: CIWG 1: Driving KM by Tapping into Current Behaviours; CIWG 2: KM Facilitator’s Toolbox
    – Dec 2009: KM RoundTable meeting #10 (Governance for Document/Content Management)
    – Aug 2009: KM RoundTable meeting #9
    – Jun 2009: KM RoundTable meeting #8
    – Feb 2009: KM RoundTable meeting #7
    – TBA 2008: Explore/Exploit Metrics CIWG meeting
    – Nov 2008: KM RoundTable meeting #6
    – Aug 2008: KM RoundTable meeting #5 (Understanding Our Changing Workforce and Web 2 Tools)
    – July 2008: Knowledge Sharing Culture-Strategy CIWG meeting
    – June 2008: Knowledge Sharing Culture-Immediate Needs CIWG meeting
    – May 2008: KM RoundTable meeting #4
    – Feb 2008: KM RoundTable meeting #3
    – Nov 2007: KM RoundTable meeting #2
    – Aug 2007: KM RoundTable meeting #1
  • VIC/TAS KMrt
    – Nov 2016: Roundtable 4 – KM and Customer Service
    – Oct 2016: CIWG – KM for Customer Service
    – Sep 2016: CIWG – What are the limits of SharePoint?
    – Jul 2016: CIWG – KNOWledge SUCCESSion Strategies with Arthur Shelley
    – May 2016: KM RoundTable meeting 2 (KM & HR Working Together)
    – Apr 2016: CIWG – Whats new in Personal KM?
    – Mar 2016: KMRt 2016 Roundtable 1 – Building a KM Strategy; CIWG – Finding Pain and Opportunity Points
    – Dec 2015: CIWG – Harvesting External Knowledge (Will move to later date)
    – Nov 2015: Roundtable 4 – Building Collective Competencies (public RT)
    – Oct 2015: CIWG – Knowledge in Business Systems
    – Sep 2015: CIWG – Building a business case for your KM project
    – Aug 2015: KMRt Roundtable 3 – Change Management & KM
    – Jul 2015: CIWG – Handling Mediation & Change
    – Jun 2015: CIWG: Balancing Efficiency & Effectiveness
    – May 2015: 2nd Roundtable 2015 – Lessons Learned (Army; Case Study,; Telstra; Activity)
    – Apr 2015: 1st KM RoundTable meeting (Theme: Design Thinking – Design Thinking for Workplace Change; What’s the Use of Theory or Frameworks; Knowledge Management at Telstra)
    – Mar 2015: CIWG: Planning with KM Maturity Models
    – Nov 2014: 4th KM RoundTable meeting (Transfering Sticky Knowledge, Creating A Business-Focussed Information Strategy”- based on a case study at DEECD; Bringing Data to Life For Decision Makers – An Intranet Case Study on Dashboards, Plots and Reports; Process and Systems Improvement Manager – The game of Go!); CGWI Activity Based Working
    – Oct 2014: CIWG: Integrations and Mergers (Site tour of Dulux laboratories)
    – Sep 2014: 3rd KM RoundTable meeting (Graduate Development within the Dulux group; Architectures that Pivot; Using knowledge to enhance decision making and improve performance; Knowledge Management in Higher Education Curriculum; Update on Sitecore; Victorian Health Promotion Foundation – Knowledge journey)
    – Aug 2014: CIWG Innovation: A practical presentation of the tools and processes used to foster innovation at NCI packaging
    – Jun 2014: 2nd KM RoundTable meeting (Knowledge Management Governance – Discussion and case study from a leading KM academic; Change Management and Culture Change with SMEs; Big Data; Make for Asia – Regional Business report )
    – May 2014: CIWG – Integration and Mergers; CIWG Ageing workforce and Gen Y (Bowth ends of the spectrum)
    – Mar 2014: CIWG Intergrating social media into the KM enterprise; 1st KMRt Roundtable (KM in organisations; Scenario based learning; KM and ISO standards; The link between design, space and communication; Learning within Organisations; Maturity Mapping)
    – Feb 2014: CIWG Setting and Deploying a Strategy
    – Nov 2013: 4th KM RoundTable meeting (Sitecor – a platform integrating KM with frontline people delivery to customers; Knowledge Management Strategy; Using gamification successfully to engage and educate students; Deploying “Lean” to optimise processes; Selling KM within your organisation; SharePoint 2013; Organisation Initiative Maturity Mapping; SIRF leadership program)
    – Sep 2013: Business process CIWG meeting (Business Process Improvement); CIWG Information and KM capability framework (Site visit (Dept of Treasury and Finance): )
    – Aug 2013: 3rd KM RoundTable meeting (Dulux Group – Social approaches to business engagement; Dairy Food Safety Victoria – Tablets and BYOD… next steps; Ericsson – An innovative approach to identify and translate operational Business Intelligence into customer and sales opportunities; We Work Together – When to talk technology with Knowledge Management; City of Boroondara – Cultural Matters; Social Media Navigator – Social media health check)
    – Jul 2013: CIWG Innovation (Vic Health will be sharing their Social Media for Innovation approach)
    – Jun 2013: Intranet and portals CIWG; CIWG Electronic Value Stream Mapping (Site visit (Dept of Human Services): Electronic Value Stream Mapping process); CIWG Ericsson Site Visit for Leadership framework
    – May 2013: KM RoundTable meeting (Innovation during times of significant organisational change; Let’s ROCK: Retention of Organisational Critical Knowledge; Knowledge and information management system; Using archetypes to understand diversity in organisations; Business Intelligence (BI) projects are not just about technology); CIWG Social Software in organisations & Mobility
    – Apr 2013: CIWG Business Processes – improving work flow manual and digital; CIWG Integrating Lessons Learnt into business practices
    – Feb 2013: KM RoundTable meeting (Telstra – Future ways of working with mobile technology; Dairy Food Safety Australia – Mobility in a regulatory environment; Melbourne Water – The changing nature of IT in organisations today; Anecdote – story telling for leaders)
    – Nov 2012: KM RoundTable meeting (Mobility in the Work Place; Activity Mapping session; Building and developing knowledge sharing initiatives a road map for success; Social Intranets; The Engagers : How truly engaging leaders capture thinking, convey ideas and visualise compelling futures; Speed Sketch game; Communications for implementing successful change); CIWG Business Process change (Site visit (Dept of Education): User Adoption user centered design); CIWG KM Strategy Develoment; CIWG Intranet and portals
    – Sep 2012: KM RoundTable meeting (Social Network Analysis Case Study; Setting up a Virtual Community)
    – Jun 2012: KM RoundTable meeting (The science of innovation; A cultural change approach to implementing information management; Tech Session; Implementing enterprise social media; Identifying key business requirements and engaging stakeholders to achieve organisational outcomes)
    – Mar 2012: KM RoundTable meeting (Innovation and Collaboration; Social Media and Social Capital; Crowdsourcing activity: needs and offers; Knowledge Transfer at EPA: Expert Locator as a Change Initiative; Organizational Role Analysis: Taking up your Role; Strategic Marketing Approach to your Knowledge Management Initiative)

    – Nov 2011: KM RoundTable meeting (Capability Development – A Vic Roads Case Study; Addressing the business risk of knowledge loss in organsiations; Influencing for a better outcome; Many screens make much noise (how to filter online))
    – Aug 2011: KM RoundTable meeting (CPA – achieving effective information and content management using change management principles; IDP Present Cultivating a knowledge sharing culture how to prevent a knowledge collapse caused by retiring employees; Dairy Safe Presentation on Communities of Practice across geog)
    – May 2011: 2nd RT
    – Mar 2011: KM RoundTable meeting (Design thinking???; Social Media – World Cafe; Wiki case study from PB; Speed Dating for Design thinking; ABC on connecting with the community within and outside the organisation; Top of mind issues); CIWG Ericsson Site visit to look at how they create a culture of knowledge sharing; CIWG PSN will be sharing their Global Leadership development model at a site visit to their premises in the afternoon
    – Mar-Dec 2011: KM RoundTable meeting (Quenos – IT Business Solution: Finding, integrating, overcoming resistance); Intranets & Portals CIWG meeting (Coles – Lessons Learnt); Technology enablers…/Collaboration… CIWG meeting (Site visit (Parks Victoria): Wiki); Organisational development… CIWG meeting (Sustainable Victoria – Management Program); Strategies & Implementation CIWG meeting (Victoria Roads – Technical Capability Program); Strategies & Implementation CIWG meeting (World Vision – Knowledge Management Startegy Development)

  • – Feb 2011: Organisational development… (Sustainability Victoria et al: World Food Programme journey)

    – Nov 2010: KM RoundTable meeting (City of Melbourne – Collaboration with Customers; Sustainability Victoria – Lessons Learnt); Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing CIWG meeting (Sustainability Victoria – Expertise Mapping); Organisational development… CIWG meeting (Site visit (Dulux): Organisational Development Strategy)
    – Oct 2010: Enabeling technology… CIWG meeting (3D/Virtual World as a Business Tool); Organizational development… CIWG meeting (Victoria Roads – Organizational development and Leadership Program); Library…/Business Process… CIWG meeting (Site visit (Department of Transport & Vehicles): Electronic document and records management system); Strategy and implementation CIWG meeting (IT Outsourcing)
    – Sep 2010: KM RoundTable meeting (World Vision – Benchmarking); Intranets & Portals/Library,… CIWG meeting (Site visit (World Vision): Sharepoint); Enabling technology…/Organisational development… CIWG meeting (Senis – Learning Management System); CIWG Bench Marking of KMRT member activity
    – Aug 2010: KM RoundTable meeting (World Vision – Becoming a Learning Organization; Living Systems Mapping; Sensemaking Tools; Nat Foods – Business Process; Parsons Brinkerhoff – Problem Solving Framework); Enabling technology… CIWG meeting (Site visit (Urbis Jhd): Collaboration through co-creation of a Wiki)
    – Jun 2010: KM RoundTable meeting (Medibank Change Management Case Study)
    – Mar 2010: RT Knowledge sharing and strategy development; RT Social Media and Peer Assists
    – Feb 2010: Google Wave CIWG – What, Why, Who and How

    – Nov 2009: KM RoundTable meeting (Learning Seat – The past, present and future of e-Learning; Sustainability Victoria – Building Collaboration in the workplace)
    – Aug 2009: KM RoundTable meeting
    – May 2009: KM RoundTable meeting (WA Water – Developing and Implementing a Knowledge Management strategy); KM Enablers – Technology CIWG meeting (Site Visit (Freehills): SharePoint Intranet)
    – Apr 2009: Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing CIWG meeting (Change Management though Reverse Brainstorming)
    – Mar 2009: KM RoundTable meeting; KM Enablers – Technology CIWG meeting (Site visit (Parsons Brinkerhoff): Confluence wiki)
    – Feb 2009: Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing CIWG meeting (Tools to identify experience and expertise: Developing archetypes from Anecdote Circles)
    – 2009 (KM RoundTable meetings): Leveraging off your workforce do deliver effective change management enagement especially in IT initiatives; Online Learning Academy; WA Water (Knowledge transition program and toolkit); Wiki’s to facilitate collaboration; Social Business Design; Future of elearning and the impact of social media technology; Bluescope Steel (Minimising the risk of losing organisational memory and the measurement of knowledge sharing; Innovations in Web and Enterprise 2.0
    – Nov 2008: KM RoundTable meeting
    – Oct 2008: Developing a culture of Knowledge Sharing CIWG meeting (with David Gurteen on Knowledge Cafes)
    – Sep 2008: Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces CIWG meeting (NAB Talent management, Telstra’s Workforce Planning journey, Australia Post learnings)
    – Aug 2008: KM RoundTable meeting; KM Enablers CIWG meeting (Land & Water Australia – Open source National knowledge and information sharing portal; Parsons Brinkerhoff – Developing a knowledge audit survey using open source tools)
    – May 2008: KM RoundTable meeting
    – Feb 2008: KM RoundTable meeting
    – Nov 2007: KM RoundTable meeting (Bucman Labs – Knowledge Management Enablers)
    – Sep 2007: KM RoundTable meeting
    – Aug 2007: KM RoundTable meeting (KM Enablers – Lessons learnt from large IT/EDRM/CM/IM implementations); Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces CIWG meeting; KM Enablers CIWG meeting (Site visit (Cadbury Schweppes): Portal & Global Community Collaboration model)
    – Jul 2007: KM RoundTable meeting (Strategies for exiting the workforce and keeping technical knowledge )
    – Jun 2007: (CANCELED) KM RoundTable meeting (Geoff Parcell, Learning to Fly)
    – May 2007: Two Strategies for exiting… CIWG meetings; Two Workforce Planning for the Changing Workforce CIWG meetings
    – Mar 2007: Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces CIWG meeting (Changing Workforce)
    – 2006/07 (Workforce Planning for Changing Workforces CIWG meetings): CSIRO (Allumni network), Woodside (Knowledge sharing culture to deal with demographic and skill shortage issues), Medibank (Performance and turnover challenges in call centres), Deptartment of Education (Exit Survey processes and learnings), ABS (Workforce Shaping to address demographic changes), Australia Post (OD cultural change approach)
    – 2006 (KM RoundTable meetings): ANZ (Intranet and online collaboration), Fosters Group (Knowledge Management strategy development and rollout), BP (Communities of Practice), Telstra (Future technlolgy direction, knowledge identification and mapping), Tenix Defence (Ageing workforce retention of organisational memory), Red Cross Blood Service (Value network mapping), Telstra (Knowledge transfer during mergers and aquisitions)

  • IMrt
    – Sep 2015 (QLD): Joint IM/KMRt meeting
    – May 2009 (NSW): KM in Maintenance CIWG meeting


(International Specialist Workshops, Training Courses)

  • KMrt VIC/TAS
    • Feb-Jun 2016: KM 101 Training Course – Practical introduction to Knowledge Management Approaches, Tools & Methods 2)
    • Sep 2015: Dinner with Collaboration expert Michael Sampson
    • May 2015: Masteclass: Conducting Knowledge Audits
    • Oct 2012: Value network analysis workshop with Verna Allee
    • Nov 2010: Expertise Mapping Masterclass
    • Oct 2010: Gurteen Masterclass: Lessons Learnt meets Risk Management; Root Cause Analysis Masterclass
    • Mar 2010: Masterclass /workshop: How to stimulate creative thinking, skills and environments
  • NSW
    • Jun 2016: Masterclass: User Adoption Strategies
    • Oct 2012: Value network analysis workshop with Verna Allee
    • Feb 2010: MasterClass: Conversational Series: Innovation, Collaboration, Governance & Culture


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