What are the Qualifications for KM Roles?

Boston KM Forum Monthly Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting, Feb 5, 2010

(lynda) Whether you are a KM champion, initiator, leader or have some other role in the knowledge leveraging activities of your organization, we want to hear your own story. Come and share with the breakfast group how you found yourself in the position you are in, what professional competencies and personal attributes you bring to your work and what else you would find helpful in the way of formal training for yourself or others in your peer group.

The last Thursday meeting laid out the formal training options for aspects of information and knowledge management, and a discussion ensured on how and what various professionals bring to their work in the field. You can see the brief slides from that meeting and other documents that were shared will be available to participants in this next meeting from the series.

If you are looking for validation or affirmation of your own value in the KM arena, this is a good place to get that reinforcing conversation.

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