Certification for knowledge management professionals

Abstract: As knowledge management has increasingly become a valuable business tool and draws more attention, its complexity is also vexing. The wide range of topics covered, the uncertainties associated with implementing KM practices as well as effects on employees and organizations have been major obstacles in the KM development. All of these make the job of educating knowledge professionals challenging. This study reviews some recent academic and professional publications on aspect of knowledge management education. The roles, skills and competencies of knowledge professionals are firstly identified in order to provide the basis for defining the requirements for the knowledge management profession. After that, literature on certification programmes is particularly focused so as to gain a fundamental understanding of the concept, process and advantages for achieving a certification designation.

Fei Fan Li, MSC (INFORMATION STUDIES) student at the Nanyang Technological University, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Li, Fei Fan: Certification for knowledge management professionals. Singapore: Nanyang Technological University (WKWSCI Theses), 2005.

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