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weknowmore has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • In-house training on different topics around knowledge management (people, processes, collaborative communities)
  • Knowledge management and learning within non-profit sectors


  • KMers.org – Twitter Chats for Knowledge Professionals (in collaboration with the KM Institute and others)


#KMers.org – Weekly Twitter Chats for Knowledge Professionals

  • Jun 2012: (CANCELLED?) Social Media for Education
  • May 2012: Status and Trends in Social Media for Knowledge Management; (CANCELLED?) Lessons Learned on Lessons Learned
  • Dec 2011: Role of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Quotes, Proverbs and Sayings
  • Nov 2011: Connecting Knowledge Management Communities; Open Space Chat: Chat about anything! Ask anything! Whatever you want; Knowledge Management and Collaborative Innovation
    Oct 2011: External Communications as Knowledge Transfer; Open Space Chat; The Role of Diversity in Knowledge Management; After Action Review
  • Sep 2011: Social Computig and Knowledge Management; Research or Die – The Necessity for a Knowledge Management Research Program; Knowledge Management in Non Profit Organizations; Knowledge Management for entertainment
  • ??? Aug 2011: Challenging for a new economic ressource; Knowledge Management Bookwriting
  • Jul 2011: Influence of behaviour on knowledge transfer; Managing content through version control
  • Jun 2011: Knowledge Management vs. Information Management
  • May 2011: Knowledge Management Day Dreaming; The Importance of Search in your Knowledge Management Solution; The Wizard of Knowledge Management; So You Want to be a Knowledge Management consultant?
  • Apr 2011: Wisdom in Organizational Contexts; On knowledge transfer: Why grandma’s kitchen demo trumps any cookbook; Finding a balance in knowledge work between fast flow and slow space
  • Mar 2011: Why, Where, How I blog; Revisiting Previous #KMers Chats; The Great Wall – Knowledge Sharing Barriers and Remedies to Get Past Them; Role of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in Knowledge Management
  • Feb 2011: Knowledge Management Models and Practices; Community lurkers: does the 90-9-1 percentage rule really apply, and if so, so what? ; Corporate Storytelling and Knowledge Management; Corporate Social Media vs Intranets
  • Jan 2011: Knowledge Management Light: Harnessing the Power of Social Media; If I were my Boss I would… ; Personal Knowledge Management and Self-Management
  • Dec 2010: Social Media for Education; Innovation
  • Nov 2010: Developing a Community; Building Knowledge Management Expertise; KMers.org One Year Anniversary Chat; Knowledge Hub; Personal Profiles
  • Oct 2010: Introducing Change in Knowledge Management to an Organization; Lessons Learned in Lessons Learned; Social Media; Building The Perfect Brainstorm; Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes
  • Sep 2010: Getting people to share information; Social Governance in the Enterprise; Reading and Writing Changes through ITCs; Training Community Managers and Facilitators; Retaining the Knowledge of People Leaving your Organization
  • Aug 2010: Modeling (documenting) the focus areas within the knowledge management community; Sharing is Caring; Knowledge Management Literature Tips; Let Go of Control – Encourage and Monitor
  • Jul 2010: Strategies for integrating user-generated content within an internal knowledge base; The Knowledge Management and Application Domain; KMers.org Community Chat – experiences with previous chats, and ideas for future chats; Growing Virtual Communities within Your Organization to Reach the Future FIRST
  • Jun 2010: Knowledge Management for Development; Knowledge Management, Organizational Structures and People; Turning Conversations into Content; Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Apr 2010: The Changing Role of Information Professionals: New Opportunities Created by Enterprise 2.0; A world without Knowledge Management?; The Future of Knowledge Management; Joint #innochat – Spreading innovation knowledge throughout the organization; How Does Knowledge Management Support Innovation?
  • Mar 2010: Expertise Location; Evidence vs. Experience; What is wrong with Knowledge Management?; Knowledge Management Beyond the Firewall; How do you market Knowledge Management in organisations?
  • Feb 2010: Knowledge Management and Google Wave; Monitoring, Assessing Knowledge Management; Personal Knowledge Management; Knowledge for Innovation
  • Jan 2010: Success Stories and Best Practice of Knowledge Management Implementation in Enterprises and Organizations; Lead by Example and Model Desired Behaviors (Stan Garfield Tips part III); A KMers workgroup project; Stan Garfield’s 13 Knowledge Management Tips (Part II); Knowledge Management predictions for 2010
  • Dec 2009: Starting a Knowledge Management Programme; Stan Garfield’s 13 Knowledge Management Tips (from KMWorld09)
  • Nov 2009: Best Knowledge Management Ideas from KMWorld; Emerging Knowledge Management Technologies; Starting a Knowledge Management Programme

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