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The University of Warwick offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Warwick Business School > Innovation, Knowledge & Organizational Networks (IKON) Research Centre/Unit 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • DBA/PhD in Business and Management (Research area: Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks) 2)


  • IKON Seminars (Feb 2005 – Jun 2006: EBK 4) and IKON Seminar Series)
    • TBA 2013: Reflexive versus Intuitive Collaboration: Exploring Communicative Strategies in Virtual Knowledge Sharing
    • Nov 2013: How can you get a leopard to change its spots? Institutional logics and physician role identity
    • May 2013: Mundane Governance: How Ordinary Objects Come to Matter
    • Apr 2013: Expanding Innovation: Designing for Participation in an Open World
    • Apr 2012: Anthropotechnics – Practising the improbable
    • Dec 2011: Using ‘Evidence’ in Commissioning Decisions: Insights from a large qualitative study in the English NHS
    • Nov 2011: Scripts, Stages ans Interactions: The Situated Performances of Governance in the Public Sphere
    • Jun 2011: Infrastructure for Innovation in Software and Science; Development of TMS in Globally Distributed Teams and Organizations
    • Mar 2011: Glocalization, Hybridization & Organizational Innovations: Zero Inventory as Permanance and Process
    • Feb 2011: How Philosophy Matters to Management Studies
    • Dec 2010: The Impact of Time Zone Differences in the Global IT Industry
    • Nov 2010: When present meets past: Onshore immigrants managing offshored software development and engineering projects
    • Mar 2010: Follow-the-practice: An analysis of the dimensions of admission practices on a neonatal intensive care unit
    • Oct 2009: Discourse activism? Redesigning and coproducing organisational meanings and feelings
    • Sep 2009: Social learning theory and the future of learning
    • Jan 2009: Interdisciplinary Innovation and Virtual Worlds
    • Jun 2008: Knowledge structures of prospectors, analyzers and defenders: content, structure, stability and performance
    • Mar 2008: Emergence and dynamics of innovation networks
    • Jan 2008: Network diversity and discontinuous innovation in motorsport
    • Dec 2007: Integrating Healthcare Through Information and Communications Technology: Policies, Practices and Pitfalls
    • Nov 2007: Up-or-out promotion tournaments in elite law firms: A study of institutional continuity and change
    • Jul 2007: Innovation beyond firm boundaries
    • Jun 2007: Exploring cognition in practice: norms, rules, and routines in an engineering team
    • May 2007: A quality assurance approach to evaluating work place learning in health care; Beyond the lamp-post: Search strategies for discontinuous innovation
    • Jun 2006: Changing Medical Practices – A Study of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, Learning and Innovation in a Norwegian University Hospital
    • May 2006: Creating cafés – not libraries. Knowledge sharing in a hospital; Actor-network Theory and the Sociology of Translation. A Tale of Different Twins
    • Mar 2006: Search strategies for discontinuous innovation
    • Dec 2005: The Incommensurability of Knowledge Regimes
    • Nov 2005: Creativity Management in Industrial R&D Organizations: A Crea-Political Process Model and Empirical Evidence at Corus RD&T
    • Jun 2005: Knowledge and boundaries: What I have learned from worrying about both
    • May 2005: Studying Organisation Knowledge
    • Apr 2005: The Accumulation of Knowledge in Project Environments
    • Mar 2005: Community of Practice: The Life of a Concept
    • Feb 2005: The social and political implications of new genetic technologies
    • Nov 2004: TBA
    • Oct 2004: Knowledge Creation: a critique of Nonaka’s theory; Knowledge Managers
    • Jun 2004: The Fright of Real Organising (or why process research isn’t as easy as it seems); Corporate Power and the Management of Perceptions
    • May 2004: The Myth of the Biotech Revolution
    • Apr 2004: Utilization of Knowledge in Building Design – Organising, Reproducing and Developing practices
    • Dec 2003: Knowing as desiring. Mythic knowledge and the knowledge journey in communities of practitioners; The new world of knowledge within organisations and beyond: a multi-disciplinary perspective on knowledge management
    • Oct 2003: Reorganising Practice
    • Jun 2003: TBA
    • May 2003: Workers’ Playtime? Boundaries, Cultures of Fun and Cynicism
    • Mar 2003: The Business School as Knowledge Space
    • Feb 2003: The Embeddedness of Management Consulting – Structural, Political and Cognitive; Governance and the Growth of Knowledge
    • Jan 2003: Hegemonic Knowledge and the Organisational Imagination
    • Dec 2002: Mapping the critical dimensions of project-based learning: illustrations from the field
    • Nov 2002: A network perspective on Operations Management: Lessons to be learned from research on intra- and inter-organisational networks; Work in the New Economy: Towards a Theory of Organizational Knowledge Supply
    • May 2002: TBA 1, TBA 2
    • Apr 2002: TBA
    • TBA: Merging cages: management control, social identity, and identification in a knowledge-intensive firm
    • Feb 2002: TBA
    • Jan 2002: Organizational culture: New perspectives
    • May 2000: TBA
    • Feb 2000: Innovation Networks: a View from the Inside; Managerial Meditations in the Strategy Process: An Electricity Company, the Sector and Zones of Manouvre
    • Jan 2000: Organizations in Actions
  • EBK Seminars 4)
    • Oct 2005: Consultants as both Insiders and Outsiders?
    • Sep 2004: Management Knowledge & Skills in the UK
  • ESRC Seminar Series on “Innovation and Networking” 3)
    • Jun 2000: Systemic Innovations
    • Feb 2000: User Networks in the Design of Smart Products
    • Sep 1999: Networks and the Management of Process Innovation
    • Jun 1999: Researching Innovation Networks
    • Apr 1999: Interfirm Networks and the Innovation Process
    • Feb 1998: Conceptualising Innovation and Networking


  • IKON Workshops
    • Jun 2017: Advanced Workshop on Practice-based Studies: Moving practice forward: Drawing connections, exploring possibilities
    • Dec 2016: Connections in Action: Keeping Track of Large Social Phenomena using Relational and ‘Micro-sociological’ approaches
    • May 2009: Surfacing the Invisible in Studies of Knowledge, Innovation and Organizational Networks
    • Jun 2008: The Mirror Game: changing practice through reflection
    • Jun 2004: International Workshop on Rethinking Construction? Managing Projects as Complex Social Settings
    • May 2003: Current Approaches to Innovation and Knowledge Work
  • Evolution of Business Knowledge (EKB) Workshops 4)
    • Oct 2006: EBK Programme Final Conference, 17. October 2006, London
    • Nov 2006: From Innovation to Mainstream Healthcare Services
    • Sep 2006: Workshop on Academic-Business Networks: linking research, knowledge sharing and practice
    • Jul 2006: Workshop on Competitiveness of Small Firms in the North West
    • Jun 2006: Management Knowledge in Action Workshop
    • May 2006: Workshop on Exploring Innovation Processes in Healthcare: The Challenges of Collaboration and Governance
    • Mar 2006: Workshop on Managing through projects in knowledge-based environments: strategy and practice
    • Dec 2005: Workshop on Historical Counterfactuals in Organisations
    • Nov 2005: Researching Business Knowledge – methodological challenges
    • Oct 2005: Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop
    • Sep 2005: Masterclass in Social Network Analysis
      (in cooperation with the Knowledge and Innovation Network)
    • Jun 2005: Workshop on Selling Science:International Experience in Commercialising Innovation
    • May 2005: Knowledge: Beyond Business Transformation Workshop
    • Apr 2005: Scientific and Managerial Knowledge Workshop
    • Nov 2004: Workshop on the Evolution of Business Knowledge in SMEs
    • Sep 2004: Management Knowledge & Skills in the UK: Linking Research & Policy
      (jointly organized with the Skills, Knowledge and Organizational Performance (SKOPE) Research Centre)
    • Jun 2004: Knowledge Sharing Across Boundaries Workshop
      (in cooperation with the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) research programme; in conjunction with the ESRC Social Science Week)
    • Nov 2003: EBK Programme Launch Conference, 19. November 2003, London


  • KIN – The Innovation Network (until 2018: Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN)) – practitioner community
  • Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Community (OLKC community)
  • Evolution of Business Knowledge (EBK) programme 4)


  • International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC)* 5)
  • European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities (OKLC)** 5) 6)

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