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International Delphi Study on Knowledge Leaders’ Critical Issues

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Abstract: Nowadays, an increasing number of organizations hire knowledge leaders to create and maintain a knowledge management environment. However, the critical issues these individuals face are very poorly defined in today’s academic literature. Using a web-based Delphi method, this study is the first to reach a worldwide consensus on knowledge leaders’ critical issues. These

Study and Framework of Chief Knowledge Officer Effectiveness

Abstract: The existing literature on Chief Knowledge Officers (CKOs) focuses on individual characteristics and organizational context but fails to convincingly address the issue of process dynamics in terms of effective and ineffective CKO moves and strategies. In order to address this gap we review propositions from the management fashion, diffusion of innovations and issue

The Knowledge Organization Competencies Project

Abstract: Matt Moore and Patrick Lambe developed a draft competency framework for knowledge organization professionals in support of the inaugural “Innovations in Knowledge Organization” conference held in Singapore in June 2015. With the support of ISKO we then tested this framework within the larger professional community through a global survey attracting almost 150 responses