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Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Conference (JSIK Conference)*

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The two days Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Conference (JSIK Conference; Japanese: 日本情報知識学会大会), until 2005 the one day Japan Society of Information and Knowledge Research Report Meeting, is the annual research report and general assembly meeting of the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (JSIK).

Since 2013 with General Track and Student Track.

Associated award ceremonies:

  • Student Encouragement Award Ceremony (since 2013, except 2015)
  • Best Paper Awards Ceremony & Commemorative Lecture (since 2005)
  • Permanent Member Awards Ceremony (since 2012)

Conference History:

32nd JSIK Conference 2024, May 25-26, 2024, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Quantitative analysis of user access graphs from CiNii logs
    Attempt to expand overseas users by utilizing machine translation of academic information search service CiNii
    Fact-finding report on the posting of papers and evidence data in institutional repositories
    Current status and challenges of chatbot usage on Japanese town websites
    How to support regional design using AR and VR
    Database and Measurement of Imperially Selected Waka Anthologies
    Current status and challenges of digital release of former colonial textbooks
    Building a digital archive “AMANE Archives” in collaboration with the local community
    Towards the realization of a shared platform for the inheritance of regional data
    Analysis of the relationship between press releases and news reports – Comparative study of press releases sent directly from universities and newspaper databases
    Verification of the generation process of new scientific knowledge based on structural hole theory

    Student Track Presentations: Student Encouragement Award
    Data Model Development for the Evolution of Ancient Book Editions with Linked Open Data ― Shishuo Xinyu as an Example
    Survey on the status of information disclosure regarding zoo/aquarium programs for schools
    Proposal of expression methods that encourage citizen inspiration and co-creation in digital archiving of local historical statistical materials

31st JSIK Conference 2023, May 20-21, 2023, Ishikawa Prefectural Library, Kanazawa (Kodatsuno), Japan / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: New Roles and Prospects of Local Libraries for the Future: Aiming for the succession of regional history and culture by various leaders

    General Track Presentations:
    Analysis of Changes in Students’ Awareness for Smooth Introduction of Data Science Education at Private Humanities Universities
    Current Status and Future of Kanazawa University Academic Data Management System
    A class where students showed historical buildings with AR and VR
    Analysis of Factors in the Advancement of Opening Local Government Public Relations Magazines as Regional Materials
    Awareness of school clerical staff regarding disaster prevention -Through the practice of Crossroads-
    Curation in Language Resource Digital Archives: A Case Study of “National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics Digital Archive NINDA”
    Analysis of external lending and internal use in school libraries
    Building a crowdsourcing system for collecting information on folk implements
    Considerations and trials for the realization of a “robust” digital archive of academic materials
    Philosophy of digital archives in museums
    Arrangement of Issues for Construction of “Regional Archives Studies”
    Diversity of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project Results Based on Metadata Analysis
    Toward development of NII RDC application profile using ontology technology
    Visualization of Viewing Time Series of Video Content and Generation
    Formulation of Web Accessibility Policy and Publication of Annual Test Results in Japanese Cities
    Establishment of survey methods for measuring the disclosure status of the basis data of papers
    Quantitative research on the relationship between academic marketing and academic research – Focusing on newspaper reports and press releases related to functional food notification information
    Preliminary Survey of Demand for Indicators Provided to Dashboards for Institutions in Japan

    Student Track Presentations: Student Encouragement Award
    Statistical Analysis of Positive and Negative Personality Words of Animated Characters
    An Attempt to Recommend LOD Link Candidates Using Literal Similarity
    Efforts to inherit Born-Digital Regional Materials (BDRM)

    Planning Symposium, May 20
    Theme: New Roles and Prospects of Local Libraries for the Future – Aiming for the succession of regional history and culture by various leaders

    Overview of Ishikawa Prefectural Library and Inheritance of Regional History and Culture

    Case Reports:
    Collection, sharing and utilization of local resources at the Ishikawa Prefectural Library
    The Road to the Future
    Usage of Local Materials and the Role of Libraries – Case Study of Osaka Municipal Library
    Design Strategy for Local Materials – Craft Patterns Product development example of utilization

    Panel Discussions (1)

30th JSIK Conference 2022, May 28-29, 2022, Virtual venue

    General Track Presentations:
    From a questionnaire survey on the digitization and openness of local government public relations magazines as regional materials
    Formulation of web accessibility policy in local governments and disclosure of annual test results
    Attempts to extract variables in mathematical formulas and their meanings in documents
    Basic research for sharing “Koji Ruien” and analysis of modern classical studies
    Student VR Museum with paintings created with AI color composition
    Comparative analysis of overseas academic information infrastructure dashboards
    Evaluation and feature analysis based on comparison of screen functions of academic information retrieval services in Japan and overseas
    Examination of visualization method of learning results based on curriculum map
    Quantitative research on the relationship between academic marketing and academic research-Case study on the scientific basis of functional food notification information-
    Proposal of a hierarchical description method for story structure
    Basic consideration for visually impaired people to enjoy video games: Through practice using retro games
    Quantitative analysis of open access citation advantage

    Student Track Presentations:
    Development of a method for identifying a series of programs in Japanese TV broadcasting
    Similar music presentation method to support music search
    Analysis of story structure for automatic generation system of “Tokimeki” in romance games for women
    Comparison of story structures of ghost stories in different media
    Construction of an online judge system to support programming learning
    Comparative analysis of the characteristics of derivative works with different original works
    Rhetoric classification and quantitative analysis used in essays with different themes

29th JSIK Conference 2021, May 22-23, 2021, Virtual venue

    General Track Presentations:
    Attempt to automatically extract academic articles in newspapers-using machine learning models
    Relationship analysis of failure risk factors for SME projects focusing on co-occurrence
    Classification of self-proclaimed words and symmetric words in narrative conversations
    Text analysis of the contents of the medical information provision form at the time of patient referral
    Analysis of attractive elements of female characters in mobile games
    Linking with NDC-LD for exploration based on manga content
    Impact of new coronavirus infection on Japanese research activities
    Relationship between enforcement of the Basic Law for Promotion of Public-Private Data Utilization and Promotion of Open Data in Local Governments
    Exploratory research on Twitter usage trends in COVID-19
    A proposal to promote the digitization and openness of regional materials-From the case of Kanagawa Prefecture-
    Practice of lessons using AI learning system on Web system
    A Study on Presenting Source Code for Programming Learning by Typing
    Digitization of notebooks in classes for students with
    low vision
    Is mutual cooperation between specialized databases possible? Asking the significance of the existence of specialized databases

    Student Track Presentations:
    For the realization of early resolution urging the information analysis system of fire, study of the technique for classifying the speech content for each position of the remarks
    Narration Adder: Development of automatic narration addition system
    Extraction of stylistic features in romance novels using factor analysis
    Research on danger diagnosis system using image recognition AI
    Stylistic classification and estimation of story conversation sentences based on function words
    Examination of emotion dictionary for multilingual analysis
    Narrative feature analysis for derivative works
    Research on quantitative analysis approach to promote the number of female employees
    Structural comparison of mythological stories and modern stories based on myths
    Study on otaku’s consciousness and attitude toward ” promotion ” using PAC analysis
    Proposal of story structure and story content analysis method for role-playing games focusing on quest structure
    Browsing history presentation method for the purpose of retrospective support of information gathering behavior
    Analysis of the sentence structure of diary sentences using N-gram
    Estimating Query Satisfaction Considering Time Series
    Classification and quantitative analysis of rhetoric used in essays

28th JSIK Conference 2020, May 23-24, 2020, Tsukuba Gakuin University, Tsukuba, Japan Virtual venue

    Note: The conference was planned to take place in Hakodate City

    General Track Presentations:
    Progress of digitization and openness of regional materials such as the history of local governments-From the case of a city designated by Kanagawa Prefecture Ordinance
    Relationship between prefectural public-private data utilization promotion plan formulation and information disclosure system
    Examination and implementation of restricted disclosure function in general-purpose data repository
    Hakodate City History: Multifaceted Study on Digital Data of Statistical Historical Materials
    Public Relations Function in Promotion of Open Science
    Introduction and effects of new information technology education methods in Bangladesh
    Risk analysis for avoiding failure of SME projects
    Quantitative analysis of postwar prime ministers’ policy speeches and statement of belief
    Analysis of scene dependencies in mystery novels using network analysis
    Toward the automatic generation of stories with a complex structure

    Student Track Presentations:
    Support for reviewing information gathering behavior using Web page browsing history
    Tag management system for cross-searching data repositories
    Research on predicate suggestions using clusters of item names for RDF conversion of open data
    Improving information access through a web-based application: The case of Botswana Television
    Development of selective problem generation support system for information processing subjects
    Story analysis focusing on the quest structure in role-playing game scenarios
    Extraction of the relationship between the emotional state of characters and BGM in the story scene
    Extraction of story features for structuring hero mythology
    Extraction of comedy and tragedy using
    Emotion extraction of characters in the story based on the emotion word dictionary
    Extraction of stylistic features of diary sentences

27th JSIK Conference 2019, May 25-26, 2019, Tsukuba Gakuin University, Tsukuba, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Construction and analysis of the
    Quantitative analysis of rhythm jumping of Japanese folk songs using nPVI
    Analysis of the relationship between press releases and newspaper reports – Analysis of external factors
    Study on the possibility of cooperation between open data using predicate vectors
    Analysis of Brand Strategy in Library Management
    Consideration on organizational model of research data management support in academic institutions
    Analysis of subject heading methods to support the selection of science picture books for science classes
    Hay fever and other knowledge medicine and biology related allergic diseases using RDF data and Semantic Web technologies to provide the general public information resources over the current situation and problems over
    Automatic generation of baseball war criticism using WPA
    Multilingual historic site guidance system using AR

    Student Track Presentations:
    Of Filipino Workers Perspectives On The Usage Of A Personal Mental Health Dashboard: A Qualitative Analysis Of User Reviews
    (quantitative analysis by the user of the personal mental health app use – Philippines in the Philippines)
    Automatic generation of image captions using hint words
    Community for Enhancing Online Women Participation in Politics and Decision Making: Case Study Tanzania
    Book Recommender System Using Linked Data for Improving Serendipity

26th JSIK Conference 2018, May 26-27, 2018, Toppan Printing Museum & Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan

(30th Anniversary Meeting of Japan Information Knowledge Society)

    Commemorative Lectures:
    Transforming Academic Horizons and Humanities – Significance of Digitization of Knowledge
    Providing Research Infrastructure and Reading Comprehension in Digital Archives-Current and Future Services in SAT Okura Kei DB

    General Track Presentations:
    Quantitative analysis of Taiwan Governor’s Office document list
    Quantitative approach in the late Chokusen Wakashū
    What you can see from the “Kojien” database
    Comparison of Schumann and Debussy’s “childishness” using linear discriminant analysis
    Prototype and evaluation of literature search system based on OPAC usage logs
    Analysis of the relationship between press releases and original papers and orthometrics indicators – Impact on analysis of overheated reports
    Proposal of recommendation method for open data predicates using statistical processing
    Attempt to apply crowdsourcing to links between LOD datasets
    Disclosure and distribution of policy information appearing in local government policy information magazine

    Student Track Presentations:
    Nihon University College of Economics graduate DB
    Portable License Plate Recognition System on Android devices: Case study-Law enforcement in Tanzania
    Sports Fan Management Research Center
    Citation behavior in philosophical research
    Proposal of TEI markup method for full text of Tang poetry work
    Survey analysis to clarify the cause of young people leaving rice
    Provision of Agriculture related information to rural farmers in Nigeria using ICT
    Consumer characteristic analysis using x-means clustering and principal component analysis
    Providing Transparency & Streamline the Procurement Process through the e-Procurement Management System
    Development of sales channels for agricultural products through collaboration with agricultural and commercial ICT

25th JSIK Conference 2017, May 27 – 28, 2017, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

(Host: Center for License and Qualification, Doshisha University)

    General Track Presentations:
    What is the modern cross? – Reason why God gave sovereignty to humankind
    Preliminary survey of bibliobattle event recommendation methods to support group reading
    A Study on Economic Games Using Crowdsourcing: Focusing on Communication Structure
    Discrimination by metric analysis and machine learning in Wakashu
    Expansion of open data initiatives seen in the penetration of “My Public Relations Paper”
    Whistleblowing at work: Can ICT encourage whistleblowing? (Criminal accusation in the workplace- Can ICT promote fraudulent accusation)
    Presentation support system using pointer contact detection
    Attempt to model a world heritage site in 3D from satellite photographs
    Research on RDF conversion in open data
    Quantitative research in media coverage of academic research
    Analysis of the relationship between press releases and original papers and orthometrics
    Attempt to automatically generate full-text search service

    Student Track Presentations:
    Construction of e-learning system for information processing education
    Effect of comparison items between e-books and paper on purchase decisions-From the relationship between comparison items and preferences presented
    Consideration on introduction of telework in Japanese companies
    Proposal of music audition system by short-range communication
    Development of SNS to introduce your favorite things

24th JSIK Conference 2016, May 14-15, 2016, Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, Japan

(Host: Graduate School of Information Media, University of Tsukuba)

    General Track Presentations:
    Systematic review of non-hierarchical clustering indicators
    How to verify the work of Jesus Christ by the crucifixion-Understanding individual events in the flow of history
    Proposal of a method for expanding science and technology terms from abstract data using distributed expressions of words
    How humans develop their ability to flexibly adapt to severe changes in the environment
    Examination of the factor validity of the Student Engagement Scale for Japanese university students
    Advocacy of World Japanese Studies
    Detailed analysis of academic research press releases and original papers
    Attempt of text mining in medieval classical literature
    Exploratory study on multidimensional university evaluation methods
    Possibility of text classification by “radical”
    Estimating the penetration process of administrative applications based on the registrant information of “Chiba Repo” converted into open data
    Japanese university students’ credibility recognition for Wikipedia, actual usage in learning and factors that influence them
    Quantitative analysis of changes in tone in newspapers before and after the earthquake: Focusing on energy issues

    Student Track Presentations:
    Comparison items for purchasing e-books and paper books
    Information search support through dialogue focusing on metacognition and emotions
    Database usage guidance and actual survey of usage education in university libraries
    Research on Gini coefficient model based on the number of public facilities
    Creation of support script for analysis of cognitive diagnosis model-Development of automatic generation function of Mplus analysis code using R
    Examination of personalized elements of subtitle design in videos
    Research on how to measure the effect of media mix

    Joint Planning Session: Latest Trends in Information Practice Research
    (w. Information Procession Society Japan (IPSJ) SIG Computers and the Humanities)
    Lectures: From Information Behavior to Information Practice; Lifelog Test Collection; Fact-finding Survey of User Behavior in Libraries Using Beacon Technology

    Poster Session (General Track; Humanities and Computers Workshop)

23rd JSIK Conference 2015, May 23-24, 2015, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Survey of changes in the number of presentations using science and technology literature data
    Quantitative research in media coverage of academic research-Relationship between press releases, original papers, and newspaper coverage
    Changes in access methods to “news information” and future electronic newspapers
    Basic problems related to publishing statistics
    Analysis of part of speech of words used by unreaders and existing readers in their impressions of novels
    Preliminary analysis of DOI links in Japanese version of Wikipedia
    Automatic collection method of Linked Data repository using similarity as a Web page
    Attempt to analyze questions about manga that you remember
    Research on the effects of university educational programs-for medical schools
    A Study on Simulation of Estimating Required Working Hours for Nurses
    Disaster notification system for developing countries using short message service
    A Study on Happiness / Selfishness and Awareness of Nature
    Bible as a training of righteousness-About the verifiability of the

22nd JSIK Conference 2014, May 24-25, 2014, Wakayama University, Wakayama, Japan

(Host: Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University)

    General Track Presentations:
    Prototype of subject / classification management system based on FRBR: Textbook classification as an example
    Programming education in information departments of different school types
    Search for educational activity indicators based on university portrait data
    Scientific data fusion display tool for expertise
    Efforts to formalize process improvement knowledge
    Construction of a drawing system to support ideas
    Typology of how to use the whiteboard on the entire wall
    A form of complementarity model-what the equation with the golden number as a solution means-
    How to develop the ability to flexibly adapt to severe changes in the environment
    A Study on Loss and Cooperative Behavior: An Experimental Approach with Catastrophe Games in Performance Compensation Conditions
    Utilization and licensing of local characters
    Introducing ComeJisyo and investigating typographical errors in medical information
    Technical issues in promoting open data as seen in the open data demonstration experiment of the local government public relations paper
    Quantitative research in media coverage of academic research-press releases and comparison of two different national newspapers
    Bilingual selection method for academic terms using LDA
    Central Concepts of Speech in the Magazine “Taiyo” and Their Relationships-Quantitative Analysis of Modern Written Language
    Quantitative analysis of cultural property rescue activity records after the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Granble extraction from microblogging messages

    Student Track Presentations:
    Disambiguation for cross-linguistic entity linking
    Development of bipolar waveform extraction algorithm from lunar peripheral electric field waveform data using task scheduler Pwrake for distributed processing
    Attempt to classify articles on the Web regarding disaster prevention and mitigation
    Evaluation of a literature search game for the purpose of exploratory learning in the library

21st JSIK Conference 2013, May 25-26, 2013, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Integrated information system with geographic information generated during the tsunami reconstruction process in Aceh, Indonesia and its application
    Q & A type knowledge extraction for dialogue messages in miniblogs
    “Practical knowledge” acquisition system by GMAIS conceptual model
    Construct a dynamic model of information processing in the brain
    The demands of the times seen from the flow of totalitarianism-knowing from the comparison of the history of totalitarianism
    Efforts for the development of disaster prevention simulation teaching materials
    Japanese castle on a map along the time axis expressed on the Web
    Practical report on the use of LMS (Moodle) outside of class
    Can the National Center Test for University Admissions be solved only by the positive expression density of the textbook?
    Wikipedia Educational Experience
    Method and verification of course grades using course history
    History and current status of “Children’s Newspaper”
    Current status and issues regarding digitization of local assembly minutes
    Quantitative research in media coverage of academic research-Relationship between press releases and newspaper coverage-
    Promotion of knowledge acquisition by digital native generation college students through Web information search behavior
    Examination of Lightweight Information Describing Object (LIDO) in academic resource repository
    Construction of academic resource repository aiming at accumulation and sharing of regional academic materials
    Designing Linked Open Data for context sharing in public debate
    Examining data structures for story plot databases

    Student Track Presentations:
    Efforts toward the development of teaching materials for mathematics and science
    Development of electronic teaching materials for exploratory learning in libraries
    Enhancements to support learners and teachers in LMS environments
    Prototype of inventory system based on FRBR model with loosely coupled configuration
    Behavioral characteristics survey of Web information retrieval considering user type and browsing time
    Quantitative study of Japan-related coverage in Russian newspapers
    Consideration of construction examples of thesaurus for dynamic video and its applicability
    Usage status of PC automatic rental lockers installed in the library
    Practical Report on Information Education Support-Student Support at Learning Commons, Ochanomizu University Library-
    Fact-finding survey on library usage behavior of high school students targeting multiple library types

    Symposium on “Tohoku earthquake and cadastral information” (Keynotes / Invited Talks)
    Land and House Surveyor and Cadastral Information
    Importance of cadastral information in reconstruction after the Great Tohoku Earthquake
    Discovery of knowledge from cadastral information big data
    Toward the Structure of Cadastral Information-A Consideration from the Approach by Ontology Engineering and Linked Open Data
    Construction of a dictionary of technical terms related to cadastral information
    Memory and Countermeasures for” Disasters “in Okinawa’s Modern Land Register and Cadastral Map

20th JSIK Conference 2012, May 20 – 21, 2012, Tsukuba University, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    The actual situation of note-taking in class.
    An automatic timetable creation system based on field-appropriate values.
    Comparison of book typesetting layouts.
    Status of institutional repositories of articles published in Japanese academic societies.
    Current status and issues of archiving local government public relations papers.
    Aiming to realize a non-literary material repository across disciplines and organizations.
    Twitter usage trends after the Great East Japan Earthquake-Quantitative analysis of earthquake-related hashtags-.
    Long-selling information discovery system using time information
    What the era of control means – From machine control to human cognitive control and behavioral control-.
    Attempt of SQL-NoSQL automatic conversion
    Bibliographic analysis of social science research on nuclear energy technology.
    Quantitative research in media coverage of academic research.
    Discovery of emerging papers in weighted citation network analysis.
    Verification of the relationship between cultural knowledge and experience transfer found in the linguistic representation of Japanese poetry
    Construction of gene ontology related to lifestyle-related diseases.

19th JSIK Conference 2011, May 28 – 29, 2011, Kagawa University (Karimachi Campus), Takamatsu, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Overlapping rate between education and research treatise index and CiNii
    Development of a discovery interface that combines a classification system and location information-Aiming for structural understanding of search results-
    Changes in the user’s knowledge structure before and after information retrieval: Analysis using a concept map
    Social picture book recommendation system focusing on children’s questions
    Student usage trends of Japanese Wikipedia
    Characteristics of external links from the Japanese version of Wikipedia and the occurrence of broken links
    Examination of multifaceted evaluation method of questions in community QA
    Judgment of good quality answers of community QA by multiple judges
    Display system of wild bird distribution and related information in Hokkaido using Google Maps API
    Automatic creation of timetables by difficulty level using course history
    Construction of full-text search engine selection support system
    Trends in “overseas outflow rate” of Japanese papers by quantitative analysis and “internationalization” of academic societies and their problems: What is the self-sufficiency rate in academic research?
    Consideration of university evaluation index based on Kakenhi data-Focusing on sharer information
    Extraction of major treatises by PageRank algorithm considering the variance value of cited treatises as weighting
    Integration and application of material risk information Optimal selection of heat-resistant materials applying Web information
    Utilization of failure knowledge in the R & D process at public research institutes (CANCELLED)
    Hypothesis and verification regarding the background and interpretation of the hiyari hat phenomenon
    E-books in public libraries
    Survey and verification of regional video archives on the Web: Focusing on the sustainability of digital archives
    About application of general-purpose typesetting format to academic paper metadata
    Innovation policy and information knowledge
    Lessons from avoiding confusion in social change-Comparison between the Meiji Restoration and the French Revolution-
    Survey of trends in priority areas of the basic plan by keyword analysis
    Quantitative comparison of what is described in criticisms of movies and plays
    Time-series analysis of parallel-style novels based on the dependency relationship between characters and actions
    Presentation of similar novels using Kansei parameters

    Commemorative Symposium: Accumulation of knowledge in Shikoku
    What is the e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku (eK4)?
    What is Shikoku Studies?
    Authentication platform that supports eK4
    Panel session “Present and Future of eK4” (eK4 Planning Committee)

18th JSIK Conference 2010, May 15-16, 2010, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

(Host: Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo)

    Session: Evaluation and Selection
    Analysis of differences between online book reviews and conventional book reviews
    Analysis of best answer estimation on Q & A site and its application to machine learning
    Analysis of homepage using Wayback Machine of Internet Archive

    Session: Information Knowledge and Human / Society
    Environmental / Social / Economic Trilemma Relaxation Theory
    General structure of social change
    To enhance the ability of human beings to live positively

    Session: Humanities, Information and Knowledge
    Extraction of background characteristics of criticism by quantitative analysis of literary criticism
    Shinichi Hoshi Short Short Literature Story Pattern Extraction
    Kansei characteristics of composers in music critiques
    Haruki Murakami’s vocabulary composition and historical transition by quantitative analysis

    Session: Bibliography
    Proposal of “IDV: Impact Deviation Value”, a normalized impact factor for performance evaluation
    Changes in Japanese industry-academia co-authorship due to internationalization of academics
    Survey of trends in environment-related research by keyword analysis

    Session: Information / Knowledge and Structuring
    Guidelines for selecting heat-resistant materials using resource supply information
    Early discovery of commercializable technological elements from a bird’s-eye view of academics and patents
    Structure of international joint research in next-generation batteries
    Curriculum feature extraction and timetable summary generation
    Development of knowledge structure map for legal information based on social needs

    Session: Database
    Joint editing platform for expanding authority information
    Attempt to make the Seikyo bibliographic full-text search system stand-alone
    Consideration on modeling of literary research system based on EUC / EUD
    Comparative study on MLA description rules
    Research on festival database model

    Commemorative Symposium: Science and Technology Commons and Challenges of Information and Knowledge Science
    Toward the Construction of Science and Technology Commons
    Science and Technology Commons and Information” Expectations for Knowledge Science
    Science and Technology Commons and Open Access
    Construction and Challenges of Integrated Database in Life Science
    Development and Challenges of Database Common Platform in Materials Science
    Knowledge Expression for Commons Construction and Utilization
    Legal Issues Related To Commons
    Panel Discussion

17th JSIK Conference 2009, May 16, 2009, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Construction of personal name authority information using topic maps
    Application of Web API in the field of biology
    Current status of digital archives in domestic university libraries
    Construction of biometa database and its application
    Sharing of business information in museums and the possibility of IML (Inter-Museum Loan) system
    Algorithm to identify related genes specific to individual diseases
    Development of maxim citation system using natural language processing
    Development of distributed thermophysical characteristics database with integrated system
    Changes in sentence length in children’s books
    Design and utilization of material risk index database
    Toward the Quantification of Text Criticism-Quantitative Analysis of Book Reviews
    Analysis of trends in disparities between universities in Japan based on the number of papers and citations
    Structural analysis of Haruki Murakami’s early trilogy
    Extraction of interdisciplinary treatises using network indicators
    Extraction of characteristic vocabulary and concept categories of literary works-Shinichi Hoshi Short-short quantitative analysis
    Analysis of Web Information on Industry-Academia Collaboration-Case Studies of University Sites
    Transition of Conceptual Structure in Music Critics-Extraction of Music Concept Using Network Centrality
    Analysis procedure from papers Analysis of changes over time in analysis technology that can be understood from comprehensive extraction of knowledge
    State of mind and linguistic characteristics: Analysis of product introductions on blogs
    Prediction of co-authorship relationships using collaborative filtering
    Optimization of automatic setting of Kansei parameters for books using words in book reviews
    Complete rationality and bounded rationality
    Visualization method of SQL statement using thought development diagram
    Various aspects of the information process
    Analysis of line-of-sight information on search engine search result page

16th JSIK Meeting 2008, May 23-24, 2008, Printing museum / Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

(20th Anniversary Meeting of Japan Information Knowledge Society)

    General Track Presentations:
    Classification of explanations as knowledge representation-Examination from Japanese dictionaries and biology textbooks
    Keyword detection method in classical bibliographic information
    Current status of historical personal names and organizational information in digital networks and their utilization models
    Outline explanation of the Printing Museum ・ Visit and lunch
    Collaborative filtering for recommendation of collaborative research
    Possibility of applying analysis visualization technology to vibriometrics
    Analysis of patterns posted from overseas in domestic magazines
    Visualization of cooperation systems and trends of research organizations in Japanese journals and
    Simulation of allocation of grants and subsidies by university based on the “citation power” of papers in the ISI database
    Exploring the structuring of knowledge
    Automatic setting of Kansei parameters for books using book reviews
    Trends in using digital libraries in access logs
    Dictionary reading system focusing on word relevance
    Construction of ontology of artificial objects and application to extraction of causal relationships from academic treatises
    Preliminary analysis of line-of-sight data in Web information retrieval
    Analysis of the hierarchical structure of research front and academics based on modularity
    Problems in XML format of mathematical formulas for numerical data analysis in the material field
    Development of integrated search system for patented technical information and science and technology literature information

    20th Anniversary Lecture “World of Information and Knowledge”
    Printing Culture and Information Knowledge
    Data and Information Knowledg
    How to relate to information and knowledge-the future of information knowledge science

15th JSIK Meeting 2007, May 25-26, 2007, National Literature Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

    General Track Presentations:
    Automatic assignment of NDC to reference data
    A scale that captures the closeness between citations in a cited article
    Construction of a bibliographic search system for educational library materials using SRU / SRW
    Research area focusing on the relationship between the author and keywords Prototype of browsing system
    Lattice structuring and abduction
    Historical research on music copyright-Focusing on France from the revolutionary period to the 19th century
    Utilization of dictionaries in analysis and visualization of science and technology literature
    Search support system using user’s Web browsing history
    Extraction of domain knowledge from classical book description
    Database system to support humanities research-Sacred search and genealogy displa
    Survey on the effect of research grants funded by Kakenhi
    Trend survey of genome and nanotechnology related research in Kakenhi by keyword analysis
    Analysis of the number of science and technology magazines published in Japan
    Construction of cultural resource ontology and its utilization
    About the concept of hierarchical relationships in terminology theory

    Symposium “Information systems in the Web 2.0 era” (Panel)

14th JSIK Meeting 2006, May 26-27, 2006, Kinki University (Law School), Higashiōsaka, Japan

    Session: Stylometry
    Adopted by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Database and pattern analysis of research results
    Research linkage between Japanese universities and companies: Comparison between NCR-J and CJP database
    Methods and problems for creating “university rankings” based on the number of published papers and the number of citations in the ISI database

    Session: Information organization
    Hierarchical relationships in classification methods and their analysis methods
    Automatic weighting change based on optimal solution assignment
    Digital content composition method to generate new context
    Utilization of large-scale terminology dictionary in science and technology literature search system
    Examination of application of museum material information structuring model
    Information processing and problem solving in the brain

    Session: Information Retrieval
    Characteristics of WWW information search behavior aimed at problem solving.
    Quantitative evaluation method of interest based on user’s search request
    Construction of a search and browsing system for “Hosei Economic and Social Treatises” on the Web

    Session: Case study
    Trial of remote health management system using the Internet
    Keystroke dynamics by text input
    Consideration of architecture and documents (tentative title)

    Session: History
    A viewpoint as a criterion indicated by history.
    Kumamoto Prefectural Doctor’s School Chosen Medical education and textbooks used in the 6th year of the Meiji era (35 cases)

13th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2005, May 28, 2005, National Literature Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

    Information resource sharing in the field of cultural science research
    Struggle to build a “historical person image database”
    Construction of a database system for viewing Buddhist text images
    Construction of ontology and its role in digital archiving of building materials
    Data description format of electronic search means by EAD-From some EAD best practice guidelines-
    Applicability of METS in building a digital library of Yasaka Takagi donated paperback
    Proposal of resource sharing system based on user requirements analysis
    Examination of linking system considering meaning
    Barrier-free communication system using printed matter 2nd report-Dissemination status of 2D symbols and contents with SP code
    Language-independent junk e-mail sorting method
    Classification of novels using Kansei keywords in book reviews
    Toward the realization of genomic medicine: Knowledge information system that should support the logic and ethics of genomic medicine
    Bridging between clinical medicine and basic medicine: Examination of knowledge integration and expression by e-pathfinder
    Proposal of clinical protocol knowledge representation in translational research
    Analysis of lost or altered web pages
    Adoption pattern analysis using the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research database
    Analysis of the current state of industry-academia collaboration from the perspective of co-authorship of Japanese papers

12th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2004, May 22, 2004, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    Attempt of new barrier-free communication system by printed matter
    Academic data database and intellectual Property rights Takashi Nagatsuka (G-Search)
    Transition mapping of informatics field due to change of Kakenhi field
    Mutual use of material information in a common data description format
    Application of OAI-PMH in information resource sharing and its potential
    Support system for utilizing material information Development / Research
    Extraction of medical term hierarchy from patent literature
    Usefulness of dictionary in searching data including technical words
    Hierarchy of virtual three-dimensional display of the execution time for knowledge structure having a measurement
    XML description of archaeological information case study on application
    Verification of Small-World structure in information system users
    Construction of remote nursing content in Hanazono Village
    International Joint Research Project for Japanese Literature Interim Research Report

    Invited Lectures:
    Trends in e-learning research aimed at improving the quality of education

    Co-located events:
    JSIK General meeting

11th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2003, May 10, 2003, Academic Center, Tokyo, Japan

    A Questionnaire Survey on Research fields of Information Science in Japanese Universities
    Measuring the Relationship among Japanese Academic Societies with the Cross Citations Found in Their Papers, and Its Practicability
    Various Problems on transcription of the Japanese Classical Literature Database
    Approach to Problems of Developing a Browsing System of Multilingual Metadata
    Searching System of Researcher Information for Business-Academia Collaboration
    Extraction of Relationships of Cause and Effect in Patent Documents
    The introduction for the method of “Studying a Title”
    Improvements on Automatic Extraction of Hierarchical Relationships
    Charm Analysis Support System for “Dao-fa Hui-yuan” Research
    A Theory and a Computer Tool for Quick Understanding of an Economic Article
    Data System for Material Design – Application for Inverse Problem
    Improvement of Sequence Alignment Based on Mutual Entropy
    Problems and remedies for annotations related to tRNA genes in DNA databases

    Invited Lectures:
    Situations of intellectual properties related on structure and function of proteins

10th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2002, May 18, 2002, Academic Center, Tokyo, Japan

    Does the database affect research? -National Institute of Japanese Literature “Japanese Classical Literature Text Database” User Survey
    Collective Description on Metadata for SAGA-HAN KANJOSHO OMEYASU (The Financial Annual Reports on the Accounting Section in SAGA-HAN 1725~1857)
    A New Method for the Digital Organization of Ancient Document Research Data-the Sutra Collection of Kongouji Temple
    Database System for Japanese Buddhists in Heian and Kamakura Periods
    The Situation of Online Contents in Distribution
    Automatic Extraction of Hierarchical relationships among Technical Terms by SS-KWEIC
    Editing Function in Graphical Visualization for Lexical Knowledge Base
    Experimental Construcion of Amino acid Sequence Databases
    Construction of Biological Knowledge System
    The Organization and Circulation System for Japanese Literary Research based on International Collaboration
    Information sharing system which handles various types of documents and records
    Towards a full-fledged digital archives: Experiments at the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records

    Invited Lectures:
    A method for Extraction of Similar Words from Japanese Compound Nouns based on Bipartite Graph
    On the Usage of Incremental Databases in the Archeological Research

9th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2001, May 19, 2001, Academic Center, Tokyo, Japan

    Evaluation method of kanji dictionary using frequency information-Toward knowledge-based kanji input
    Search system that supports kanji variant notation
    Automatic bilingual extraction based on US-Japan patent data
    XML presentation and search
    Z39.50 database selection support environment by information sharing
    Thinking about Z39.50 from the user’s point of view
    Current status and problems of digital archives
    Construction of an electronic mall system that gathers peers
    Content distribution challenges in commercial publishing
    Information Knowledge Thought 3
    Extraction of semantic relationships between terms using specific syntax
    Structure of concept by extracting semantic relations
    Information retrieval system based on structured knowledge
    Automatic estimation of semantic information in XML sentences
    Interdisciplinary analysis by keyword extraction from researcher directory database
    Proposal of conflict analysis method in net news
    Document management that supports “knowledge emergence”

8th JSIK Research Report Meeting 2000, May 27, 2000, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    Information science researchers in Japan and their research fields
    Analysis of trends in citation of papers in each academic field in Japan
    Information Knowledge Thoughts
    Extraction of hierarchies and relationships between terms in consideration of exception handling
    A new consideration of Wuster’s “four-domain concept / term model” -as a model of body of knowledge and creation based on ontology
    Basic research on information modeling of multidisciplinary materials
    Think about information national literature
    Application of XML to biological information management
    Search management technology for large numbers of 2D images
    Problem group database concept and development concep
    Performance comparison of statistical search method for Japanese text-Demonstration by test collection
    Building a metadata browsing system
    J-STAGE: “Science and Technology Information Dissemination and Distribution System-Electronic Journal Creation and Internet Distributio
    Electronic publishing of full-text database of multilingual chemistry papers based on XML
    The impact of the Internet on commercial publishing
    Commercial use of academic information

7th JSIK Research Report Meeting 1999, May 22, 1999, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    Non-subject features of literature and their significance in information retrieval
    End of search in information retrieval
    Document retrieval system using text mining
    Trends in Digital Content Services and Informatics
    Attempt to measure “softness” of knowledge and its significance
    RIKEN Brain Science Center Initiatives for Neuroinformatics
    Information Knowledge Draft-Drafting / Certificate-Why? & Then!
    Multilingual full-text search system for tagged documents
    Range IX construction and application infrastructure technology research
    Browsing Tool for term data with a hierarchical structure
    Construction of glass material database using JAVA language
    Structure and use of numerical geological maps of the Geological Survey of Japan
    Art term thesaurus: focusing on compound nouns
    A Study on Web Page Importance Factors
    Knowledge extraction from metal material papers
    Visualization model of conceptual relationships in 3D virtual space
    Extraction of semantic relationships between terms

6th JSIK Research Report Meeting 1998, May 23, 1998, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    Language and non-language in professional communication
    Theory of terminology as language planning theory
    Problems of goodness-of-fit search based on word appearance frequency information
    Japanese bibliographic data information retrieval system using Z39.50 protocol
    Electronic Record Management and Metadata Description: Criteria for International Archives Standardization Standards
    Distributed Materials Database on the Internet: Recent Activities on the Data Freeway
    Knowledge extraction from alloy research theory texts
    Creating orienteering educational games using VRML and JAVA
    Multilingual full-text database construction system accessible from WWW browser
    Types of organizational members in the information society
    Consideration on information distribution for efficient operation of information disclosure system
    New intellectual property rights to databases and their impact on the development of science

5th JSIK Research Report Meeting 1997, May 24, 1997, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    Production and distribution of information that changes in the Internet environment
    Development of electronic internal medicine textbooks aiming for dynamic integration with medical knowledge on the Internet
    Current status and problems of push technology on the Internet
    Research on standardization of administrative information
    Editing and printing of academic journals by SGML and simultaneous creation of full-text database-Case of “Information Management” magazine
    Attempt of pathway design by gene algorithm
    Creation of gene arrangement sequence database and application to evolution of plastid genome
    Attempt to form a genealogy information database using the original classic books
    Meaning of words by negative definition-using ancient Indian linguistic theory
    A Study of the Organizational Editing Function of the Society-From the Case of Optical Fiber Communication Technology Development
    Remote research cooperation experiment using wideband network
    Utilization of broadband networks in post-genome biology
    Utilization of wideband network by remote experiment in the material field
    Attempt to extend thematic bibliography by applying citation relationships-based on IBSS and SSCI
    Development of medical literature database as Quality Filter
    International Comparison of Research Levels Using Correspondence Analysis-Trial of Data Internal Structure Precipitation Using Correspondence Analysis Method
    Multimedia application to educational driving simulators and future challenges
    Utility of visual simulation and future issues

4th JSIK Research Report Meeting 1996, May 25, 1996, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    From Scientific visualization to Information visualization
    Information visualization with AVS / Express
    Information structure model for understanding meaning and its application
    Communication of information seen in Renga vocabulary: Universal and individual, three states of writing, image, and fact
    About the utility of visualization in information knowledge and its application to new industries
    About corporate image and multimedia
    Attempt of keyword estimation by comparing multiple treatises
    Creating and evaluating search questions using multiple words
    Miura Baien’s main work “Gengo” in electronic text-Understanding the hypertext of the Edo period
    A new stage in the Husserl database-adding data and opening a homepage
    Semi-automatic generation of menus and recipes using a cooking database
    Special Lecture Towards a 21st Century Advanced Information Society

3rd JSIK Research Report Meeting 1995, May 27, 1995, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    “Meanings” and “Concepts” in the Study of Terms
    The Model to construct a Conceptual Structure
    Developing an English Thesaurus Database System with Evolving Semantics of Words
    An Automatic Synonym Extraction System and Its Evaluation
    Extracting Elementary Terms from Dictionaries
    Dialogue realized between Japanese and 5 languages by the exemplar sentence searching method
    International Comparison of Production of Social Sciences Literature
    New Style of Disclosure of Japanese Governmental Statistics
    Recognition of Printed Tibetan Characters by Object Oriented Designing
    Image Understanding System for Printed Chemical Structures
    The Extraction of Semantic Relationships and Structuralization of information for Nonlinear Optical Material Design
    Project: Hypermedia Corpus and Its Application
    The implementation of WWW server on WDCM
    SGML-DTD design support system for definition of a document structure
    “AEsop”–A Language for Conversion and Reuse of SGML Documents

2nd JSIK Research Report Meeting 1994, May 28, 1994, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    On the Role of Levels in Concept Hierarchies in the Descriptions of Formation Patterns of Complex Terms
    Extraction of Hierarchical and Associative Relationships in The Standard Technical Terms
    Stractural Analysis of Japanese Medical Terms
    Creating a Vocabulary Index for Genji Monogatari Taisei
    Information in and about Chinese Calligraphy Texts
    Classification and Identification of Yeasts
    Distributed Database for Materials(Data-Free-Way system)
    Information-Base Systems for Nonlinear Optical Materials
    On the appreciation of the bibliographical information
    A Study on Information Analysis of Historical Materials

1st JSIK Research Report Meeting 1993, May 22nd, 1993, Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan

    The Present Condition and Development of Database in the Field of Humanities (Data Base of Philosophy) – A Pre-introduction to Data Base
    Production of the Basic System for the English Sentence Database
    Preparation and Use of Image Data in CD-ROM for Studies on History and Literature
    Some problems on producing Japanese Classic Persons Database
    The Full-Text Database of Genji Monogatari Taisei
    The Semantic Structure Model based on Analysis of Information
    An Asymmetric relationship between scientific information presented as a potential fragment of ’specialized knowledge’ and its scientific text : its problems and a solution
    Analysis of Structure in Social Science Fields Based on Conceptual Frameworks in a Thesaurus
    Identification of Interdisciplinary Areas in Social Sciences: A Bibliometric Analysis of IBSS Database
    The Method and its Application of Automatically Extracting Semantic Relationships among Concepts
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