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Verna Allee Associates, formerly the Integral Performance Group, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification 1)

  • ValueNetWork™ Practitioner Certification (online / face-to-face)
  • ValueNetWork™ Master Practitioner Certification (online)


  • One-day Value Networks Master Class 2)
  • Value Networks Quick Launch Coaching and Toolkit (four-week support program) 1)
  • 1-day and 2-day Value Networks intensive workshops (focused on specific business issues or overall introduction)
  • Systems Thinking, Systems Doing (2-day foundation, or 3-day intensive)
    Optional module: Value Network Analysis
  • Leveraging Knowledge for High Performance: Linking Knowledge and Learning to Individual, Team and Organizational Performance

Course Material

  • The Verna Allee Toolkit: Applications for HoloMapping™
    and ValueNet Works™ Analysis 2)
    (incl. monthly interactive online seminar)

Public Keynotes & Workshops

  • Examples:
    – Maximising Organisational Intelligence: Value creation in the knowledge economy (workshop)
    – Realising Human Capital (keynote & workshop)
    – Knowledge Value Creation
    – Value Networks in the New Economy
    – Value Network Strategies for Competitive Advantage (workshop)

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