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DouglasConnect has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Advanced Knowledge Management Black Belt Program / Training Week / Master Executive (w. Wyrsch & Partner)
      Levels: Orange, Green or Black Knowledge Management Practice Belt

KM Institute Switzerland certification programs

  • (private/in-house) Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Training
    (Public workshop locations: Geneva, Basel, Lucerne)


  • InnovationWell Community of Practice 1)
    Knowledge-based Innovation in Life Science Product Development
  • KnowledgeFerry – Knowledge Management Community of Practice


DouglasConnect Workshops

  • Knowledge Cafés 2)
    – Knowledge and Collaboration, 23 April 2008, Basel, Switzerland
    – Knowledge and Leadership, 25 April 2007, Basel, Switzerland

KM Institute Switzerland Workshops

  • Implement Grass Root Knowledge Management
    (first 2 days/Theme 1 of the 5-day Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) program; was: Advanced Knowledge Management Essentials Program)

InnovationWell Workshops

  • Advances in Information, Communications and Knowledge Management Support Systems for R&D, 12 October 2009, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA
  • Advances in Knowledge Management Support Systems in R&D, 13 October 2008, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia
  • Advances in Information, Communications and Knowledge Management Support Systems for R&D, 15–16 October 2007, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA
  • InnovationWell Workshop & Innovation Café: Knowledge Management, Assessment & Performance Improvement of Collaborative R&D and Innovation Activities
  • Drug Discovery Training Week, 3-7 July 2006, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
      Drug Safety Workshop – Risk Management, Labeling Decision-Making, Personalized Medicine, and Knowledge-based Clinical Decision Support
      The Electronic Laboratory Notebook – Systems for Managing Research Knowledge, Supporting Collaboration and Driving Innovation
      Innovation and Knowledge Management in Research & Product Development


InnovationWell Community of Practice InterAction Meetings

  • InnovationWell InterAction Meeting, 16-19 October 2006, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA
      Utilising Knowledge Management to increase R&D; Productivity along Critical Paths

      Decision Support for Research & Development
      Application of Metabolomics to Drug Discovery & Development
      Biomarker Discovery & Applications in Drug Development

      Carrying out an Onsite Audit and Self-assessment in Clinical Trial Management
      Knowledge Assessment in R&D; – Impact on Project Management & Research Productivity
      Information Management Needs by Translational Researchers
      Applying Roadmap processes to the Clinical Trials Project Process
      Using Interactive Visual Analytics to Accelerate Drug Development
      Innovation Management in R&D
      NMR-based Positional Isotopomer Analysis in Metabolomics
      Linking metabolic profiles to biological outcome
      Understanding Metabolomics Mixtures with Principal Components Analysis
      Analyzing in-situ Proteomics by Multi Epitope Ligand Kartography (MELK) for Detection of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biomarkers

      Open Event on Knowledge Management in R&D:
      Electronic Laboratory Notebook Presentations
      Open Seminars & Panel Discussion
      Knowledge Café on Knowledge Management in R&D

      Co-located events:
      eCheminfo InterAction Meeting and Workshops

  • InnovationWell InterAction Meeting, 11-12 October, 2005, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA | 9-10 November, 2005, Basel, Switzerland
    Meeting Theme: Knowledge-based Innovation in Life Science Product Development

      Philadelphia Sessions:
      Roundtable Discussion on Confidence in Safety
      Knowledge Management in R&D — optimizing productivity in knowledge creation, capture, retrieval and transfer
      Drug Discovery Innovation
      Personalized Medicine: Safety and Efficacy Concerns Discussed as a Case Study
      Drug Development Innovation
      Web-based Services in Drug Design
      Protein Folding, Misfolding & Aggregation: Applications to Disease

      Basel Sessions:
      Drug Discovery Innovation
      Knowledge-based Intellectual Property Management
      Combating Drug Counterfeiting & Trafficking
      Knowledge Management in R&D
      Biosensors and Nanofluidics
      Life Science Innovation Café — Confidence in Safety
      Complex Systems & Organisational Development Approaches
      Roundtable Discussion on Confidence in Safety

  • InnovationWell InterAction Executive Summit, April 25-26, 2005, Philadelphia, USA | May 30-31, 2005, Basel, Switzerland
    Meeting Theme: Drug Safety Knowledge Management


      Business Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies
      Knowledge Integrative Strategies & Approaches
      Support Systems for Drug Safety Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Transfer and Product Life Cycle Management

KM Pharma & Life Sciences Virtual Conferences

  • Integrating Knowledge in the Life Science Product Life Cycle, 18 – 29 October 2004, Online
    (Organizer: DouglassConnect KM in Pharma and Life Sciences Hub)

      The Pharma Industry as a Knowledge Zone
      Best Knowledge Management Practices (including a robust KM Primer)
      Large-scale Social Learning Systems and Individual Identity
      Applying the Semantic Web to Drug Discovery

      Knowledge-based business strategies, chaired by Lorie Karnath, Rescentris
      Supporting Innovation in Life Science Product Development
      Enabling the knowing of what we know with Ontologies and Semantic Web approaches
      Increasing the effectiveness of Scientific Data Exchange and Integration
      Safety and Pharmacovigilance Issues in Product Knowledge Management
      Knowledge-enabled Healthcare Delivery
      Intellectual Property and Valuation
      New developments in electronic-based R&D; and Laboratory Information Management Systems
      Baton=Passing: How to Build a Fast, Cross-Team Approach to Learning that Accelerates Project Team Velocity
      Increasing the effectiveness of Scientific Data Exchange and Integration
      Improving the Effectiveness of Clinical Trial Management

  • Knowledge Management in Pharmaceutical Research and Development (KM Pharma 2003), 1-5 December 2003
    (Organizer: Eyeforpharma Knowledge Management Hub (First Conferences), Douglas Connect, Metalayer)

      KM Strategies to nurture Innovation

      An Introduction to the Eyeforpharma KM Hub and KM in Pharma R&D conference
      Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Prescription for Supporting Collaboration in Research and Development
      Intellectual Capital, Corporate Longitude and Business Agility
      Optimizing Knowledge Management in pharma R&D
      Integrating electronic lab notebooks and knowledge management systems to accelerate discovery
      Knowledge Management Challenges in the Healthcare Delivery Market
      From Blogs to Augmented Social Networks: Applications enabling enhanced communication and collective intelligence in Pharma R&D
      Organisation and delivery of the NeLH
      The Power of Applying What Others Have Learned
      Building Knowledge Innovation Capability
      The Art of Finding Powerful Answers – applying information chain management in R&D
      Evaluating Investment Decisions in Pharma Knowledge Management projects
      Pharma R&D Data Management using an Enterprise Electronic Lab Notebook Approach

  • Knowledge Sharing Strategies for the Pharma Lifecycle (KM Pharma 2003), June 2003, Online
    (Organizer: Eyeforpharma Knowledge Management Hub (First Conferences), Douglas Connect, Metalayer)

      Building a vibrant knowledge culture at your company
      Strategies for ensuring the success of your company’s KM initiative
      Do you want a power drill or a hole? – Knowledge Management without a computer

      Challenges and Best Practices in Knowledge Networks:
      – Intellectual Capital Navigation
      – Discovering the “Multiplier Effect”
      – Challenges and Successes in Knowledge Networks
      – Online Knowledge Community Hubs

      Best Practice KM strategies for Decision Support
      The Faces of Pharma: Creative destruction of Silos and Strategy
      Case study: How Aventis is making Knowledge Management an integral part of the value chain
      From Artificial Intelligence to Knowledge Management: learn from the history of your organization to effect the organization of tomorrow
      Case Study: Eli Lilly’s knowledge-based change initiative
      Key tactics to improve collaboration in global teams
      Knowledge Management, Data integration and Knowledge Engineering solutions in IK@N at Novartis
      Beyond ROI: Metrics – how do you measure performance and value in the short term and beyond
      Supporting Collaboration in Research and Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb
      Qualitative Analytics and the Networked Value Chain – The road to a smart and lean pharmaceutical company


Virtual lectures and talks (InnovationWell)

  • Knowledge Management in Drug Safety
  • Building the Drug Safety Body of Knowledge
  • Knowledge Management Strategies to Nurture Innovating
  • Intellectual capital, corporate longitude and business agility

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