Exploring the benefits of Knowledge Management education for LIS professionals

Abstract: It is to be expected that in a new and emerging discipline like knowledge management (KM) there still will be ambivalence among both LIS educational institutions and their students, as to the need to have KM courses. Investigating the benefits of engaging with these programs might help to clear up this ambiguity. The present paper seeks to shed light on this issue, based on the result of a research study completed in 2008 on the implications of KM for LIS education. The research sought perceptions of the LIS international community and in particular LIS academics. From the findings it was clear that the LIS community has a positive view of the potential outcomes of KM education for LIS students. Notable benefits are the potential broadening of professional perspectives to wider areas, and enhancement of the image of LIS professionals both within and outside the profession. Participants in this research also acknowledged the cultivation of additional competencies among KM learners, as a contribution to the improved professionalism of corporate librarians, and the provision of new career options for LIS graduates.

Afsaneh Hazeri, Bill Martin, Maryam Sarrafzadeh: Exploring the benefits of KM education for LIS professionals. Education for Information, Volume 27, Number 1 / 2009, Pages 1-20

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