Filed in: Special Issue: IJTCS 1(3) 2008

Teaching Knowledge Management to secondary education teachers through an action research model

Abstract: This paper presents a model of teaching KM to teachers of public secondary education. The model proposed is anthropocentric, grounded mainly on the socioconstructivistic approach. It is based on three basic building blocks: action-research, praxeology, and accompanying mentoring. This paper presented the application of the model in 12 public secondary education schools in

Dimensions of Knowledge Management: they know not its called knowledge… but they can manage it!

Abstract: This paper takes a social perspective on the discipline of Knowledge Management (KM) within the processual, conceptual, and contextual dimensions of teaching this subject in a management education setting. We explore how for our students the concept of knowledge is a fascinating one as most of them wonder what is encompassed within ‘knowledge

How to overcome pitfalls of (E)ER and UML in Knowledge Management education

Abstract: In this paper we will present the results of research into modelling pitfalls in (Extended) Entity Relationship modelling ((E)ER) and the Unified Modelling Language (UML). We will give a precise definition of the relationship cardinality/association end multiplicity concept in (E)ER and UML based upon the various definition ‘fragments’ we have encountered in the