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European Consortium for the Learning Organisation (ECLO) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Conference of the European Consortium for the Learning Organisation (ECLO)**
    • 17th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 12-14, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey
      (in partnership with the EU Leonardo Projects Ti-SAETO and Trans-SAETO (Successful Quality Development by/using by Self-Assessment For Educational and Training Organisations)
      Conference Theme: Learning Excellence, a Survival Guide in Troublesome Times
      Workshops: Knowledge Speaker Cafe
    • 16th June 18-19, 2009, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
      (Host: KPC Groep)
      Conference Theme: Vitality in Organisations – Fit Until the Finish
    • 15th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 15-16, 2008, Budapest, Hungary
      (Hosted by: Society for Organizational Learning (Hungary))
      Conference Theme: Never Stop Asking – The Age of LifeLong Learning
    • 14th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 30 – June 1, 2007, Glasgow, Scotland
      (Hosted by: Glasgow Caledonian University Business School)
      Conference Theme: Learning Organisations in the 21st Century
    • 13th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 22-23, 2006, Prague, Czech Republic
      (Hosted by: European Corporate Universities and Academies Network (ECUANET) and Odyssey)
      Conference Theme: Creating the Capacity for Change
    • 12th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 23-24, 2005, Birmingham, UK
      (Hosted by: Millennium Point Birmingham and the University of Central England)
      Conference Theme: Transformation, the Ultimate Learning Process
    • 11th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 24-25, 2004, Dublin, Ireland
      (Hosted by: Brewing Skillnet and Skillnets)
      Conference Theme: Leadership for Learning – Collaborative Learning
    • 10th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 22-24, 2003, Dortmund, Germany
      (Hosted by: German Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition (DASA))
      Conference Theme: Learning from Crisis, Learning for Crisis – How Can an Organisation Prepare itself and its Members
    • 9th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 1-25, 2002, Amsterdam, Netherlands
      (Hosted by: ?)
      Conference Theme: Delivering Learning in the Workplace – When the Learning Organisation Becomes a Knowledge Factory
    • 8th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 16-18, 2001, Lisbon, Portugal
      (Hosted by: Global Change Consultores)
      Conference Theme: The Discovery of the Learning Organisation: The New Management Frontier
      Pre-conference Workshops: Enhancing the Learning (May 15)
    • 7th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 17-19, 2000, Munich, Germany
      (Hosted by: the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Allianz, Kenniscentrum CIBIT, Deutsche Telekom AG)
      Conference Theme: The Future for Learning Organisations
    • 6th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 18-20, 1999, Glasgow, Scotland
      (Hosted by: Glasgow Development Agency and Glasgow Learning Alliance)
      Conference Theme: Building Learning Organisations: Tools and Techniques
    • 5th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 18-20, 1998, Turin, Italy
      (Hosted by: International Labor Organization (ILO))
      Conference Theme: Learning Organisations In A Learning Society
    • 4th ECLO Int’l Conference, May 18-20, 1997, Sophia Antipolis, France
      Conference Theme: Leading Learning Organisations Into The 21st Century
    • 3rd ECLO Int’l Conference, May 18-20, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
      (Hosted by: Dansk Industri)
      Conference Theme: Growth through Learning
    • 2nd ECLO Int’l Conference, May 17-19, 1995, Warwick, UK
      (Hosted by: Rover)
      Conference Theme: Best Practices in Learning Organisations: Measuring the reality
    • 1st ECLO Int’l Conference, May 16-18, 1994, La Hulpe, Belgium
      (Hosted by: IBM)
      Conference Theme: Learning Organisations: Innovations – Initiatives


  • Sep 2007: In Search of Creative Leadership (with Leicester Business School)
  • Dec 1997: Building the Learning Organisation (with Scottish Campaign for Learning)
  • Nov 1997: The school as a learning organisation (with Welsh Joint Education Committee Cardiff)
  • Nov 1994: On the Job Learning for more Effective Performance
  • Nov 1993: Learning Organisations Practices
  • Sep 1993: Change Agents, Excellence and Competencies
  • Workshops at Conferences
    – 2003, 2004, and 2006 at KM/KC Europe


  • Mar 2009: Challenges and Opportunities When Facing an Ageing Workforce – A Learning Perspective (with the VOV Flemish Learning Network)
  • Sep 2006: Creating the Capacity for Change – Public Sector Seminar (LifeTree and Glasgow Caledonian University Business School)
  • Feb 2007: Knowledge Management (KM) seminar (with Henley Knowledge Management Forum)


E.C.L.O. Communities of Practices (CoP) 1)

  • The Production of Knowledge : A Process Oriented Approach
  • e-Learning implementation. Design of e-Learning content
  • Technology in support of the HRD process
  • Design and Management of Corporate & Enterprise Academies
  • Knowledge Management Mapping
  • E-Learning Project Management
  • Animating and Managing Communities
  • Implementation of Complex Management Initiated Change Projects
  • Knowledge Management & Communities of Practice

Projects with E.C.L.O. involvement

  • SME Learning Networks
  • Knowledge and Learning Infrastructure (KALIF)
  • Business Gaming Methods for Developing Competence in Knowledge Management (KITS)

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