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Knowledge Quarter (KQ) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Quarter Conference


  • 2018-01: Introduction to Networking Masterclass


  • Private Curator Tours:
    2017-11: Life on the London Stage (London Metropolitan Archives)
    2017-07: Gay UK (British Library)
    2017-06: 2017 Degree Show Two (Central Saint Martins)
    2017-05: 2017 Degree Show One (Central Saint Martins)
    2017-05: The Londoners and London (London Metropolitan Archives)
  • Private Breakfast Views:
    2018-02: The Lost Words (Foundling Museum)
    2017-11: Scythians (British Museum)
    2017-09: Anime Architecture (House of Illustration)
    2017-08: Russian Revolution (British Library)
    2017-07: Hokusai (British Museum)
    2017-06: Centenary Exhibitions (SOAS)
    2017-06: London Canal Museum Exhibition (London Canal Museum)
    2017-05: The American Dream (British Museum)
  • Knowledge Bank Pub Quizzes:
    2017-08: Pub Quiz (The Place)
    2017-04: Launch Pub Quiz
  • Others:
    2017-12: Unlocking Knowledge – Connections and Trust Within the Knowledge Quarter (report launch)
    2017-09: A Special Performance of Writeback (with Science & Heard)
    2017-04: Festival Engagaement Showcase

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