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ACIES Innovations1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Training and Workshops on Knowledge Management2)

  • Training for Knowledge Management practitioners, to better appreciate and align Knowledge Management to organisational goals
  • Training for middle managers to provide relevant leadership to Knowledge Management implementation
  • Training, Knowledge Management awareness sessions for Leadership team
  • Knowledge Management training – Beginner
  • Knowledge Management Awards Preparation: Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE), Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
  • Accreditation – ISO 30401 KM Standards

Training and Workshops on Knowledge Management in Indonesia

  • Aug/Sep 2023: Knowledge Management/Transformation Workshops: Sustainable Knowledge Management (Jakarta)
  • Dec 2022: Design your Knowledge Management (ISO 30401 Mini) Strategy for 2023 hands on workshop (Jakarta)


KM Talks with Thought Leaders

    Dec 2022: Optimize Human-centric Knowledge to Increase Trust, Support Collaboration and Inclusion
    Oct 2022: The Journey and Future of Knowledge Management
    Jul 2022: A KM Episode with the Chief Chaos Organizer
    May 2022: Sustainability and Knowledge Management
    Mar 2022: Emerging trends in Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation in Pandemic Era

    Nov 2021: The Changing Landscape of Knowledge Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
    Jun 2021: Role of Knowledge Management in Innovation and how to make Knowledge Management prominent; Guiding Knowledge Managers for managing and navigating Future of Knowledge Management; Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in the Corporate and Academic Sector
    May 2021: Technology and Knowledge Management
    Apr 2021: Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry, How Covid Impacted, and the Future of Knowledge Management

KM in Indonesia

    Feb 2023: KM Talks: Ngobrol Santai Sambil Ngopi Unwrap 2023 Discussion (Themes: KM Strategy, KM Sustainability, starting KM and effective strategic communications)

    Oct 2022: Effective Knowledge Management & Communications Webinar (in Bahasa Indonesia & English)

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