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The Knowledge Management Society (KMS), Singapore, formerly the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS) and a Knowledge Management interest group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 1), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Management Singapore Conference (KM Singapore)* 2)
  • iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (iKMS-ICKM) 4)
    • (PLANNED) 2nd iKMS-ICKM, 2005, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
    • 1st iKMS-ICKM, 13-15 December 2004, Singapore
      Conference Theme: People, Knowledge and Technology: What have we learnt so far?

Certificate Courses

  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Programs / Certificates 4)
    Jun Sep 2018: OKS Strategy Certificate; OKS Knowledge Capture Certificate
  • 6-part series of Knowledge Management (KM) 101 workshops (with Certification):
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – STRATEGY (Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy for Your Organization)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – LEADERSHIP (The Role of Leadership in achieving a Knowledge Ready Organization)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – PROCESS (Workflow & Processes to Promote Knowledge Capturing and Sharing
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – CULTURE (Leveraging on Culture to build a Knowledge Ready Organisation. Tools, tips and Designs for the KM, OD and CM Practitioners)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – TECHNOLOGY (Steering the use of Technology to Empower a Knowledge Ready Organisation: A Knowledge Management Practitioner’s Approach)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – IMPACT


  • Mar 2024: Knowledge Management Transformation workshops (Jakarta, Indonesia; w. Acies Innovations)
      Boosting Business Productivity through Effective Knowledge Management Strategy
      Implementing Effective Knowledge Management in Government and Public Service
      Enhancing Sustainable Philanthropy through Data and Knowledge Management
  • Oct 2023: HacKMthon 2023 Singapore edition (Nanyang Technological University; part of the KMGN Global Knowledge Week)
  • Aug 2022: Surviving the (Enterprise) Brain Drain with Knowledge Management (Life Long Learning Institute; part of the Skills Future Festival of SkillsFuture Singapore)
  • Jan 2020: Enabling Efficient Knowledge Capture and Sharing (Arup Knowledge Management Workshop Series)
  • Jul 2018: Transforming Collaboration in Your Organization, Communities, Change, and Learning
  • Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Briefings/Workshops
    • Nov 2019: Knowledge Ready Organisation Workshop @ Lifelong Learning Institute
    • Aug 2019: Getting Your Organisation Society 5.0 Ready (Jakarta, Indonesia; with AAG International Business Consulting)
    • Apr 2019: Put your Knowledge Management Team on the World Map with the Winning Strategy for a Knowledge Ready Enterprise (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Dec 2018: Presentation on Knowledge Ready Organisations (KRO) (8th Non Profit Sector Development Forum, King Fahd University, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    • Apr 2018: Knowledge Ready Organisation 2018 Awards Briefing
    • Mar 2017: Workshop: Creating your Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
    • Jul 2016: Workshop: Creating your Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
    • Feb 2016: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Award Briefing Session
    • Apr 2015: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 2
    • Apr 2015: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 1

Masterclasses / Seminars

  • Apr 2018: Knowledge Management Awareness – Navigating Change in Large Scale Digital Transformation: Implications for Systems, Processes and People
  • Mar 2018: Masterclass (with Certification): Formatting Knowledge Management Priorities in the Digital Disruptive New Normal
  • Nov 2015: Leading KNOWledge SUCCESSion
  • Jul 2014: The Leaders’ Guide to Knowledge Management
  • Apr 2014: Next Generation Knowledge Management Manager
  • Mar 2012: Designing Intranets that Work
  • Nov 2010: 2-DAY USABILITY BOOTCAMP with Christine Perfetti
  • Apr 2010: Networking workshop for Public Sector
  • Aug 2006: Leveraging Social Networks for Knowledge Management (Straits Knowledge)
  • Jun 2006: Current Issues in Knowledge Management
  • Feb 2006: Eliciting Tacit Knowledge Masterclass (Straits Knowledge)
  • Jul 2005: Content Management 2 day Seminar
  • May 2005: KM 101: An Overview of the Siemens Knowledge Management Framework Seminar
  • Nov 2005: Corporate Portals: Harnessing Technology to Knowledge Management (Seminar Series co-organized with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)
  • Oct 2004: Capturing Tacit Expert Knowledge with Cognitive Task Analysis Masterclass (Straits Knowledge);
  • Aug 2004: Knowledge Mangaement and the More Competitive Law Firm Seminar
  • Apr 2004: Communities of Practice in Practice Seminar
  • Mar 2004: Getting to Grips with Taxonomies Workshop (Straits Knowledge)
  • May 2002: The Knowledge Manager’s Toolkit (3rd iKMS Wokshop, Straits Knowledge)
  • Nov 2001: Workshop on Knowledge Management Implementations (2nd iKMS Wokshop)
  • May 2001: Knowledge Professionals: Skills & Competencies (1st iKMS Wokshop)

Talks / Networking Sessions

(KM Awareness Talks until ???)

  • Jul 2022: The Future Knowledge Worker: A Collaborative Discussion (KM Talk) and KMS AGM (Sessions: Strategies for the future knowledge worke; Knowledge Sustainability, the power of the global network; Society’s updates)
  • Oct 2019: Being Data Secure Ready in your Daily Operations (with Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP))
  • Nov 2018: Let’s Buzz on the 30401:2018 Knowledge Management
  • Oct 2017: I’m in charge in Knowledge Management in my organization, what should I do now?
  • Feb 2017: No-Budget Knowledge Management (in conjunction with the iKMS 2017 AGM)
  • Mar 2016: The 21st Century Learner
  • Apr 2016: Knowledge Management CoP: Session 1 – Knowledge Management Culture and Knowledge Management Measurement
  • Aug 2015: (Special) What You Need to Know About the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Jun 2015: (1) Applying Change Management in Organisational Knowledge Management Work, (2) Knowledge Management Change Leadership: Strengthening Knowledge Ready Organisation
  • Apr 2015: (1) Organizational DNA, (2) Cities as Knowledge Spaces
  • Mar 2015: Knowledge Management Change Leadership
  • Jan 2015: Improving decision making in projects (and in life)
  • May 2014: Knowledge Management Global Network 2014
  • Nov 2013: Knowledge Management Metrics: Evolution, Challenges and Possibilities
  • Mar 2013: Community of Practice (COP)
  • Nov 2011: Games and Complexity Theory: Studying Praxis using a Complex Board Game
  • Aug 2011: Records Management and Its Relevance Today
  • Jul 2011: Knowledge Management and Social Media Monitoring
  • May 2011: Back to Basic: Institutional Knowledge at SMU
  • Apr 2011: The role of conversations in enabling knowledge sharing and organisational learning
  • Mar 2011: The British Council’s global approach to information management
  • May 2010: Practical Knowledge Management & Social Media @ Siemens
  • Apr 2010: Bringing Social Media into Technical Writing – The next happening thing in the Tech Comm world
  • April 2010: Public Sector Networking workshop
  • Mar 2010: Sharing on the 2009 Intranet Innovation Award-winning Entries
  • Nov 2009: Enhancing Business Value through Leveraging Behavioural Capabilities
  • Sep 2009: Building a Collaborative Workspace using Stories
  • Jul 2009: Value Networks & Knowledge Management Adoption
  • Jun 2009: Bridging the Gaps – How to Transfer Knowledge in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace [Cancelled]
  • May 2009: Personal Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 Tools
  • Apr 2009: The adaptation of organisations to a knowledge economy and the contribution of social computing
  • Aug 2008: Workshop on Enterprise 2.0
  • July 2008: Value Networks & Knowledge Management Adoption
  • June 2008: Building Internal Knowledge Management Capabilities
  • Apr 2008: Knowledge Stickiness
  • Apr 2008: Networking evening: “What is knowledge Management? How much you know about KM? Do you need KM?”
  • Mar 2008: User-Driven Taxonomies
  • Jan 2008: How Can We Influence the Knowledge Sharing Culture of an Organisation? (Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen)
  • Sep 2007: Web 2.0 and the Future of Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2007: Developing and Managing Taxonomies
  • Jul 2007: How to Do Business Network Analysis
  • May 2007: How to Ignite Knowledge Management in your organisation
  • Mar 2007: How can Knowledge Management Contribute to Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning in Organizations? (A Dialogue between Gary Klein and David Snowden)
  • Mar 2007: (1) Managing Content at Telstra: An integrated Knowledge Management broad audience, (2) Knowledge Management in Project Management
  • Aug 2006: (1) Knowledge Management and Leadership – Is there a style that works best? An investigation of leadership styles in a call centre environment, (2) Knowledge can be a hard thing to keep secret
  • Jul 2006: (1) Knowledge Management as an Enabler during Corporatisation of an Australian Public Sector Organisation, (2) Knowledge Management under Taxing Conditions
  • May 2006: (1) Knowledge Mobilization for Innovation: Technically Enhanced Opportunities for Collaboration and Knowledge Fusion, (2) Does Human-Centered design matters in Knowledge Management technologies?
  • Mar 2006: (1) Building Capability through Cognitive Apprenticeship: The Singapore Armed Forces Competency-based Learning Project, (2) Knowledge Mobilisation: Leveraging and Extending Knowledge Management
  • Dec 2005: (1) The Singapore Armed Forces Competency-Based Learning Project: Build capability through Cognitive Apprenticeship, (2) Does Human-Centered design matters in Knowledge Management technologies?
  • Oct 2005: How to Buy Technology for Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2005: (1) The knowledge management myth: Will the real knowledge managers please step forward?, (2) Using Generative Conversations to Maximize Knowledge Sharing
  • Jun 2005: (1) The State of Knowledge Management Practice in Hong Kong, (2) Trust in Virtual Organizations
  • May 2005: (1) Managing Culture and Knowledge, (2) Using Generative Conversations to Maximize Knowledge Sharing
  • Apr 2005: (1) Mapping the R&D Knowledge Network, (2) The Socialization Quadrant – The Face and Place of Knowledge Sharing
  • Nov 2004: The new British Standards document on good practice in knowledge management and organisational culture
  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management for Call Centres and Service Centres
  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management in the public sector
  • Jul 2004: Knowledge Management Enrichment: (1) The relationship between leadership, knowledge and self-deception; (2) How social network analysis can be used in a Knowledge Management project
  • May 2004: (1) Knowledge Management at EDS, (2) The National Library Board’s Knowledge Management Journey
  • Feb 2004: (1) Knowledge Management in Fleet Management (Dragon Air), (2) Knowledge Management in a government statutory board (DSTA)
  • Nov 2003: Social Networks for Knowledge Management
  • Jul 2003: Workshop: Culture – The Heart of Knowledge
  • Aug 2001: Ignorance Management: lessons of the small enterprise for knowledge management

Sharing Sessions

  • Nov 2023: What is Knowledge Management ? A peek through the students lens (21x; Day 1: KM and Social Media; KM in Personal Finance; KM in AI Generated Content (AIGC); KM for Risk Management in Banking; 1st event is part of the KMGN Global Knowledge Wee)
  • Oct 2023: What is Knowledge Management ? A peek through the students lens (2x; Day 1: AI Automation in KM; Knowledge Sharing in Non-Profits; KM & Human Resource; Ethics and Bias in KM; Day 2: KM and Remote Work; KM and the Advertising Industry; KM in Emerging Industries; KM ISO 30401)
  • Mar 2023: Knowledge Management Day Singapore
  • Jan 2023: An overview on the Knowledge Management (KM) ISO 30401 and the Knowledge Ready Organization (KRO) (re-scheduled from Sep 2022; CANCELLED)
  • Jun 2021: Pulse Check on your Organisation’s Knowledge Readiness (Alternative event for KMSG 2021 conference)
  • Mar 2021: E-Communities of Practice Panel discussion (in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting)
  • Feb 2021: Annual General Meeting (POSTPONED)
  • Feb 2020: (POSTPONED) Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change: So What’s it Going to be for the Public Service and Corporates? (KMS Leadership Sharing Session / KM Leadership Forum in conjunction with the KMS AGM)
  • Feb 2020: (POSTPONED to Aug 2020) Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change: So What’s it Going to be for the Public Service and Corporates? (KMS Leadership Sharing Session / KM Leadership Forum in conjunction with the KMS AGM)
  • May 2019: Knowledge Day (K-Day) – A day of sharing and exchange (with Lifelong Learning Institute, SkillsFuture SG; part of the 2nd year KMS and PS talks)
  • Feb 2019 (KMS Sharing): Virtual Rooms: What’s Next for Knowledge Mangaement after Going Papersless; How to smoothly integrate Knowledge Management tasks into working processes and organisational processes (with Lifelong Learning Institute, SkillsFuture SG / Festival; in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting)
  • Mar 2011: Intranet Sharing Session
  • Nov 2010: Intranet Sharing Session
  • Jun 2007: Developing KM Professionals for a Knowledge Society: A dialogue and forum
  • May 2007: How to Ignite Knowledge Management in Your Organization
  • Knowledge Management Case Studies and Best Practices Sharing Sessions at KMSG


(informal learning and consultation sessions held over a half day)

  • Nov 2014: Solving Business Problems Using a Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Aug 2014: Harnessing the Power of Organisational Storytelling
  • Jun 2014: Facilitating Knowledge Creation and Sharing
  • Mar 2013: IE Singapore, Winner of the “My Beautiful Intranet Award”
  • Nov 2012: Sharing on Sharepoint 2013
  • Mar 2011: Growing Communities of Practice and Networks (Case Clinic with with Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner)


  • Knowledge Management Webinar Series, G-LINK Summit (Global Learning Week @ IKI-SEA), 4-6 October 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
    – O.I. (Organizational Intelligence) before A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    – Designing a Co-Design Workspace
  • Knowledge Management / KMGN Webinar Series, KM Singapore Conference (Global Learning Week @ Nanyang Technological University), 26-30 Sep 2016, Singapore
    – Design Thinking: How to Apply Design Thinking for Alternative & Innovative Possibilities
    – Getting the Most of Our Social Capital
    – Standing on Shoulders of 200 Knowledge Management Journeys


  • Annual General Meetings
  • Farewell gathering for Dr Suliman Hawamdeh, Founding President (Jul 2003)
  • Corporate Members’ Breakfast Meeting (Aug 2005)
  • Members’ Planning Sessions
    • Nov 2010: iKMS Leadership Dialogue: Come Jan 2011, iKMS will be 10 years’ old. What do you think iKMS should focus on for the next 5 years, and beyond?
    • Mar 2007: iKMS Open Planning Day: Members’ Brainstorming Session to generate ideas for what iKMS should try to achieve over the next two year term

Special Interest Groups/Committees & Meetings

  • Intranet SIG
    Sep 2010: Intranet SIG kickoff meeting
    Nov 2010: Intranet SIG meeting: Session 2
    Mar 2011: Intranet SIG meeting: Session 3
    Nov 2012: Intranet SIG
    Mar 2013: Intranet SIG Gathering
  • Social Media SIG
    Jan 2013: Social Media SIG kickoff meeting
    Apr 2013: Social Media Special Interest Group
    Jun 2013: Social Media Special Interest Group – 3rd Session
  • Innovation in knowledge-based Singapore SIG (2005-)
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management SIG (2004-)
  • Knowledge Management Tools SIG (2004-)
  • Intellectual Capital Management SIG (2004-)
  • Digital Content SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Metrics and Standards SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Processes SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Ethics SIG (2002-)
  • iKMS.US interest group (2004-2005)


Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards (2015-2018, 2022 – in conjunction with KM Singapore)

Knowledge Management (KM) Excellence Awards (2008-2010, 2012 – in conjunction with KM Singapore)

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