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The Stellenbosch Business Institute (SBI), an operating executive education division within the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (DaVinci Institute) and wholly owned by Eduvos, formerly the independent Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (SGI),1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Complimentary LeaderSHIFT Webinars

  • Oct 2023: The power of learning, UNLEARNING & relearning


Certificate Courses

Faculty of Commerce and Law > Business School

  • Short course certificate “Managing knowledge and innovation” (7 weeks, online)2)
    • Microlearning certificate “Knowledge Management” (1,5 weeks, online)3)

Faculty of Information Technology (IT)

  • Short course certificate “Data Science for managers”** (7 weeks, online)


  • Jul 2023: Fundamentals to Manage Knowledge and Innovation

Web Channels

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