Dimensions of Knowledge Management: they know not its called knowledge… but they can manage it!

Abstract: This paper takes a social perspective on the discipline of Knowledge Management (KM) within the processual, conceptual, and contextual dimensions of teaching this subject in a management education setting. We explore how for our students the concept of knowledge is a fascinating one as most of them wonder what is encompassed within ‘knowledge management’ for it to be a subject, yet we know that they can manage it in their everyday practice of being a PG student or a practitioner. In this paper we aim to re-present KM, through a discussion of its development processes, dimensions based content and the multicultural context of delivering our course and its implications for future reflective practice in the discipline.

Sonal Minocha, George Stonehouse: Dimensions of KM: they know not its called knowledge… but they can manage it! International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies (Special Issue on Teaching Knowledge Management), Volume 1 – Issue 3 – 2008: 253 – 265

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