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The Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies (Henley Forum) at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading, formerly the Henley Knowledge Management Forum (Henley KM Forum), part of the Knowledge Management Research Institute at the Henley Management College, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Henley Forum Conference* 1)


  • Advanced Course in Knowledge Management Course 2)
  • Advancing your Organisation Development (OD) practice course 3)
  • Workshops
    • 2013/14: Changing the frame: an inclusive approach to evaluating the impact of knowledge Management programmes and activities
    • Jan 2002: Harnessing the force of storytelling in the knowledge organisation
      (BizMedia, in association with Henley Management College, Knowledge Management Forum)
  • Research Summits
    • May 2018: Embracing Difference for change – A research summit for change agents: Exploring how to encourage acceptance of different ways of working
    • Nov 2017: Energising Knowledge Sharing in Today’s Workplace
    • Oct 2017: Embracing Difference – A research summit for change agents: Exploring how to encourage acceptance of different ways of working


  • Themed Meetings 4)
    • 2019/20: In the here and now; Recognising & refreshing great knowledge management; Facing the future
    • 2018/19: Activating organisational learning; Advancing Knowledgeable Practice; Absorbing complex change; Accelerating innovation (Hackathon)
    • 2017/18: Empowering conversation; Building connections; Embedding change; Scanning horizons
    • 2016/17: Activating organisational dynamics; Embedding resilience; Encouraging agility; Enabling active collaboration
    • 2015/16: Learning to make a difference: knowing how to change; Masterclass, peer-assist & themed meeting (Working in internal partnerships to deliver change); Changing mindsets and behaviours; Operating knowledgeably in the new networked organisation
    • 2014/15: Communities of Practice. New perspectives and developments; Masterclass, peer-assist & themed meeting (Bringing outside learning in); Learning from Projects; Functionally aligned Knowledge Management
    • 2013/14: Masterclass, peer-assist & themed meeting (Communities and networking in the organisation); Trends and Futures in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Work; Embedding Knowledge Management
    • 2006/2007: // Sep 2006: Knowledge Management and Change // Nov 2006: Shifting Mindsets //…
    • 2005/2006: // Apr 2005: Knowledge Management Strategy in Fast Changing Organizations // Sep 2005: Monitoring your Knowledge Management Progress; Knowledge Management Forum Advice Session: Speedy Solutions to Knowledge Management challenges // Nov 2005: Shaping the Conditions for Individuals to Make a Difference through Knowledge Management; Knowledge Leadership Awards: Presentations from nominees in HP Consulting and Integration, Unisys and MWH // Feb 2006: Transferring knowledge effectively // Apr 2006: The Workplace of the Future and the Implications for the Future of Knowledge Management
    • 2004/2005: // Sep 04: The nuts and bolts of managing explicit knowledge; Knowledge Management Forum Clinic // Nov 04: Communities of practice and collaborative working // Jan 05: Intellectual capital and knowledge reporting // Apr 2005: Knowledge Management strategy in fast-changing environments
    • 2003/2004: // Sep 03: Deriving Value from Knowledge // Nov 03: Knowledge Management Across External Organizational Borders; Case Studies: Taylor Woodrow Construction, Vodafone // Feb 04: Quick Wins from Knowledge Management; Case Studies: MWH, HP, Unisys, QinetiQ, Unilever, Thames Water // Apr 04: Organizational Culture Change: Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture; Case Studies: T-Mobile, HP Services
    • 2002/2003: // Sep 02: Leveraging knowledge in the Marketing function; Case Study: ‘Using Knowledge Management in BT’s Marketing’ (BT Consulting) // Nov 02: Innovation and managing new knowledge in R&D; Case Study: ‘Making Connections’ (QinetiQ) // Jan 03: Exploiting knowledge in Project Management; Case Study and Workshop: ‘Project Management in Construction Industry’ (Ove Arup and Hemdean Consulting) // Apr 03: HR’s role in sustaining human capital; Case Studies: ‘Knowledge Management Working with HR’ (Unisys), ‘Convergence of HR and Knowledge Management’ (DTI)
    • 2001/2002:
      Practitioner Briefings: Abbey National-Meeting the Knowledge Management technology needs of users; Aegis-Maintaining the quality and relevance of knowledge; Celemi-Using Knowledge Management metrics to support business decision making; CGEY-Supporting the flow of knowledge across organisational boundaries; EC Harris-Supporting the flow of knowledge through the organisation; DTI-Creating a compass to reveal knowledge –”knowing what we know”; Egon Zehnder-Creating a compass to reveal knowledge –”using what we have got”; Infraco-Capturing lessons learnt to improve decision making; Lloyds TSB-Connecting people to fill knowledge gaps; Qinetiq-Using training and performance management to support Knowledge Management; ThamesWater-Using technology to support emergence of communities; Unisys-Using technology in Knowledge Management
      Case Studies: Abbey National, European Knowledge Management Forum, Qinetiq, Skandia, Unisys, Vodafone
    • 2000/2001: Knowledge Management Using Your Head; Getting Personal about Knowledge; How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge Organisations; The Knowledge Cycle;
      Case studies: Aegis, Buckman Laboratories, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, DERA, Ericsson, ICL, KPMG, Microsoft, Skandia
  • Action Research projects & Action Learning Groups Meetings
  • Book group meetings
    Discussions on the implications of books related to Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies
    2014/15: The Social Animal by David Brooks; Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do: a manager’s guide to the social web by Euan Semple; Tribes: we need you to lead us by Seth Godin; Finding our way, a collection of essays by Margaret Wheatley
  • Project Group Meetings
    2015/16: Managing the change process; Energising the squeezed middle; Developing internal partnerships for change

Online Events

  • Recorded Webinar/Online Briefings on topics in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies (2014/15)
  • LinkedIn Discussions on topics in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies
    (2013/14) Changing the frame: an inclusive approach to evaluating the impact of KM programmes and activities; Communities and networking in the organisation; Sharepoint; Trends and Futures in Organisational Learning and Knowledge Work; Embedding KM


  • Book Group
  • Action Learning Groups
  • Project Groups
  • Special Interest Groups:
    – 2004-2005: Knowledge Management in Construction; Intranets and Portals
    – 2006-2008: Knowledge Management in the Public Sector

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