Executive’s Role in Knowledge Management

Abstract: For those who grasp the potential of their organizations’ knowledge assets and want to develop strategies for leveraging them, inculdes must-read instructions for every KM executive who approves or oversees the KM process. “You could not have a better guide to the future,” said Robert H. Buckman, former president of Buckman Laboratories International Inc.
Designed to assist senior managers responsible for guiding their organizations’ KM journeys and help KM practitioners who must establish a compelling business case to gain senior-level support, this best-selling book looks at issues from a bottom-line perspective.

Included are examples from best-practice organizations such as: Ford Motor Co., World Bank, IBM Corp., Caterpillar Inc., NASA, Best Buy Co. Inc., Schlumberger Ltd., Air Products, Millenium Pharmaceuticals Inc., Xerox Corp., and more.


Preface v
Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Knowledge Management in Action 11
Chapter 2: Supporting the Business Strategy 29
Chapter 3: Technology Support Structure 47
Chapter 4: Culture and Communication Strategy 61
Chapter 5: Examples of KM Efforts 79
Chapter 6: Moving Forward 115
Knowledge Management Glossary of Terms 119
Resources 127

Written by knowledge management expert and APQC President Carla O’Dell, this landmark book pares down a decade of KM research to the core guiding principles and proven practices. Under O’Dell’s direction, APQC has conducted research and KM projects with hundreds of organizations since 1995. O’Dell is also co-author of Knowledge Management and Stages of Implementation, from APQC’s popular Passport to Success series, as well as If Only We Knew What We Know: The Transfer of Internal Knowledge and Best Practice (Free Press, 1998).

O’Dell, C.; Leavitt, P.: The Executive’s Role in Knowledge Management. Huston, TX: American Productivity and Quality Center, 2004.

Copyright © APQC. All rights reserved.

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