Colloque international ‘Gouvernance des connaissances dans les organisations’

Colloque international ‘Gouvernance des connaissances dans les organisations’

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The International Conference on Knowledge Governance within Organizations (KGO) (fr. Gouvernance des connaissances dans les organisations) deals with the issue of Knowledge Management which increasingly breaks out in terms of governance and which is part of a multidisciplinary perspective. Governance is a concept that gathers various subject fields such as: Management, Human Resources Management, Innovation Theory, and so on. In addition to these disciplines, we have the information science which has developed decision making solutions, a concept related to the information professions profound changes (Community Manager, Knowledge Manager, Watchman, etc.). In fact, the mastery of knowledge and know-how of organizations human capital for the purpose of decision making relies on structures and mechanisms which determine the process of sharing and the creation of knowledge as pointed out by J.Foss Nicolai and Michailova Snejinei.

In this context, it becomes necessary to deepen the reflection on the new practices, regulations and procedures related to Knowledge Management and to analyze the steps, the methods and the means that reinforce the culture of sharing and the knowledge capitalization.

This conference will provide the opportunity to examine the evolutionary conditions of information systems leading towards knowledge management systems. The latter will help strengthen the cooperation and coordination between the players of different organizations.

How to ensure that the organization knowledge capital could constitute the foundation in support of the actors’ decision making process? On which methods should we rely in order to establish a permanent organizational memory? To what extent knowledge governance requires the rise of a new state of mind based on the culture of openness and sharing?

Wondering about the strategy of managing the immaterial assets within organizations leads to consider a set of core concepts which are: governance, competency, knowledge management (KM), organizations information systems adaptation to knowledge society development, and information sciences professions alignment to the evolution of the organizations information systems.

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