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Knowledge Management goes to school

Abstract: Today’s graduates are being trained to evaluate business needs and find the best KM technology to help their employers reach their goals. As the next wave of college graduates hits the job market, there will be a select group who have been trained in knowledge management systems. These graduates will

Higher Education KM Courses: Tell Your Stories

Discussions, forums | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Stan Garfield asks the members about their experiences in higher education teaching or studying Knowledge Management. Last week I participated in the Knowledge Management Education Forum in Washington, DC. This prompted me to ask three questions: (1) Have

Nanyang TU’s interdisciplinary graduate program in knowledge management

Abstract: Designing an interdisciplinary graduate program in knowledge management requires a good understanding of knowledge processes and the ability to differentiate between information management and knowledge management. Given the complexity of knowledge and the nature of its existence, there is a need for graduate programs to go beyond information management and include in