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The Henley Forum (THF), formerly the Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies (Henley Forum) and the Henley Knowledge Management Forum (Henley KM Forum),1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Henley Forum Conference*
      The Henley Forum Conference, formerly the Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies Conference (Henley Forum Conference; 2014-2018) and the Henley Knowledge Management Forum Conference (Henley KM Forum Conference; 2000-2013), brings together thoughtful practitioners and practical academics from across knowledge management, learning and performance and the organisation development and change communities to share ideas and experiences. The Conference is open to non-members.


Open to non-members training

  • Advanced Course in Knowledge Management / Knowledge Management Advanced Course2)
    • Jun 2020: Advanced Knowledge Management Taster webinar
  • Advancing your Change & Organisation Development (OD) Practice Course3)
    • Masterclass: Organisation Development (OD) & Change Refresh3)
  • Knowledge Management (KM) Elements Webinar Series (2021-22: KM Essentials)
    • 2023: Jun, Sep & Nov (Members only)
      • KM Elements 1 – Knowledge Strategy
      • KM Elements 2 – Knowledge Marketplaces
      • KM Elements 3 – Artificial Intelligence
    • 2022: Jun, Sep & Nov (Members only)
      • KM Essentials Part 3 – Knowledge Culture
    • 2021: May, Sep & Nov
      • KM Essentials Part 1 – ‘Learning Before Doing’
        (Techniques: Peer Assist, Speed Consulting)
      • KM Essentials Part 2 – Learning During
        (Techniques: After Action Review, Good-Difficult-Diffrent, Liberating Structure ‘1-2-3-all’)
      • KM Essentials Part 3 – Learning After Doing
        (Techniques: Retrospects, Baton-Passing, Liberating Structure ‘W3 – What, So-what? How-what?’)
    • Skills Development Workshop: Convening Impactful Conversations (1 day onsite/online; New 2023)

Members-only training

  • Virtual learning sets; Virtual peer assist

Seminars & Workshops

  • Themed Forum Meetings (members only, some open to guests to increase the networking)
    Meeting history
  • Workshops
    • Jul 2023: Business Partnering for Knowledge Management (KM) Professionals (POSTPONED to Oct/Nov 2023)
    • Jun 2023: Assessing Value of Knowledge Management (KM)
    • 2013/14: Changing the frame: an inclusive approach to evaluating the impact of knowledge Management programmes and activities
    • 2012/13: Introductory workshop: Knowledge Driven Leadership Agility; Additional workshop planned
    • Jan 2002: Harnessing the force of storytelling in the knowledge organisation
      (BizMedia, in association with Henley Management College, Knowledge Management Forum)
  • Research Summits
    • May 2018: Embracing Difference for change – A research summit for change agents: Exploring how to encourage acceptance of different ways of working
    • Nov 2017: Energising Knowledge Sharing in Today’s Workplace
    • Oct 2017: Embracing Difference – A research summit for change agents: Exploring how to encourage acceptance of different ways of working


  • Action Learning Groups
  • Project Working Groups
  • Special Interest Groups*
    • 2006-2008: Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
    • 2004-2005: Knowledge Management in Construction
    • 2002-2005: Intranets and (Information) Portals
    • 2001 (planned)
      – Human resources, culture, organisational learning, reward systems
      – Enabling technologies including intranets and mobile computing
      – Knowledge management strategy and implementation
      – Valuation and management of intangible assets
      – Transformation of business practices
      – Personal knowledge management
  • Book Group*


  • Henley Forum Key Contacts Gatherings – to collaboratively craft the blueprint for The Henley Forum annual program
      Sep 2023
  • Action Research projects & Action Learning Groups Meetings
  • Book group meetings – Discussions on the implications of books related to Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies
      2014/15: The Social Animal by David Brooks; Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do: a manager’s guide to the social web by Euan Semple; Tribes: we need you to lead us by Seth Godin; Finding our way, a collection of essays by Margaret Wheatley
  • Project Working Group Meetings
      2015/16: Managing the change process; Energising the squeezed middle; Developing internal partnerships for change

Online Events

  • THF Network Community Coffee Sessions (monthly, 1st of month; members only)
    – Dec 2023: TBC
    – Nov 2023: TBC
    – Jun 2023: What trends and themes are you noticing in the world of KM, OL, Change and OD?
    – May 2023: TBC
    – Feb 2023: Creating an engineering learning culture at Lloyds Banking Group; Conversation: How hybrid working has changed the learning landscape
    – Dec 2022: 2022 wins, 2023 goals & Merry Christmas
    – Nov 2022: Project IRIS: Are Communities of Practice still the right approach for transferring know-how, best practice and lessons learnt or is there a new or different approach?
    – Sep 2022: TBD
    – May 2022: TBD
    – Mar 2022: Knowing, learning, adapting, innovating (Henley Forum Confewrence satellite event)
    – Feb 2022: CANELLED
    – Dec 2021: TBD
    – Nov 2021: TBD
    – Oct 2021: TBD
    – Sep 2021: The Return to the Office
    – Jul 2021: Storytelling
    – Jun 2021: TBD
    – May 2021: Post-conference networking
    – Apr 2021: Pre-conference networking
    – Mar 2021: British Council – what we learnt in 2020
    – Feb 2021: Know the value of your Knowledge Management team (The National Lottery Community Fund)
    – …?
    – Nov 2020: What sparks our curiosity; The paradox between knowledge sharing and information security
    – …?
    – Aug 2020: THF Network Community Coffee (Aug 3)
    – Jul 2020: THF Network Community Coffee
    – Jun 2020: 3rd THF Network Community Coffee
    – May 2020: What’s occupying your mind?
    – Apr 2020: 1st THF Network Community Coffee
  • Recorded Webinar/Online Briefings on topics in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies (2014/15)
  • LinkedIn Discussions on topics in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies
    (2013/14) Changing the frame: an inclusive approach to evaluating the impact of KM programmes and activities; Communities and networking in the organisation; Sharepoint; Trends and Futures in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Work; Embedding KM


Henley Forum Awards

  • 2020 (Award ceremony @ Henley Forum Conference)
    • Knowledge & Organisational Learning category:
      International Fund for Agricultural Development: Knowledge Management Coordination Team, placecube: Knowledge Hub (Highly Commended), The National Lottery Community Fund: Knowledge and Learning Team, Projecting Success, Western & Southern Financial Group: Knowledge Services Team (Winner)
    • Change & Development category:
      British Council: Central Design and Organisational Team 2016 -2019 / Rugare Nyandoro, Kellogg Company: Cross Functional Power Team, Lloyds Banking Group: Monica Danese-Perrin, NHS Health Education England: Corporate Portfolio Team (Winner)

Knowledge Leadership Awards

  • 2005 (Award Ceremony @ Henley KM Forum Meeting)
    • Knowledge manager category:
      Gill Wignall, HP Services (winner); David Eddy, MWH (runner up); Kevin Scheetz, Unisys (runner up)
    • Knowledge activist category:
      Bricknell, Unisys (winner); Jane Campbell, MWH (runner up)
    • Special Award:
      Professor Richard Potter, QinetiQ

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