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The Knowledge Management Society (KMS), Singapore, formerly the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS) and a Knowledge Management interest group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 1), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Management Singapore Conference (KM Singapore)* 2)
  • Developing KM Professionals for a Knowledge Society, June 18 2007, Singapore 3)
    You are or seek to be a Knowledge Management professional: How do you get appropriate education and training? How do you build your professional experience in the company of peers? How do you get support for your continuing professional development?
    Join us for a free, interactive session exploring practical approaches to the education, development and support of Knowledge Management professionals.
  • iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (iKMS-ICKM) 4)
    • (PLANNED) 2nd iKMS-ICKM, 2005, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
    • 1st iKMS-ICKM, 13-15 December 2004, Singapore
      Conference Theme: People, Knowledge and Technology: What have we learnt so far?

Certificate Courses

  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Programs / Certificates 4)
    Jun Sep 2018: OKS Strategy Certificate; OKS Knowledge Capture Certificate
  • 6-part series of Knowledge Management (KM) 101 workshops (with Certification):
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – STRATEGY (Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy for Your Organization)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – LEADERSHIP (The Role of Leadership in achieving a Knowledge Ready Organization)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – PROCESS (Workflow & Processes to Promote Knowledge Capturing and Sharing
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – CULTURE (Leveraging on Culture to build a Knowledge Ready Organisation. Tools, tips and Designs for the KM, OD and CM Practitioners)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – TECHNOLOGY (Steering the use of Technology to Empower a Knowledge Ready Organisation: A Knowledge Management Practitioner’s Approach)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) 101 – IMPACT


  • Jan 2020: Enabling Efficient Knowledge Capture and Sharing (Arup Knowledge Management Workshop Series)
  • Jul 2018: Transforming Collaboration in Your Organization, Communities, Change, and Learning
  • Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Briefings/Workshops
    • Nov 2019: Knowledge Ready Organisation Workshop @ Lifelong Learning Institute
    • Aug 2019: Getting Your Organisation Society 5.0 Ready (Jakarta, Indonesia; with AAG International Business Consulting)
    • Apr 2019: Put your Knowledge Management Team on the World Map with the Winning Strategy for a Knowledge Ready Enterprise (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Dec 2018: Presentation on Knowledge Ready Organisations (KRO) (8th Non Profit Sector Development Forum, King Fahd University, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    • Apr 2018: Knowledge Ready Organisation 2018 Awards Briefing
    • Mar 2017: Workshop: Creating your knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
    • Jul 2016: Workshop: Creating your Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
    • Feb 2016: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Award Briefing Session
    • Apr 2015: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 2
    • Apr 2015: Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 1

Masterclasses / Seminars

  • Apr 2018: Knowledge Management Awareness – Navigating Change in Large Scale Digital Transformation: Implications for Systems, Processes and People
  • Mar 2018: Masterclass (with Certification): Formatting Knowledge Management Priorities in the Digital Disruptive New Normal
  • Nov 2015: Leading KNOWledge SUCCESSion
  • Jul 2014: The Leaders’ Guide to Knowledge Management
  • Apr 2014: Next Generation Knowledge Management Manager
  • Mar 2012: Designing Intranets that Work
  • Nov 2010: 2-DAY USABILITY BOOTCAMP with Christine Perfetti
  • Apr 2010: Networking workshop for Public Sector
  • Aug 2006: Leveraging Social Networks for Knowledge Management (Straits Knowledge)
  • Jun 2006: Current Issues in Knowledge Management
  • Feb 2006: Eliciting Tacit Knowledge Masterclass (Straits Knowledge)
  • Jul 2005: Content Management 2 day Seminar
  • May 2005: KM 101: An Overview of the Siemens Knowledge Management Framework Seminar
  • Nov 2005: Corporate Portals: Harnessing Technology to Knowledge Management (Seminar Series co-organized with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)
  • Oct 2004: Capturing Tacit Expert Knowledge with Cognitive Task Analysis Masterclass (Straits Knowledge);
  • Aug 2004: Knowledge Mangaement and the More Competitive Law Firm Seminar
  • Apr 2004: Communities of Practice in Practice Seminar
  • Mar 2004: Getting to Grips with Taxonomies Workshop (Straits Knowledge)
  • May 2002: The Knowledge Manager’s Toolkit (3rd iKMS Wokshop, Straits Knowledge)
  • Nov 2001: Workshop on Knowledge Management Implementations (2nd iKMS Wokshop)
  • May 2001: Knowledge Professionals: Skills & Competencies (1st iKMS Wokshop)

Talks / Networking Sessions

(KM Awareness Talks until ???)

  • Oct 2019: Being Data Secure Ready in your Daily Operations (with Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP))
  • Nov 2018: Let’s Buzz on the 30401:2018 Knowledge Management
  • Oct 2017: I’m in charge in Knowledge Management in my organization, what should I do now?
  • Feb 2017: No-Budget Knowledge Management (in conjunction with the iKMS 2017 AGM)
  • Mar 2016: The 21st Century Learner
  • Apr 2016: Knowledge Management CoP: Session 1 – Knowledge Management Culture and Knowledge Management Measurement
  • Aug 2015: (Special) What You Need to Know About the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Jun 2015: (1) Applying Change Management in Organisational Knowledge Management Work, (2) Knowledge Management Change Leadership: Strengthening Knowledge Ready Organisation
  • Apr 2015: (1) Organizational DNA, (2) Cities as Knowledge Spaces
  • Mar 2015: Knowledge Management Change Leadership
  • Jan 2015: Improving decision making in projects (and in life)
  • May 2014: Knowledge Management Global Network 2014
  • Nov 2013: Knowledge Management Metrics: Evolution, Challenges and Possibilities
  • Mar 2013: Community of Practice (COP)
  • Nov 2011: Games and Complexity Theory: Studying Praxis using a Complex Board Game
  • Aug 2011: Records Management and Its Relevance Today
  • Jul 2011: Knowledge Management and Social Media Monitoring
  • May 2011: Back to Basic: Institutional Knowledge at SMU
  • Apr 2011: The role of conversations in enabling knowledge sharing and organisational learning
  • Mar 2011: The British Council’s global approach to information management
  • May 2010: Practical Knowledge Management & Social Media @ Siemens
  • Apr 2010: Bringing Social Media into Technical Writing – The next happening thing in the Tech Comm world
  • April 2010: Public Sector Networking workshop
  • Mar 2010: Sharing on the 2009 Intranet Innovation Award-winning Entries
  • Nov 2009: Enhancing Business Value through Leveraging Behavioural Capabilities
  • Sep 2009: Building a Collaborative Workspace using Stories
  • Jul 2009: Value Networks & Knowledge Management Adoption
  • Jun 2009: Bridging the Gaps – How to Transfer Knowledge in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace [Cancelled]
  • May 2009: Personal Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 Tools
  • Apr 2009: The adaptation of organisations to a knowledge economy and the contribution of social computing
  • Aug 2008: Workshop on Enterprise 2.0
  • July 2008: Value Networks & Knowledge Management Adoption
  • June 2008: Building Internal Knowledge Management Capabilities
  • Apr 2008: Knowledge Stickiness
  • Apr 2008: Networking evening: “What is knowledge Management? How much you know about KM? Do you need KM?”
  • Mar 2008: User-Driven Taxonomies
  • Jan 2008: How Can We Influence the Knowledge Sharing Culture of an Organisation? (Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen)
  • Sep 2007: Web 2.0 and the Future of Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2007: Developing and Managing Taxonomies
  • Jul 2007: How to Do Business Network Analysis
  • May 2007: How to Ignite Knowledge Management in your organisation
  • Mar 2007: How can Knowledge Management Contribute to Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning in Organizations? (A Dialogue between Gary Klein and David Snowden)
  • Mar 2007: (1) Managing Content at Telstra: An integrated Knowledge Management broad audience, (2) Knowledge Management in Project Management
  • Aug 2006: (1) Knowledge Management and Leadership – Is there a style that works best? An investigation of leadership styles in a call centre environment, (2) Knowledge can be a hard thing to keep secret
  • Jul 2006: (1) Knowledge Management as an Enabler during Corporatisation of an Australian Public Sector Organisation, (2) Knowledge Management under Taxing Conditions
  • May 2006: (1) Knowledge Mobilization for Innovation: Technically Enhanced Opportunities for Collaboration and Knowledge Fusion, (2) Does Human-Centered design matters in Knowledge Management technologies?
  • Mar 2006: (1) Building Capability through Cognitive Apprenticeship: The Singapore Armed Forces Competency-based Learning Project, (2) Knowledge Mobilisation: Leveraging and Extending Knowledge Management
  • Dec 2005: (1) The Singapore Armed Forces Competency-Based Learning Project: Build capability through Cognitive Apprenticeship, (2) Does Human-Centered design matters in Knowledge Management technologies?
  • Oct 2005: How to Buy Technology for Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2005: (1) The knowledge management myth: Will the real knowledge managers please step forward?, (2) Using Generative Conversations to Maximize Knowledge Sharing
  • Jun 2005: (1) The State of Knowledge Management Practice in Hong Kong, (2) Trust in Virtual Organizations
  • May 2005: (1) Managing Culture and Knowledge, (2) Using Generative Conversations to Maximize Knowledge Sharing
  • Apr 2005: (1) Mapping the R&D Knowledge Network, (2) The Socialization Quadrant – The Face and Place of Knowledge Sharing
  • Nov 2004: The new British Standards document on good practice in knowledge management and organisational culture
  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management for Call Centres and Service Centres
  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management in the public sector
  • Jul 2004: Knowledge Management Enrichment: (1) The relationship between leadership, knowledge and self-deception; (2) How social network analysis can be used in a Knowledge Management project
  • May 2004: (1) Knowledge Management at EDS, (2) The National Library Board’s Knowledge Management Journey
  • Feb 2004: (1) Knowledge Management in Fleet Management (Dragon Air), (2) Knowledge Management in a government statutory board (DSTA)
  • Nov 2003: Social Networks for Knowledge Management
  • Jul 2003: Workshop: Culture – The Heart of Knowledge
  • Aug 2001: Ignorance Management: lessons of the small enterprise for knowledge management

Sharing Sessions

  • Mar 2021: E-Communities of Practice Panel discussion (in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting)
  • Feb 2021: Annual General Meeting (POSTPONED)
  • Feb 2020: (POSTPONED) Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change: So What’s it Going to be for the Public Service and Corporates? (KMS Leadership Sharing Session / KM Leadership Forum in conjunction with the KMS AGM)
  • Feb 2020: (POSTPONED to Aug 2020) Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change: So What’s it Going to be for the Public Service and Corporates? (KMS Leadership Sharing Session / KM Leadership Forum in conjunction with the KMS AGM)
  • May 2019: Knowledge Day (K-Day) – A day of sharing and exchange: Workplace Transformation, Enterprise Learning and Connectivity. Leadership, Collaboration, Communications & Knowledge Centric Expertise in Smart Organisations (with Lifelong Learning Institute, SkillsFuture SG; part of the 2nd year KMS and PS talks)
  • Feb 2019 (KMS Sharing): Virtual Rooms: What’s Next for Knowledge Mangaement after Going Papersless; How to smoothly integrate Knowledge Management tasks into working processes and organisational processes (with Lifelong Learning Institute, SkillsFuture SG / Festival; in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting)
  • Mar 2011: Intranet Sharing Session
  • Nov 2010: Intranet Sharing Session
  • May 2007: How to Ignite Knowledge Management in Your Organization
  • Knowledge Management Case Studies and Best Practices Sharing Sessions at KMSG


(informal learning and consultation sessions held over a half day)

  • Nov 2014: Solving Business Problems Using a Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Aug 2014: Harnessing the Power of Organisational Storytelling
  • Jun 2014: Facilitating Knowledge Creation and Sharing
  • Mar 2013: IE Singapore, Winner of the “My Beautiful Intranet Award”
  • Nov 2012: Sharing on Sharepoint 2013
  • Mar 2011: Growing Communities of Practice and Networks (Case Clinic with with Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner)


  • Knowledge Management Webinar Series, G-LINK Summit (Global Learning Week @ IKI-SEA), 4-6 October 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
    – O.I. (Organizational Intelligence) before A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    – Designing a Co-Design Workspace
  • Knowledge Management / KMGN Webinar Series, KM Singapore Conference (Global Learning Week @ Nanyang Technological University), 26-30 Sep 2016, Singapore
    – Design Thinking: How to Apply Design Thinking for Alternative & Innovative Possibilities
    – Getting the Most of Our Social Capital
    – Standing on Shoulders of 200 Knowledge Management Journeys


  • Annual General Meetings
  • Farewell gathering for Dr Suliman Hawamdeh, Founding President (Jul 2003)
  • Corporate Members’ Breakfast Meeting (Aug 2005)
  • Members’ Planning Sessions
    • Nov 2010: iKMS Leadership Dialogue: Come Jan 2011, iKMS will be 10 years’ old. What do you think iKMS should focus on for the next 5 years, and beyond?
    • Mar 2007: iKMS Open Planning Day: Members’ Brainstorming Session to generate ideas for what iKMS should try to achieve over the next two year term

Special Interest Groups/Committees & Meetings

  • Intranet SIG
    Sep 2010: Intranet SIG kickoff meeting
    Nov 2010: Intranet SIG meeting: Session 2
    Mar 2011: Intranet SIG meeting: Session 3
    Nov 2012: Intranet SIG
    Mar 2013: Intranet SIG Gathering
  • Social Media SIG
    Jan 2013: Social Media SIG kickoff meeting
    Apr 2013: Social Media Special Interest Group
    Jun 2013: Social Media Special Interest Group – 3rd Session
  • Innovation in knowledge-based Singapore SIG (2005-)
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management SIG (2004-)
  • Knowledge Management Tools SIG (2004-)
  • Intellectual Capital Management SIG (2004-)
  • Digital Content SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Metrics and Standards SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Processes SIG (2002-)
  • Knowledge Management Ethics SIG (2002-)
  • iKMS.US interest group (2004-2005)

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