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The Society for International Development (SID) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Society for International Development, United States (SID-US; was: SID Washington DC Chapter (SID-W))



  • SID-US Policy & Learning Workgroup
    The SID-US Policy & Learning Workgroup is a group of international development professionals actively engaged in issues related to evidence-based policy making, such as data and analytics, strategic policy and planning, project management, and M&E and learning.
  • SID-US Knowledge Management Workgroup** 1)
    The SID-US Knowledge Management Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged in the issues of data and project management. With events ranging from new USAID program cycles to theories of change in program design this workgroup aims to inform on the evolving practices and strategies of knowledge management.


SID-US Policy & Learning Workgroup meetings

  • Dec 2022: Policy & Learning Workgroup Planning Meeting
  • Nov 2021: Trust, Partnerships, and Psychological Safety: Building Organizations That Can Learn Together
  • Feb 2021: Collective Learning and Networks
  • Oct 2020: Lessons Unlearned: Peer Assist to Match the Supply and Demand of Learning
  • Jul 2020: How Decisions Get Made: Leverage Learning for Influencing Policy & Programs
  • Jan 2020: Policy & Learning Workgroup Planning Meeting
  • Apr 2019: Knowledge Management Programs from Creation to Maturity at the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC)
  • Dec 2018: The Quest for the “Holy Grail” of Development Impact
  • Apr 2018: Knowledge Sharing Workshop: Changing the Way Organizations Think
  • Nov 2017: Navigating the Results Paradox: Trade-offs Between Results and Learning
  • Oct 2017: Policy & Learning Workgroup Planning Meeting
  • Jul 2017: The Role of Learning in Policymaking

SID-US Knowledge Management Workgroup (online) meetings

  • Jun 2016: Closing the Learning Loop: Principles and Practice – A Session with Chris Collison (webinar; in-person event)
  • Feb 2016: Knowledge Management Workgroup Planning Meeting (in-person event)
  • Oct 2015: Using Theories of Change in Program Design
  • Sep 2015: Reform Strategies for Development Professionals: How to Plan for and Measure Change in Complex Systems
  • Jul 2015: Adaptive Management: Thoughts about USAID’s Evolving Program Cycle
  • May 2015: Knowledge Management Worksgroup Planning Meeting (in-person event)
  • Sep 2014: Collaboration, Technology and Local Governance: How USAID and UNICEF are working together to strengthen Uganda’s district-level governments
  • May 2014: Shifting the Balance: Strengthening Knowledge to Policy Systems in Indonesia
  • Feb 2014: Tracking, Managing, and Using Data
  • Apr 2013: Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis
  • Aug 2013: Learning About Learning: Panel Discussion on Learning Networks
  • May 2013: Best Practices in Impact Evaluations: Anti-Corruption and Rule-of-Law (with Democracy, Rights, & Governance Workgroup, Monitoring & Evaluation Workgroup)
  • Aug 2012: Games & Simulations for Knowledge Sharing & Training
  • Aug 2011: Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring – a Conversation with Steve TrautmaC
  • Mar 2011: “Collaborating, Learning and Adapting in Uganda: How one USAID mission is using KM to enhance impact”
  • Jan 2011: Perspectives on Monitoring and Evaluation of Knowledge Management (KM Impact Challenge Event/Webinar)
  • Oct 2010: Online Competitions: Defining Success and Demonstrating Impact (KM Impact Challenge Event/Webinar)
  • Aug 2010: Appreciative Sharing of Knowledge (ASK): Harnessing Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change
  • Apr 2010: Online Knowledge Sharing: Development Practitioners Forum & Global Pulse 2010
  • Feb 2010: Open Data: Can We Make M&E Data Easier to Find and Use?
  • Dec 2009: The Power of the Question: Using “Appreciative Inquiry” in International Development
  • Nov 2009: Influence Mapping of Social Networks: A Presentation about the Net-Map Toolkit
  • Jun 2009: Defining and Measuring the Success of our Knowledge Management Efforts
  • Apr 2009: Knowledge Management in the U.S. Army: Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS)
  • Jan 2009: Introduction to the New SID-Washington Knowledge Management Workinggroup; USAID’s Knowledge Revolution: The New and Improved Services Center at the Agency’s Core

Other Workgroup Meetings

  • Sep 2023: Knowledge Management and Global Health: How Do We Go from Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Use? (panel) (Health & Nutrition Workgroup)

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