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Knowledge Stewards’ Profiles

Abstract: Knowledge “stewards” are information professionals that work on the front lines to help teams achieve specific business objectives — land a client, implement a project, develop a product, solve a problem. We were interested to see that, like us, they use a combination of tools and techniques we call knowledge base publishing to

Three Stages of Knowledge Management Career Progression

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Abstract: Effective knowledge management is a crucial capability that encompasses a variety of roles, each demanding a specific set of skills and responsibilities. These roles can be broadly categorized into three stages of career progression: early stage, growth stage, and summit stage. Each stage necessitates a different expertise, experience, and leadership ability within knowledge

Library and Knowledge Science Education!?

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to explore the changes in library education in the context of the emergence of both information science and knowledge management. This paper is based on the review of scientific literature published in books, journals, websites, and other secondary sources and on the authors own viewpoints. The