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ACIES Innovations1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Training and Workshops on Knowledge Management2)

  • Training for Knowledge Management practitioners, to better appreciate and align Knowledge Management to organisational goals
  • Training for middle managers to provide relevant leadership to Knowledge Management implementation
  • Training, Knowledge Management awareness sessions for Leadership team
  • Knowledge Management training – Beginner
  • Knowledge Management Awards Preparation: Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE), Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
  • Accreditation – ISO 30401 KM Standards

Training and Workshops on Knowledge Management in Indonesia

  • Mar 2024: Knowledge Management Transformation workshops (Jakarta; Knowledge Management Society in collaboration with Acies Innovations)
      Boosting Business Productivity through Effective Knowledge Management Strategy
      Implementing Effective Knowledge Management in Government and Public Service
      Enhancing Sustainable Philanthropy through Data and Knowledge Management
  • Aug/Sep 2023: Knowledge Management/Transformation Workshops: Sustainable Knowledge Management (Jakarta)
  • Dec 2022: Design your Knowledge Management (ISO 30401 Mini) Strategy for 2023 hands on workshop (Jakarta)


KM Talks with Thought Leaders

    Dec 2022: Optimize Human-centric Knowledge to Increase Trust, Support Collaboration and Inclusion
    Oct 2022: The Journey and Future of Knowledge Management
    Jul 2022: A KM Episode with the Chief Chaos Organizer
    May 2022: Sustainability and Knowledge Management
    Mar 2022: Emerging trends in Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation in Pandemic Era

    Nov 2021: The Changing Landscape of Knowledge Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
    Jun 2021: Role of Knowledge Management in Innovation and how to make Knowledge Management prominent; Guiding Knowledge Managers for managing and navigating Future of Knowledge Management; Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in the Corporate and Academic Sector
    May 2021: Technology and Knowledge Management
    Apr 2021: Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry, How Covid Impacted, and the Future of Knowledge Management

KM in Indonesia

    Feb 2023: KM Talks: Ngobrol Santai Sambil Ngopi Unwrap 2023 Discussion (Themes: KM Strategy, KM Sustainability, starting KM and effective strategic communications)

    Oct 2022: Effective Knowledge Management & Communications Webinar (in Bahasa Indonesia & English)

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